Glitter and Gutters: Arie the Bachelor’s Krystal Invests in Herself

Photo Credit: ABC, Krystal pondering what planet she's on

Photo Credit: ABC, Krystal pondering what planet she’s on

48 hours ago, I was in Florida too. I wasn’t taking romantic yacht rides down the Everglades like Arie and Tia, but I did get to snuggle up with my 3 year old on an airplane. I also spotted a baby alligator while taking a jog yesterday morning – and Tia was right to be worried about the giant alligator she saw. According to my father, alligators can run 30 mph and I certainly don’t want to be whatever any of those things are chasing after. Also, I was surprised that bowling was the group date activity when there was an opportunity to see all these bouncin’ beautiful bodies in bikinis on a beach, but maybe it rained?

Now that I’m back in cold NYC, I’m more than half wondering why we all don’t live in Florida. My parents are there renting a place near Sarasota for the winter, so Ellie and I escaped for a few days.  I worried about pulling her out of school but as a close friend said to me, “What are you worried about her missing, finger painting?” She had a point. So I took my first ever plane trip with my kid and she actually did wonderfully. Thankfully she’s as obsessed with TV and movies as her mama, so had no problem zoning into an iPad for 4 straight hours with one quick bathroom break. We hit Siesta Key beach, Lido Beach, a SuperTarget (with an attached Chipotle and a Starbucks inside – really what more do you need in life?), the incredible Mote Aquarium (where we pet sting rays for at least 30 minutes) and then I forced my parents and Ellie to scout out two places from MTV’s reality TV series “Siesta Key.” If you haven’t watched this show (which conflicts with Bachelor Mondays), you’re missing out. It’s everything you’d dream watching wealthy, mid-20s somethings living in a rich beach town would be. Check out my instagram for some pics. One of the main cast members actually responded to my post!

But back to Arie…

Obviously the big distraction of the week is Krystal. At this point, he has to be keeping her around for the ratings. There were certainly more than several girls there that never stood a chance, so he was probably ok to let them go while maintaining the main fireworks event. But before we go there, let’s talk about Chelsea.

What is it with Arie and him being attracted to women with these very sad back stories? What is it about him having a thing for single moms? Does he like being the hero? Or as Bekah once wisely pointed out – does Arie need to be needed? Does this give him the upper hand in a relationship and make him feel more secure? Is Arie as effeminate as ever? Even with his black on black outfit? It’s interesting because Chelsea was made the villain for week one and even into week two, but we’ve been so thrown by Krystal’s behavior that we haven’t been seeing more of Chelsea’s underhandedness. She’s smarter than Krystal, but perhaps just as dangerous? There’s definite physical chemistry there, but I don’t see much of a genuine emotional connection. Every time I see Chelsea, I feel like she’s acting like someone who should be swooning over Arie rather than actually being into him. I don’t see her being that upset if he broke up with her.

As for the bowling date, it’s funny because it’s such a simple idea for a date and yet I can’t remember any other group bowling dates in recent Bach history. Perhaps if they were in South Dakota or Chicago or ANYWHERE but a beautiful beach area, this might make more sense. And then there was the Krystal melt down. Is she terrifying anyone else but me? What is her deal? Clearly her ploy to stay behind on the group date was to get Arie’s attention. He was quick to point that out by asking if she was “teaching him a lesson.” Even if he’s effeminate, at least he didn’t let that get by him. I was sure he was going to send her home (and was screaming at the TV for him to do it) but he just couldn’t pull the trigger (or would the producers not let him?). He seemed to flick a switch and be cold towards Krystal – she questioned his character after all. Krystal is an absolute nutter (as my Scottish Work Friend would say) for taking Arie’s decision so personally to include the “losing” bowling team in the after party. But her reasons for throwing the fit had absolutely NOTHING to do with her troubled past and EVERYTHING to do with wanting attention and not being able to handle Arie’s interest in the other girls. This is always the downfall of the girls who get early one on one dates. They either can handle the group dating thing or they can’t. Krystal is on the Can’t List.

Becca, on the other hand, has been so patient, even thanking Arie for escorting her to his hotel room and making out with her in the same “leg up” position that he had Bekah in 5 minutes earlier. I still think Becca is friend zone. Bekah, on the other hand, is so attractive to Arie because a) she’s 22 and b) he knows there’s no way he can marry her but knows this is his last chance to score big with a 22 year old. The question is whether Bekah will surpass Chelsea to make it to fantasy suite land. Hmmmm.

