Bachelor in Paradise: How D. Lo Can Dean Go?

Oh, Dean. You’ve really done it now. Kristina FINALLY put you in your place and you FINALLY told her you want to pursue D Lo over her. But the way you guys got here was ugly. And we all had to witness first hand how you sleep with someone who you’re in a relationship with and then make out with someone else a few hours later in front of your first girl. Just because you’re in Paradise, doesn’t mean you can be an a-hole, Dean. I think you know this, but either don’t know what the right thing to do is or are just too immature to understand why you’re hurting anyone. You are every aloof guy that every girl has ever date. You say enough to keep Kristina around, but your actions go against your words. When she questions you, you agree with her enough so that she feels she should stick around, but not enough for what she deserves.

I know Raven was trying to help with her little “truth” speech, but what I don’t understand is what exactly was Kristina and D Lo’s relationship prior to this season. They were both on Nick’s season – were they friendly? Did D Lo know that Kristina and Dean were actively sleeping together (even after she took Dean out on a date?). Kristina is right to be annoyed by that, but I agree with Raven that Dean is ultimately to blame for what’s unfolded between them. That said, Raven’s delivery and sensitivity is way off. Maybe she’s on high on her authoritative spokesperson personae she’s taken on this season, but she came off as a little condescending and insensitive at best. Clearly, Kristina is hurting and there are ways to get the message across without summarizing their relationship as “He’s just not that into you.” Because I don’t even think that’s true. Dean IS into Kristina – but he’s just not ready for that type of a relationship at this point. Maybe if Paradise were longer and this was the real world and Dean had a chance to date D Lo for a hot minute – he’d see that Kristina is EXACTLY the kind of person he wants to be with. But that’s not in the cards nor should Kristina have to wait in the wings while Dean figures out that he’s an immature ass who is following the wrong body part.

I also don’t agree that Dean’s been pushing Kristina away. Yes, he’s been got a little hot and cold but he’s done everything in his power to keep her in the batter’s box. He’s the guy that every girl wants and can’t have – he’s either too immature for a real relationship (isn’t he 25 or 26 and just finding stardom through this show?), has a lot more oat-sowing to do or actually does realize how awesome Kristina is, so wants to keep her around while he’s feeling up, I mean out, D Lo. It’s no wonder Kristina’s confused. He’s done the following:

  • Told her to be patient
  • Spends time with her, flirting with her, making out with her, etc.
  • Told her that she’s special, the most incredible woman he’s ever met and other things that indicate she’s a unique snowflake to him
  • He’s sleeping with Christina AFTER these interactions with D Lo, including Dean’s date with D Lo.
  • Let us also not forget that they’ve had about 10 days in the real world when production shut down to get to know each other. Dean went home with Kristina and they were actually forming a relationship outside cameras and Bachelor expectations. D Lo and Dean have literally known each other for about 72 hours at this point.

He’s also done the following:

  • Made out with D Lo in front of her
  • Given D Lo a “half birthday watermelon cake” in front of everyone, including Kristina, who he was just canoodling with
  • Told Christina that he’s confused because he’s attracted to D Lo

I feel like these last three things, cancel out the first 3. RUN, Kristina. RUN.

People may punish Kristina for not giving away her rose to Fred or the Waboom hater, but there’s probably only 48 hours left in Paradise, so she’s not thinking clearly. People may blame her for not leaving earlier, but I’m glad she got to give one last speech. You can tell someone 100 times that the person she is with is not for them. But she ultimately needs to come to that realization herself – in a kind, supportive way, like Wells did for her. For Dean to just go on about how he hates himself and to apologize – means absolutely nothing. Because back he goes to pursue D Lo. I’m glad Christina didn’t go out on a vengeful date with the Waboom hater.

Not really interested in anyone else’s shomance this season:

  • I have a hard time believing that Raven is remotely interested in Adam.
  • Derek and Taylor are just 2 fools in love, 7th grade style. I can’t take Taylor’s smugness that she’s the authority on relationships because of her Derek time. Also, she gives horrible relationship advice.
  • I love that Scallops Christen was being made fun of yet she’s got 3 guys after her. Also, happy that Wells let her in on the secret so it can stop seeming like a bullying situation. Loved that the Waboom hater brought her scallops – thought that might have gotten him a rose. Watching Ticklemonster be intimate with anyone is so very awkward. Jack Stone is hard to take seriously and I’m glad that he made out with every girl there (strange since Raven is faking an interest in Adam and D Lo is pursuing Dean) and was confirmed a great kisser. Does Christen know this before she gave him her rose?
  • Also have no idea how Robby convinced Amanda to play romance buds on this season. And he so creepily reminds me of Spencer Pratt from The Hills, that I can’t think of him normally now.
  • I was hopeful for Fred’s return and had no idea what Dominque was thinking by choosing Diggy over him. Guess their relationship has just had like 20 more hours to bake.
  • Daniel the Canadian and Lacey the Sarah Jessica Parker stunt double are an interesting match. Daniel could double as a vampire on True Blood or a Cullen in the Twilight series. He’s difficult to take seriously and his one liners are more creepy than funny this season.

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • Watching Dean crash and burn with D Lo. Because that relationship can’t go anywhere, right?
  • Seeing which couples force themselves to think they’re in love enough for an engagement
  • Going to sleep. It was a fun and long Labor Day weekend at my sister’s house. The Husband and I, my father and sister ran in a 5K (3.1 miles) race this morning and I’m sure I’ll have trouble walking tomorrow. We’ve been sleeping in one big room with Ellie who hasn’t had a real nap since Thursday, so we’re all beyond exhausted. I hope you all enjoyed the weekend and didn’t think about Dean being an IDIOT.
  • ABC announcing that Dean is NOT the next Bachelor because even though he’s got amazing eyes and thinks women swoon at the sight of him, he’s an actual moron and was completely immature to treat Christina the way he did.
  • Tomorrow night’s episode (obviously).

Til then,

Stacey B



  1. Stacey,
    Your recap really has hit the nail on the head.

    Yes, good for Kristina ! And good thing Well’s had just the right advice for the lightbulb to turn on in her head.

    Raven is more than annoying & really quite bossy and manipulative. As you put it—unsympathetic. I’d add a bit too much holier-than-thou, too.
    Kristina was right. Raven wasn’t her friend & D-Lo wasn’t either. That said, in the long run it was good that D-Lo was in Paradise. It revealed the truth about Dean. It also protected Kristina from getting even more hurt later on. But what a hard lesson to learn. Kristina had every reason to be blinded by their time spent outside of production. And SHE DESERVES BETTER. Hope she never takes him back…

    Yes, Robbie can come across a bit creepy but it would be nice for Amanda to have someone financially stable and he seems to fit the bill. They look nice as a couple.

    Can hardly wait to see «Karma» arrive in tonight’s episode !


  2. Hi Stacey,
    I’ve been a loyal reader for years but I don’t think I’ve ever commented! I love reading your blog after I watch the show. Thank you for always posting! My favorite line in this one was “Dean wanting to keep Kristina around while he feels up, I mean out, DLo”. Hilarious! I hate when he said “I am not sure I’m ready for the kind of commitment Kristina is ready for”. Um, didn’t you just almost propose to Rachel a few months ago? Ugh. No idea who’s going to be the Bachelor now but it seems they’re trying to set up Wells! I also know no matter how frustrating this season is, I will faithfully watch tonight’s episode lol!

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