Arie The Bachelor’s Starting to See Krystal Clear in Tahoe

The smiles of girls pretending they're excited to be roughing it on a group date. Photo credit, Twitter: @BachelorABC

The smiles of girls pretending they’re excited to be roughing it on a group date. Photo credit, Twitter: @BachelorABC

Come on there, Arie. You’ve got to see a little bit that Krystal is not your girl. Right? Do you see that now? If you’re still into the baby talk and think that’s remotely attractive, are you not the slightest bit irked that she pulls you aside to tell you how vulnerable she is? And stares at you all intensely, hoping you’ll feel some unspoken connection that you may have had on your first date? You’ve got to be at least slightly annoyed that you were pulled away from the rose ceremony by Krystal despite making it very clear that your mind was made up. Was Krystal in your original plans? Did you choose her last to punish her? I hope so.

Happy Monday, Bachelor fans. I am still exhausted from staying up too late to watch the SAG Awards, but I had to see Kristen Bell do her thing. Also, I can’t make out whether I have the inklings of a cold brewing or perhaps a touch of the flu that everyone around me seems to have. Some congestion in my lungs, my stomach being off – maybe it’s the thought of Arie keeping us all going for the next few weeks only to choose a TWENTY TWO YEAR OLD GIRL who obviously has a lot more living to do?

I’m visualizing Arie wanting to stay in on Saturday nights and Bekah being like – uh, but I want to climb mountains and do photo shoots and wrestle and do 22 year old things like go to a bar and get smashed. Yes, he may be attracted to her elfish qualities and the fact that she’s cute enough to stick in his pocket, but can he really think that she’s long term material?

So here are some things that greatly confused me this week:

  • Why hasn’t he given Lauren B any one on one dates? Out of everyone there, she reminds me the most of Emily Maynard and he’s clearly physically attracted to her. Yet, he keeps her on the side lines. It doesn’t look like she’s getting a date next week either. I fear by the time they get some actual quality time together, it’s going to be too late and I see a “You’re great, but my relationships with the other women have advanced further” which really isn’t fair to her because he didn’t attempt to make it work.
  • Tia seems like a straight shooter and because of that, I’m wondering what her attraction is to Arie. I don’t know what it is about him this week (or this season)? Is he lacking a strong personality (or any personality?). Is he just very effeminate in a different way than Nick Viall? I just don’t feel like I know him any better than I did on week 1. Am I wrong? And Tia just seems to real and down to earth that I’m wondering if I’m missing something. Tell me, Friends, am I missing something?
  • Was there any actual chemistry between Arie and Seinne? Don’t get me wrong – she’s got amazing eyes and a killer smile and we all know she’s brilliant, but I just couldn’t see any sense of romantic chemistry between them. I know she wants a love story, but I’m not sure it needs to be with Arie.
  • Is Arie really still attracted to Krystal at this point? He can’t be, right?
  • I know they’re making a big fuss about Bekah’s age, but Maquel, the blonde Utah photographer who left because her grandfather died, is TWENTY THREE. Does that somehow make her a little more eligible? Who chose these women? Why even cast a 22 and 23 year old for a 36 year old man? Or is this when everyone is supposed to already know that these women may have been casted for Peter Kraus (Rachel’s runner-up)? It’s kind of annoying and a waste of a spot.

Tahoe was a pretty awesome spot for this week’s adventures. The perfect back drop for all of the dates and thank goodness no more physical competitions this week. I love watching Kendall the Taxidermist enthusiast in her element. As Arie said, she’s quirky and funny and you just never know what’s going to come out of her mouth. She’s also a natural beauty. I love seeing the girls at the beginning of each episode be in their morning attire with no make up to get a sense of what they really look like and Kendall’s eyes just sparkle.

