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After a brief hiatus, me and The Boyfriend are back with our first podcast for The Bachelorette season. It’s about 22 minutes long – maybe you can download it and take it to the gym or for a walk around the block. Or maybe you’re having a REALLY slow day in the office.

Hope this helps. Would love to hear your feedback. Thanks for all of the comments and keep them coming. We read them all!

Here’s the location where you can listen to the podcast:

and click on “Bachelorette, Podcast #1”


Check out Podcast #5

For all of you who are looking to kill about 15 minutes – please listen to our podcast. Sorry it’s taken some time to get one up, but we finally got to it today. Enjoy!


Contest To Win Free Stuff and Podcast 4!!!

Check out our 4th Podcast, just posted today and a chance to win eco-friendly bags from Get Married and signed by DeAnna Pappas: My first interview of anyone – and it happened to be DeAnna Pappas. Boot camp class. Floor hockey. And, oh yes. I started a new job. There is a lot going on. That and the fact that some blogger named Reality Steve is throwing out preposterous theories on what happens in the finale and after the final rose saying that he has inside information (the reality tv equivalent of the Securities and Exchange Commission would bring this guy down so fast on 10b-5 violations if such a regulatory body existed. I would love to serve as Chairman of it). Even if he’s right, who cares? If he’s telling the truth, he’s ruined the ending for everyone and probably getting someone in trouble for leaking what happened. If he’s lying, he’s stealing brain power from way too many people and only trying to self promote. eco-friendly shopping bags – two of which DeAnna signed. Use them for your grocery shopping or for schlepping around town. I am now officially holding a contest which shall expire at 12:00 AM, EST on March 1, 2009. Answer these two questions for a chance to win one of these eco-friendly bags. Email me your answers to both questions and if you win, I will contact you to get shipping information.

Podcast 4 is posted at:

It’s been a crazy week. Our first ever live video chat on

Anyhow, I refuse to speculate on any of the 300 possible outcomes flying around the message boards/gossip websites because I truly want to be surprised. Mike Fleiss, the creator/producer of The Bachelor has said the outcome is “freakish.” I know every season they say it’s “the most shocking ending in Bachelor history,” but something tells me that this season may live up to that. If only these dimwits would keep their theories to themselves.

Ok, let’s move on. Get Married sent me a bunch of great stuff in the mail, including these

Here are the questions:

(1) What do you think is the “freakish” ending of The Bachelor that Mike Fleiss hints at this week?

(2) After The Bachelor is over, what should I blog about on this site?

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Podcast 3 Is READY!!!

Check out our latest podcast on The Bachelor at:  

Thanks so much for all of the comments and great feedback.  I read every single one of them and I love your emails too!

Stacey B

First Ever Podcast for The Bachelor

My boyfriend and I put together a podcast for The Bachelor. You can download it or just play it. Check out – the first ever podcast for The Bachelor!!!