My favorite interactions of this whole episode were as follows:

  1. Alone time with Lauren B. Finally some real, genuine, unforced and potential long term chemistry. Lauren B is feeling it and she’s playing her cards right. She’s more subdued than the outgoing, forceful personalities like Bekah, Kendall and Jenna. She is mad as hell about Krystal and yet has the maturity and strategic smarts to keep that bad energy to herself and to just focus on getting to know Arie. I liked her 21 questions game which led them to share their deepest fear. Of COURSE, her biggest fear is falling for him and him choosing someone else. Isn’t that the worst thing that can happen to someone? And of COURSE Arie’s fear is picking the wrong person (which is obviously Krystal). There is an unspoken blast of mutual understanding erupting between them and I see fireworks and sparks and a one on one next week in the works. Go, Lauren B. Like I’ve said previously, she is eerily similar to Emily Maynard’s personality and she’s certainly got the Blonde Beauty thing going for her. Have you noticed her insane body? Tall, thin and beautiful.
  2. Tia’s One on One. So I love Tia. She makes me laugh, she says what’s on her mind and she doesn’t even know what a knockout she is. I love that she wears sneakers on her date. I love that she’s into fried frog legs and strange Arkansas games. She reminds me, with her genuineness, of Joelle Fletcher (my favorite Bachelorette, perhaps of all time). She’s certainly styled by her bestie, Raven. The Husband thinks Tia looks like Mel Gibson’s love interest of the pretty Scottish lady who died in Braveheart. She’s running a very strong campaign for next Bachelorette by dropping the “falling in love” bomb on Arie, particularly if he doesn’t choose her. It did annoy me that she wouldn’t make eye contact with him and I’m glad Arie called her out on it. It also seemed very likely that a producer prodded her to express these feelings because they seemed surprising to me (as well as to Arie) as they’ve had little together time and this was their first official date. Was anyone else terrified the alligators were going to attack them while they were hanging outside that little cabin in the Everglades? If scary music was playing, we all would have been having heart attacks.

Now as for the Krystal show down, I have the following to say:

  • Bekah is 22, so it’s kind of expected that she’d make fun of Krystal’s voice and channel her inner Krystal with a speech and prayer with the other ladies even if it was catty and mean spirited. But I did respect her most when she raised the point with Krystal of being like, “You said you weren’t coming to the party. But now you’re here. Did you lie? Or did you change your mind?” Excellent point, Bekah. Maybe she’s got a legal career ahead of her? And I’ll give her a couple of years’ maturity tacked on to her physical age for such a strong argument. I also respected that Bekah directly asked Krystal why she was still there. Of course Krystal couldn’t (or wouldn’t) answer it. I’m guessing she felt attacked and didn’t think Bekah deserved an answer.
  • I love how Krystal got herself all gussied up, came to the after party, got completely rattled by the girls and went right back to her room / bathrobe. Did Arie even know she came?

Some other thoughts:

  • Is Arie actually interested in Jacqueline? That connection seemed to come out of nowhere.
  • The country singer who crooned a love song about being loved when you’re at your weakest (for the Chelsea date) also looked like Joelle Fletcher. I guess you could say that I miss Joelle and her no nonsense, awesomeness. I’d love to hear what she has to say about Krystal.
  • Did Arie ever ask Maquel how she was doing? There didn’t seem to be any interaction or extension of sympathy for her grandmother. No wonder she went home. Also, she’s 23 and that never came up.
  • Why should the girls tolerate Arie taking any time away from them to go deal with Krystal on that group date after party? If he was going to talk to her to break up with her, that would be one thing, but if Krystal wouldn’t even have the decency to come talk to Arie about how she was feeling, why did Krystal deserve any of Arie’s precious time? Also, isn’t isn’t it just clear that Arie wanted Bekah and Lauren B around to make out with?
  • Is anyone else scared of Jenna? Would Kendall really eat human flesh? And why is she carrying around a book of 100 questions that she uses to get to know people?

My laptop is just about out of juice, so I’ll pause here and ask you guys what you think. Thanks for all of your comments, by the way. I read each and every one. Now that I’m back from Florida and my kid isn’t making me sleep on the bottom half of a trundle bed, refusing to close her eyes until 11 PM, I have a bit more freedom.

Top 3 at this point for Arie:

  1. Tia
  2. Chelsea
  3. Lauren B
  4. Bekah still has the chemistry factor but that’s got to end soon
  5. Becca – he digs her, but we’re moving to the friend zone.

What do you all think? Can’t wait to hear!


Stacey B



  1. I thought I was the only one who watches this show for the glimpses of bare feet, it seems that the camera man has a foot fetish as well. From the ladies posing on the couches, to the bowling alley and the alone time with Arie and Becka C. We are getting a lot of feet tonight.

