Stacey B & Wally the Puppy Discuss Bachelor Pad

I haven’t showered or slept in 2 days and am about 30% thinking this whole puppy thing might have been a mistake.  That said, Wally can’t stop asking me questions about Bachelor Pad, so that’s what we’ve been talking about at 5 AM when he let’s me know it’s time to go outside.  I took today off as my official puppy maternity leave which doesn’t really exist, but certainly should.

Wally has been the hit of the Upper East Side neighborhood.  I’ve lived in NYC for years but have met more people in the last 48 hours than all those years combined  Babies, the elderly, single people, all ethnicities and all ages just seem to melt at the site of little Wally walking down the street.  Our biggest problem is getting the poor guy to stop whimpering or barking when we leave the room.  All suggestions are greatly appreciated for you dog people.  For you non-dog people, I promise that I will eventually stop talking about this dog

Here’s a short clip on my quick primer of focus points for tonight’s Bachelor Pad.  Wally is counting down the seconds.  I’m thinking of teaching him to pee on command when he sees Chris doing any more womanizing.  Of course, this could create a urine flood in our apartment. Til later…