Double the Pleasure in Bachelor in Paradise!

Finally, a comic relief episode. And THANK YOU, ABC for only making us sit through an hour of the nonsense tonight after fuming at Dean for 2 hours yesterday. The Husband is psyched because he’s on his second fantasy football draft in 48 hours. He’s only half listening to me cackle at the twins’ declaration that they’re going on a date with each other and taking along “two douche bags.”

I thought the most interesting part of tonight’s episode was hearing about Jaimi’s bisexual, but non-categorical attraction to people versus a particular gender. Diggy was digging it and not just because he’s gay (nothing wrong with that at all – just wish he’s admit it already) but because he was into her nose ring, kinky blonde hair and guessing her ethnicity. Kind of a strange first date quiz – “What ethnicity am I?”  He says Puerto Rican and Dominican and asks if he’s close?? And she’s like – uh, no, I’m Black and Italian. What does this teach us exactly? And then even if you do care about Diggy and Jaimi, too bad – because they kiss and then they show us…wait for it…NOTHING. NO idea how the end of their date went down or how Diggy is feeling about Jaimi versus Dominique.

We’re not supposed to be care because the rest of the episode if focused on the twins. And who can share the spotlight with those twins? Love them or hate them, they’re always entertaining. It would be impossible at this point for anyone else to come in and stand a chance at breaking up these couples. The fact that Dean was actually considering going out with Twin Emily is just insane and speaks once again to his wishy washy immaturity. It was a strong tactic for Emily to go speak to D-Lo to clear it with her before – I mean, what is she supposed to say? But it doesn’t work – Dean is still stung from the departure of Kristen and his choice to go for D-Lo. Too bad – I was so hoping the Dean / D-Lo thing would be over before it ever started.

They were completely rude and immature to bash Ticklemonster and Jack Stone the way they did, but at least they’re saying what the viewers are thinking at this point – it IS creepy to walk around with little plastic hands tickling people and Tickle and Jack ARE kind of the “scraps” left. I’m surprised they didn’t even think to go after Canadian Daniel as he would certainly have been game, but I think they were all on the previous season of BIP together. And you’d also think they’d try to force Wells to go with them. Ahhh, too bad.

I can’t watch another minute of Derek and Taylor making ga-ga eyes at each other.

It just feels dirty to watch Dean and D-Lo interact and kiss. Like you’re watching your best friend’s boyfriend hook up with another chick. Gross. Today on Dean’s Instagram, he posted a pic of him and Kristina in happier times with his arm around her and him kissing forehead. The caption is “You were out of my league.” There are over 168K lies on this photo and nearly 16K comments, most of which are telling him what a schmuck he is and how amazing the Russian is. Kristina for next Bach??

Not much else to say here except the following:

  • I’m bummed that we didn’t get to hear Amanda explain to her twin best friends why and how she fell for Robby. World’s Biggest Bachelor Mysteries.
  • Who were the twins throwing scallops at?
  • Are they really that uneducated / ditsy re: Mexico and other basic facts or do they play this up for the camera?
  • If it really is fantasy suite time, how is Dean going to decide whether to basically do the dirty with D-Lo when Kristina literally left the day before?? It’s 24 hours later and he’s got to make that call?
  • I love how the twins think they look totally different.
  • THANK GOODNESS it’s the finale next week. I was starting to think this show would just go on indefinitely.

Off to bed. Taking advantage of the extra hour and using it to close my eyes. Hooray for that!


Stacey B (@OfficeStace)



  1. Christine Higgins says:

    As much as I wanted Wells to be the next Bachelor, I am THRILLED that it’s Arie!!! Loooooooved him! So good looking and sweet! Besides Roberto, he was always a top fave! (No one will ever beat Roberto!)

  2. I completely agree with you Stacey about Dean & DLo. It’s kind of repulsive watching them make out. I too was hoping he’d go out & leave DLo behind.

    Looks like Raven is gonna give Adam the shaft after all that?!

    Wells is hilarious. Hope he gets tons of work after this. Will he pursue Danielle ? He didn’t give the impression he would.

    I’m over the Corinne story. Yes, it’s good this season is finally coming to a close. But still curious to see how these relationships have panned out.


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