Bachelor in Paradise Ends in Confusion, Lies & An Engagement

Thank goodness Bachelor in Paradise over. It needed to end, right? I mean it sounds like there was a total of 5 days of filming that went on AFTER the big break in production, so it’s astonishing that any relationships were even viable.

But even after we waited for what seemed like an eternity for this season to wrap up, we STILL don’t have all the answers. For example:

  1. What ever happened with Wells and blonde Danielle? As far as I can tell, she’s back from whatever international journey she went on. Did she rekindle a flame with Wells? Just admit that they were friends? Why did Wells show up in a beaten up t-shirt / sweatshirt and sit in the larger audience? What didn’t anyone ask either of them a single question?
  2. Why no mention other than an advertisement for Arie the Race car driver as Bachelor? If you’ve been living under a rock, Arie was announced this week OFFICIALLY as the next Bachelor and Bachelor Nation is going nuts. A handful are excited, some are shocked and others find him “disgusting” as Jef Holm (Jeff with one “f” who was the technical “winner” on Emily Maynard’s season). Shouldn’t the producers be baiting us to love Arie by interviewing him and finding out why the heck they selected him as next Bachelor over Peter or Wells or Ben Higgins (Round 2) or ANYONE else that was still relevant?
  3. The Christen thing was kind of confusing because she made it seem with Jack Stone like she had absolutely no romantic relationship with him to begin with. I mean, yes, they weren’t together for too long, but she definitely seemed into him. And they kissed more than a handful of times, so I don’t think he was that out of left field in wanting to date her after the show. She acted like he was her brother and he was asking her to do this. She did seem somewhat into him. At least more into him than any of the other guys throwing themselves at her (e.g., The guy that hated Wa-Boom and the Tickle Doc). I heard Christen being interviewed on the Ben and Ashley podcast where she confessed that she never had any romantic interest in any of the guys in Paradise. Oh well. Too bad because now she’s known as the scallop Virgin instead of just the Virgin who ended up with Jack Stone the Serial Killer.
  4. I also don’t quite get what happened with Amanda and Robby. Did I ever think Amanda was fully into Robby? Not entirely. But in the same way that I didn’t see Raven falling for Adam (does she REALLY think she’s in love with Adam??). But ok, back to Amanda / Robby. I wasn’t sure if Amanda was just not into Robby or if she was worried about making another big mistake like her last season on Paradise. Perhaps a little of both? But she finally opened up to him and he seemed head over heels. It didn’t seem that surprising that she broke up with him in Paradise, but I don’t understand what happened after paradise. She pursued him, they dated but he didn’t understand what it meant to be in a relationship? I was definitely getting the EVIL Spencer Pratt vibe from him on the after the finale segment. And why couldn’t we see the picture of Robby NOT hooking up with another girl but being “near her?” Come on, ABC, where was that photo! Let us judge.
  5. Diggy and Dominque = who cares but then I loved how nose ring Jaimi was like – yeah, not interested, Diggy. BUH BYE.
  6. Raven and Adam. I mean, I just don’t feel her interest in him. Also, she really looked like Elvira during many segments of the show. I also find her being a bit more full of herself? I don’t know what it is. She’s getting lots more attention for being in love than for breaking up, that’s for sure. It must be good for her clothing boutique. Didn’t seem like they were nearly ready for an engagement. But maybe that makes them a potential long lasting couple?? Ehh, I can’t see her being long term interested with the amount of male attention she’s likely been receiving. Notice how she said, “Every girl needs an Adam?” That’s kind of like saying, “You’re too good for me. I don’t deserve you.” Also, I’m pretty sure he’s Jewish and she’s definitely not and I wonder if that’s going to be ok? Southern belle from a small conservative town + Jewish guy usually do not end up together. You can read more about their post-show thoughts here – they plan to be moving to Texas together:
  7. I don’t even want to waste a sentence on Corinne and DeMario because been there done that and WHO CARES anymore? Was kind of funny to watch Corinne’s face as Taylor got proposed to.
  8. As for Taylor and Derek – EEEEEEk, I can’t watch them together without feeling a little nauseous and icky about it. I mean, does he really want a lifetime commitment to that?? Constant evaluation of every word you say, so much inner thinking, too much talking, too much analysis, heightened sensitivity on crack. UGH, he’s in for a life of absolute misery, no matter what his goofy smile says when he looks at Taylor. I think Taylor is 23? Has she had a boyfriend before or any actual real relationship? I just can’t imagine having to navigate any sort of conflict with her in a positive manner. She seems like someone who goes wild by letting her hair be wavy versus curly. I don’t know. I guess she’s just not my cup of tea. Wish them all the best, though.
  9. Canadian Daniel and Lacey – the result is not unexpected – I mean Daniel having a serious relationship with anyone but himself just never seemed to be a reality. He’s so awkward / vampire-ish physically and he just spouts craziness. But then you see them together and their oddities kind of mesh and I was thinking they kind of have that awkward thing that just might work. But nope, Daniel is exactly what we always knew he was. I just loved that Lacey got to call him out on his bullsh!t.

And then there’s my favorite topic of all time – the Dean / Kristina / D Lo thing. Still confused. Still on Team Kristina.

