Stacey B & The Husband Podcast on The Bachelor in Tahoe

We are taking advantage of some much needed down time to bring you an impromptu podcast on last night’s Bachelor. Let us know what you think. We’re talking about dating a 22 year old, whether Arie has any personality, Krystal’s declining mental state and even some Bachelor world gossip. Let us know what you’d like to hear about. We’d be happy to oblige.

For those listening to this on a mobile device, you’ll need to click on “View Full Site” at the bottom of the home page to be able to quickly click on the podcast. Enjoy!




  1. That was an amazing podcast!!! I loved the burp Hahahaha!! And so nice of the husband to take the blame – you’ve got a good one there :)

  2. Thanks for giving me some laughs while pumping at work! I love The Husband’s Krystal imitation!

  3. Anonymous 4 says:

    The Husband, «Thrilled.» LOL
    Love you two ! Why would Leslie (gorgeous) date Dean ???


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