Stacey B & The Husband Are Back: Listen to the Podcast Premiere of The Bachelor!

Yes, we’ve had too many hours locked up in our New York City apartment due to this snow blizzard hurricane disaster. Call it boredom. Call it inspiration. Call it slap happy. Back by popular demand, here is our latest, hot off the microphone, podcast of The Bachelor’s Premiere for Arie L.

We also have a special guest joining us and if you need a visual, check out photos below.

Hope you are all are staying warm this evening. Now sit back, grab a hot tea or a glass of wine and enjoy.


Stacey B & The Husband

Ellie, age 3

Ellie, age 3



  1. Anonymous 4 says:

    Thanks guys. That was cute :-) Ellie is not at a loss for words ! so articulate.
    Hope you keep up the podcasts.

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