So if it were up to me, I’d have booted Bekah and Krystal with rapid haste. Who needs them? Bekah is a risk and we don’t need risks. Krystal is just out of her mind. Even her discussions with Tia and Caroline made little sense. What was she trying to get out of that? Sympathy? Intimidation? Krystal’s speeches and pep talks about taking advantage of every moment with Arie are annoying to me – I can’t imagine how they are perceived by the other girls.

As for Marikh, the Indian Kardashian girl, she is on a completely different wavelength altogether. I see negative chemistry between her and Arie. In fact, I think we could safely have eliminated her and Ashley. I don’t even think we’ve seen any conversations between Arie and them.

I love that Chelsea manages to throw in there that she was a model. She’d just like everyone to know that. I think she’s enjoying not being the villain these last couple of weeks but don’t forget her antics in week one. I think she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve and she’s definitely using the mom card to her advantage.

I wonder how it will work with Maquel coming back – does she just slip on in like nothing happened? She’s another one that could likely go home. 23! In fact, of the girls remaining, we’ve got Lauren B who is 25, Kendall who is 26, Ashley who is 25, Jacqueline who is 26 and Tia who is 26. Which basically means that half the girls remaining are 10 years younger than Arie. WTF??? Are any of them ready to settle down right now?

Also, does anyone else think Jenna is just completely insane?

If you didn’t get to see last week’s SNL skit that made fun of Arie’s season, it’s definitely worth checking out:

Front runners that actually have long term odds at this point:

  1. Tia
  2. Chelsea
  3. Lauren B (if he gives her a real chance)
  4. Kendall (though she’s a shoe-in for any Bachelor Pad / Bachelor in Paradise season)

Seinne may have a real run at next Bachelorette or Tia if Seinne doesn’t get it. On that note, I’m off to bed. How are you all feeling about Krystal? And Bekah’s age? And all of these girls 26 and under when our Bachelor is 36?




  1. Too many young girls! I think the producers took a liking to Bekah (she is refreshingly different compared to so many women who come on this show!) & after seeing the chemistry with Arie, decided to play up the age difference. He can’t see beyond the physical attraction & infatuation right now but I did appreciate the fact that he voiced some legitimate concerns to Bekah & that they had an actual conversation about the age issue. Nevertheless, I’m not getting a good sense of his personality either. Maybe that’s partly due to the editing. Seinne is beautiful & accomplished but I didn’t see chemistry between them. Not a big fan of Jenna & agree with you about Tia, Lauren, Chelsea & Kendall. Perhaps producers are setting up Krystal for a 2 on 1. I think Becca is classy in a low key kind of way & definitely is in the running to make it to the final four. Thanks for recapping! Always enjoy reading your thoughts & take on this crazy show!

  2. Yes, there was no chemistry with Seinne, which is what makes Chris Harrison’s blog so disingenuous as he talks about Seinne being firmly in front of the pack. Yes she is beautiful, poised, and accomplished, but his proclamations feel like pandering to pump up the show’s record vis African Americans. There is a big difference in terms of the way that he speaks with most of the girls in one-on-one situations (including Seinne), versus how he spoke with Bekah, in that he sounds far more relaxed and less stilted with Bekah.

  3. Susan Mannes says:

    I feel the same way about Arie. There is something major lacking with him. He is nice enough but not a fun person. It’s ridiculous to keep Bekkah and Krystal. I do believe Lauren B, Tia and Becca (Older one) are the best so far for Arie.

  4. Krystal is constantly reminding us, as she raises her hand high(er) that she is at a different level, and also claims to be more mature, more rounded; yet her overusing the word “like” when she speaks contradicts all those claims. I am waiting for her to flip her hair to punctuate all those “likes”…..oh puh-lease. She was bothered by the attention the other girls were seeking from Arie while she was sitting next to him in the hot tub was comical; did she forget, that while having a rose, her prior cocktail party interruptions of the other girls’ time with Arie?

    Seinne=class act, Tia=bad ass, I want to hang with her.

