Stacey B Talks Puerto Rico, Courtney & Superbowl

We’re off to DC tomorrow for the weekend to visit The Husband’s parents.  Hope you guys have some fun Superbowl plans. Giants? Patriots? Personally, I’m cheering for an awesome Madonna half time show.  And great commercials.

Some Bach updates from this week:
1. Emily Maynard said in an article on this week that she’s a nervous wreck about being The Bachelorette.  Can you imagine being Emily and watching The Bachelor each week and then for every commercial you hear Chris Harrison advertising for your future husband?  Must be strange.

2. Ben was back in NY this past week and weekend.  He was checking in on Twitter to all sorts of places downtown.  This guy is doing more traveling and press than any Bachelor that I can remember during the actual season.  Don’t they usually just promote the show during the premiere and then again when the final lady is chosen?  I would think he’d be holed up with the “winner” somewhere. Hmmmm.

3.  Michael Stagliano is pursuing his music career.  If you google him, you can see what music venue he’s playing at next.  He has a couple of upcoming shows in Canada, and I know he’s coming to NYC to play at Webster hall next weekend.  Here’s the schedule.

Here is something to leave you with for the weekend:



Stacey B & The Husband’s Discuss This Week’s Show

Got a few minutes to kill?  Back By Popular Demand: check out our video review of this past week’s show.


Video Review of Bachelorette Finale/ATFR!

Stacey B & The Husband discuss the challenges of airline travel and US customs when there’s a 3 hour finale of The Bachelorette to get home to.  Ben F for next Bachelor. Let the campaigning begin!  Congrats to Ashley and J.P.! Hear some tidbits from the media call with them today.  More details to be posted later on…


Seeing the Romance in an Ordinary Bachelorette Season: Stacey B & The Husband Review Hometown Visits

Is it fair to compete against the adorable, articulate, shaggy haired golden retriever type winemaker from the beautiful hills of Sonoma with his beautiful mom and sister as he credits Ashley with allowing himself to open up emotionally again since his father died?  Could you just see JP playing the leading role in any 80s movie with his Corey Haim / Corey Feldman / Kirk Cameron bat mitzvah poster looks?  Did you have any idea how much of a force Constantine could be with his restaurant and family hidden from view all this time?  I learned so much about all these guys this week and was blown away by how much I actually care about them now.  Just when I thought I could take up tennis on summer Monday nights – Yeesh!  The power of a good episode of The Bachelorette – it’s overwhelming!

Thank you to the families of these wonderful final four guys for making this show watchable again!!! Here are our thoughts on the Hometown Visits…


It’s Hot, We’re Bored – Stacey B & The Husband Discuss Bach

Was Ashley’s decision to choose Ames over Lucas based purely on Ames’s red pants?  What were Ashley and Ben F doing all night long?  Did Ashley smell like Ben when the group date fellas were doing their wedding photos with her?  If Constantine and Ben F are the final two, will Ashley know which one to send home during the final rose ceremony?  Are we all being groomed to fall in love with Ben F while Ashley is so that we can be remotely excited if/when he is named the next Bachelor despite having shaggy hair?  Can Rafael Nadal come and swap in as Ben for one of his dates as the next Bachelor? 

Could Emily’s interview been any less revealing or interesting?  I love that she trusts Chris Harrison and ABC to tell her break up story too as everyone else is only interested in making money.  Like Chris H and ABC aren’t making money off of Emily and Brad’s romance and breakup.  It doesn’t seem like these two are completely done yet…though she seems to realize it’s hopeless.  Til next week, I can’t believe we’re at hometown dates already and I still have 0 interest in the outcome of this season…

My regular post will be up tomorrow night.  Let’s hear your thoughts in the meantime…


Stop Saying Bentley! Stacey B & The Husband Can’t Take It

Stacey B’s on antibiotics after the last several weeks of this nonsense made her sick.  Here’s hoping The Husband has better luck at staying healthy than Ashley had at not offending her boyfriends with her “I was in love with Bentley, but don’t be offended even though I only knew him for a week and you’ve given up your life to come chase me around the world” speech.  I don’t think we’ve seen a season of The Bachelorette where someone didn’t have it in the bag quite so easily or early (JP) nor a Bachelorette so able to screw it all up (per the previews of the rest of the season).  Let us all hope that this is the last we’ll see of Bentley, even if we have to hear his name 98 more times after tonight.  My full review will be up tomorrow night.