Deep Comparisons, Round 3

It’s one of my favorite times of the week.  The day when we think back to all that’s happened to Emily and her men, wonder if Arie is really as good as he seems, consider whether a 25 year old in 2012 is sufficiently able to commit to being an insta-dad and whether Doug’s unusual past of an epileptic father and being raised in foster homes means he has too much baggage to overcome.  The debates on this blog are really fun – and I thank you sincerely for your participation! That said, today’s comparisons are brought to you…by YOU.  Well most of them. Some I just had to put in.  Let’s hear what you think.

(1) Kalon vs. JT (with glasses)
(2) Kalon vs. Cillian Murphy (courtesy suggestion by blog reader Sarah):
Kalon McMahon looking sinister


Cillian has some beautiful facial features – check out those eyes and lips…evil and dreamy
(3) Arie vs. Justin Russo (Wizards of Waverly Place, courtesy suggeston by an Anon blogger)?
Justin Russo – maybe a little Screech from Saved by the Bell in him?
(4) ?Emily Maynard vs. Barbie

Deep Comparisons, Episode 2

Thanks to some of my sharp readers out there, we have some more awesome comparisons to check out.  What do we think?? 

1.  Chris vs. Gerard Butler

Wow, this one is closer than I originally thought.  I think it’s the teeth, the nose, the coloring.  But Gerard Butler is far hotter.

2.  Jef vs. Ted 

Ted who? Ted the Nerd from Sixteen Handles who is in a zillion movies – Anthony Michael Hall.  Mind you, Anthony Michael Hall grew up to be quite attractive.  And he’s kind of cute here too even as the nerd character.

I think Emily’s got a crush on Jef.  He’s a bit mysterious to her.  These two could definitely be brothers.

3.  Lerone vs. Keith from Six Feet Under (Mathew St. Patrick)

I give The Husband credit for this one. He wouldn’t stop talking about how much these two looked alike  I actually don’t really see it except for the shaved head, but here it is.  What do you think?  Actually, they both have really nice skin too.  Perhaps they could be neutrogena for dudes models.


Deep Comparisons

Comparison 1:

Alessandro from Brazil:

is a younger Jack Wagner? Definitely!

Comparison 2:

Charlie (adorable Charlie)

vs. Frank from Ali F’s season? Take away the glasses and I think we may have something here.

Comparison 3: 

Michael the hair model (really he’s a rehab counselor) vs. Taylor Kitsch (better known as “Riggins” from Friday Night Lights) vs. Jacob the Werewolf boy in Twilight

What do you think??


Ryan P & Jake the Fake: Lost Twins?

Ryan P was one of my favorite candidates for Ashley the first couple of weeks, but I found his behavior on the orphanage date reminding me of a certain past Bachelor contestant.  Did anyone else have flashbacks of Jake Pavelka whenever Ryan spoke or tried to defend himself?  

Alli Travis versus Rachel McAdams (Sisters?)

From the neck up, Alli and Rachel McAdams look alike.  Both dark brunettes, with big blue eyes, cute little button noses and sparkling white teeth, they could certainly pass for sisters.  Poor Alli came off as a bit aggressive and outspoken when she revealed to Brad in front of the other ladies that she once got dumped for having too big of a tush.  Then she asked Brad to check out her rear end and give his opinion.  How awesome would it have been if Brad agreed with her ex and sent her home right then??!!


Long Lost Twins???

Commentary to follow tomorrow night, but just needed to take a second to state how much Emily from this season’s Bachelor looks like Holly Madison.  If Emily doesn’t make it as Brad’s wife, she can certainly earn a living as a model or Holly Madison impersonator.  Pretty crazy resemblance. Even their teeth match.