    • Albert – too funny you mentioned the foot camera angles as I noticed that too. One of the shots was of Becca’s nude colored heels? I was wondering if we were supposed to notice something on her feet – like a strange tattoo or a picture of Krystal or who knows, but it just left me feeling confused.

  2. SusieQfromPhilly says:

    This week’s episode seemed to have a bit more energy than last week’s. I thought the bowling was a terrific idea, and, yes, it was probably raining, given the season that this episode was being filmed.

    I am also a BIG Joelle Fletcher fan (they married in July), and given what the producers/editors allow us to see, I think a few of the women have that open vibe, which is wonderful.

    Are we fairly sure that the participants were chosen expecting a different bachelor? Arie has mentioned several times, “when this opportunity presented itself…”

    Can anyone tell at this point when the season ends? Is it related to this winter Bachelor show? Or is that show related to the winter Olympic games starting. I’m not sure I can tolerate the “crying girl’s” lips. Can you tell I am terrible with remember people’s names on this show?

    Again, Thank You, Stacey, for your work and endeavor on this blog! I really look forward to reading your thoughts, as well as the 6 people I forward it to!

    Ciao, Bella!

    • Susie Q – Is Joelle really married? I thought there was talk recently of ABC doing a triple wedding (Kaitlyn / Shawn, Joelle / Jordan and Rachel / Bryan) but that this was all just talk. That said, it seems like Joelle has been in wedding planning mode. Knowing her, I see her having a big crazy fun celebration with 500 people. As for them expecting a different bachelor – yes, it was supposed to be Peter K – but then he wasn’t in the right mental state apparently or ABC worried that he wouldn’t pull the trigger in the end. Arie is clearly ready to settle down, that much seems right. Thanks for continuing to follow the blog, Susie and for forwarding it to friends!

  3. Susan Curry says:

    “Is Arie as effeminate as ever?”

    Most men don’t wear bronzer.

  4. I think Jacqueline will get a do or dir one-on-one. Kind of like the Lauren one-on-one. Beware of the pre-packed suitcase. A sure black spot in the palm.

  5. Stacey,
    Glad you got some sunshine. (You really shouldn’t worry about her missing school until the first grade.)

    Arie IS kind of dorky in a nice way. I guess the bowling date exemplifies it.

    When he told Tia he felt the most «himself» around her, THAT was a big deal. You can’t marry someone you aren’t yourself around. What I love is how unassuming, natural & easy going she is. She’d be a good partner. And so smart (a PhD) but in Physical Therapy so athletic & not too «brainy».

    Kendall would try human flesh ? Goodness, her taxidermy was pretty noxious but THAT takes the cake. Run Arie run.

    Krystal reminds me slightly of Jamie (on Ben Affleck’s season). Someone who has major trust issues & insecurities that really mess up her relationships. Jamie, more mature than K, married (At First Sight) someone so incredibly patient & invested, it changed her life. So yes Krystal has some «crazy» compensating for her insecurity but she’s honestly hurting (though not from Arie)… The glitter was like the «sparkles» from the whacky girl on Sean Lowe’s season 😀

    Thank goodness they do show some real conversation. The small talk is unbearable.


  6. Did anyone else notice the shot of Arie licking the bowling ball? Was that supposed to be sexy? I thought it was disgusting.
    I was a little miffed that they showed Krystal on the commercial for next week in Paris. I would have loved to see her go but I think Arie is following the producers’ wishes there. I don’t think he’s very intelligent. His half hearted explanation to Maquel – it just wasn’t moving as fast as other relationships. That’s become the rubber stamp as people are sent home.

  7. Lol Albert about the feet – I hadn’t noticed! My eyes are drawn to their ink, as tattoos aren’t really my thing.

    Yes Kathy, I too was disgusted when I saw Arie lick the bowling ball. My thoughts included, “Is that his personal bowling ball? Well, that doesn’t really matter because it’s rolling all over the place and picking up all sorts of debris and germs.

    And speaking of germs, the germophobe in me gets fairly grossed out when I see any bachelor/bachelorette go from kissing person to person to person in a short span of time. How carefully are they screened for everything? It is starting to look more and more like the SNL spoof where they have inane small talk and say, “I like this.”

    If Arie is effeminate, maybe I like men like that. I prefer the tall lanky guys over the big beefy guys like Sean. But the format of the show doesn’t seem helpful to finding a healthy, lasting relationship.

    And Krystal reminds me of this SNL ad:
    She started the season seeming to me like a Disney princess, and now she just seems nuts. Was she always crazy or does this biazarre show push borderline people over the edge?

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