Hot Days Off

On days like yesterday and today, when Times Square is 110 degrees, you should have the option of taking the day off.  Seriously, isn’t it dangerous to be out in that heat?  A record high?  There must be studies that show that having to be outside in such weather is a major hazard.  No different than driving in a snow storm.  Or being outside for longer than 30 seconds when it’s 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Doesn’t dripping sweat on a subway platform and sitting next to the smelly guy on the train merit some down time?

Here’s my proposal:  When it goes about 90 degrees, work is canceled.  This should also apply whenever it snows, but I’m focused on the heat at the moment because I can’t stop sweating.  These “free” days should not count against your vacation, sick or other sorts of permitted days off.  You don’t have to put in for them – they are spur of the moment eligible.  You are entitled to up to 5 of these days minimum. At least one of those days can be used just because you’re exhausted, you have absolutely no good reason NOT to show up at the office except that you’d rather spend the day sleeping for a couple more hours, going to a movie in the middle of the afternoon – just because you can.  This day can also be used when you have a ton of work to do.  It can wait one more day, can’t it?  That big meeting you have? It needs to be rescheduled if it’s too hot outside.

But if you’re forced to go into work on a day that’s hotter than hell, at least make it comfortable.  Give out prizes for making it into the office.  Really good prizes.  Like the boss cooking everyone breakfast with iPads for dessert.  But there’s one complaint on hot days like this: why do some offices insist on blasting the A/C in big conference rooms when it’s 98 degrees outside?  I have no idea how to dress for a situation like this.  If I have to carry any extra article of clothing when it’s that hot outside, I drip uncontrollably.  If it were permitted and if I had gone carb-less for a few more years (instead of just for the last 48 hours), I’d strip down to my undies and wear that to work. Not to be provocative – just to survive.  So that’s the choice – give me the day off when it’s 90 degrees or warmer or I’m showing up in my undies.

What do you think?