    Is it me or does Arie truly come across as a doofus? Instead of having a normal conversation, one with full sentences that articulate a thought, he just kisses instead. Has anyone else noticed how often the girls and even Arie have responses that are the one word “yeah” ? I understand editing but I also think that if something funny or thought provoking was truly said, they would use it, especially on a season that has little to work with. And finally, Seinne’s remarks (I am paraphrasing here) about girls who look like her are not the ones you see in fairy tales having the happy ending gave me goose bumps and I loved it.

  5. Don’t stop doing this blog post. It’s one of the few things I have to look forward to on Tuesday mornings! I’m having a tough time with Arie. I can’t put my finger on it but I find myself cringing as I’m watching him navigate through conversations and dates. It’s like he’s super nervous and doesn’t know what to say. Perhaps this is the wrong platform for him. I really liked him on Emily’s season but maybe because I just saw him as a handsome guy that had good chemistry with her? I keep imagining of him at age 70 sitting next to a fire by himself in his cardigan sweater reading the newspaper. Yawn. I think the frontrunner is Becca the pretty woman date. I feel like she’s going to come out of the woodwork and shine over the next several weeks. Bekah is very young however he seems more into her than anyone else at this point. If Jenna is the blonde that acts kinda crazy, yes I agree, she’s crazy. Is she on something? Do they have to get drug tested on a regular basis on this show? After watching the Bekah thing unfold I can’t help but wonder what the screening process is . . . like shouldn’t they ask Arie “so what’s too young for you? What’s too old?” The franchise must be trying to reach out to a younger audience by having young 20-somethings on this show for a 36 year old guy. Lauren B is pretty and all but I just don’t see a ton of chemistry there. Kendall, to me, has a crazy look in her eye like she’s got something up her sleeve. Krystal is annoying with the whispering baby talk. One of the funniest moments of the night was when Chelsea imitated her. Spot on!

  6. Arie the stork was back last night! I think he is a totally coming across as a doofus as Maya suggested and that may be because he is. That’s fine as long as he selects a girl who can live with his “inner dork” and not one who is just seeing the lifestyle they might live with all his family’s money. There was one point last night when he was kissing someone and his arms were so awkward I was cringing. He is definitely not looking smooth or cool. I think young Bekah and even Maquel were cast as red herrings as are the nutbars to see if the Bachelor can make a rational choice…as well as providing some juicy entertainment.

  7. Susan Curry says:

    Aria wears bronzer. Nothing else really matters, then.

  8. **yawn** Tia reminds me of Raven.

    That’s all I’ve got for this season so far. Everything else would be stating the oh-so-obvious.

  9. Ugh…the way Arie kisses and how his hands look so awkward…blech. I can’t even make that a proper sentence.

    It seems like Bekah has a bunch of pre-coined phrases she spouts out, like the one about not asking for assurance or whatever for someone falling in love with you. Do we really think she is going to give up her weekend morning road trips to Palm Springs in favor of reading the paper and making a grocery list?

    The “likes” are killing me! In the words of Krystal, “Biiiiiieeeeeeeeeee”.

  10. I am in love with Tia. I had to rewind her segment a few times.

    I am 53, but I would date Bekah in a flash. I was thinking that she would say that she was 18, or something.

  11. I should also say that a woman’s prime child bearing age is in the 20’s so if Arie wants to start a family he should go for the younger girls, I men ladies.

  12. Anonymous 4 says:

    I just keep thinking how Arie has had so many women. He’s really looking for someone who won’t bore him. Little Bekah does have a pragmatic way of looking at life, is smart and fun. He’s really into her…so why not ? Stranger things have happened (but it does look like shell break his heart).

    The pretty woman girl (name?) was a bit the same level-headed type. Of course he won’t choose Krystal. She’ll be completely heart-broken but will be invited to BIP.

    Sienna is gorgeous—another contender for the Bachelorette !

    Hoping there’s a dark horse that comes out of nowhere.


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