So Dean is greeted by Boos. And we’re all waiting to hear what the heck happened since he finally realized that D Lo was just a lustful distraction and Kristina is the one that he loves. We see him cry tears. We almost feel sympathy – but then we remember that he’s a douche bag. An immature idiot. A loser. A guy that sleeps with someone and tells her to have patience and then goes after someone else. But we can maybe forgive him if he’s come to his senses and is ready to do the right thing and fess all to Kristina.

We think they should be happily ever after at this finale, BUT then learn that Dean hit up D Lo AFTER Paradise while he was still “talking” to Kristina. STILL a douche bag. Still an IDIOT.

But this time, Kristina warns him not to play both sides and to tell two stories. She’s onto him. She wishes him well with future relationships because THE NEXT TIME THAT HE FLIP FLOPS…IT WON’T BE ON HER. Yeah, you sing it!

So Kristina starts off her proclamations by calling out D Lo for not speaking to her about Dean. D Lo and Dean blame Dean. Kristina is a smart cookie. She knows if she plays her cards right and Arie’s season is a flop, she would be in a great position to be the next Bachelorette. She’s no fool. Our first Russian Bachelorette. But we know she’s still got a thing for Dean.

I didn’t see the Ellen show today, but all 3 of them were on it (Dean, D Lo and Kristina). It was filmed after tonight’s finale. Sounds like Dean and Kristina (KrisDeana), may be “talking” again. UGH. Until he decides to call D Lo. You almost wish he’d just get with D Lo for a few weeks, get her out of his system, so he could make a clean attempt with Kristina. Also, why would D Lo even consider being back with Dean when he’s blatantly told her that he loves Kristina? That doesn’t seem quite right either.

Ok, my head hurts from thinking about all of these questions. Did you have any unanswered questions? Oh, and why no update / explanation for why Nick and Vanessa broke up? Shouldn’t we be entitled to some dirt from them? Is Amanda officially done with Paradise?

I’d love to ponder this season some more, but my 3 year is starting nursery school tomorrow, and it’s gonna be a big day for all of us.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy fall. Check here for more Bach updates and aftermaths of this season before Bachelor 2018!


Stacey B




  1. SusieQ from Philly says:

    Although there have been “Bach” seasons that I haven’t liked much, this summer season was frustrating, annoying, and, other that it was an easy Monday diversion, had me wondering, “Exactly why am I watching this?”

    I have always liked Derek and found Amanda very pretty to look at – but I agree with Stacey that Derek is in for a life of constant evaluation and critique. Having know people like that, I can only wish him well.

    So disappointed with Dean. He is way too young, emotionally, for a committed relationship.

    And, so, I will put away my “Bach” hat for now. Ari is cute, but not sure how he will hold up with lots of women wanting him.

    Perhaps the Bachelor production has run enough. What do others think?

  2. Stacey,

    Congrats to Taylor (& Derek). He is really patient with her. She called herself «crazy». Hope she’ll keep that in check or it won’t last. At least she’s self-aware enough to admit it. The ring seemed tiny compared to what we usually see but I’m betting Derek had to PAY for it (with a discount) ?

    Raven is (still) with Adam ?! They look like they’re enjoying their romance. She took the «everyone needs a …» from Jamie about Doug because he was so patient with her [Married at 1st Sight, season 1]. Remember awkward Jamie from Ben Flajnik’s season ?

    Christen seems a bit feather brained. Poor Jack Stone was really thrown off but he dodged that bullet !

    Agreed about that photo ? Where was it ? Why didn’t we get to make up our own minds about it ?! Apparently Robby isn’t ready to settle (imagine with 2 kids in tow means really settling down). Amanda’s intuition was right. Hiding his hairline reflects his duplicitousness (?).

    Dominique got dumped by Diggy ?! That’s funny because he’s the loser in that paradigm.

    No surprise about Nick & Vanessa…NEVER saw THAT working out.

    How could Dean keep stringing those 2 girls BOTH along even AFTER the show? Chalk it up to immaturity & that he needs to sow his wild oats (or maybe worse) ?

    DLo is annoying. Why didn’t she just pursue someone else ? So strange ! Maybe she lacks some self-worth …

    Good thing Kristina is keeping Dean at arm’s length. Hope she can completely get over him. He really isn’t that into her & she’d be a GREAT BACHELORETTE !

    Arie 35 ? An older bachelor like Nick…(eh).

    The BIG question is … NURSERY school ! That’s a big day…tough on the Mom. Hope it goes (went) well with few or no tears.

    Now when is the NEXT baby with the Husband ?!


  3. Patrice from NYC says:

    I hope Dean is never the Bachelor > It would be tough to watch !

  4. janincolorado says:

    thanks for posting= I always love your perspective

  5. Well, I just got around to reading this, and I haven’t even watched the finale yet, and probably won’t. Because I really don’t care about any of them. I have a different opinion of Raven, now, too. This entire franchise has transpired into a springboard for Hollywood hopefuls looking for a way to not actually work for a living. Nobody is really “looking for love”. Ben & Lauren — no matter how much I liked him, he kept stringing Lauren along and never fully committing to her. I don’t blame her for ending it. Nick & Vanessa — they appear to have had a mutual arrangement, be it with ABC or each other or both, to stay together just long enough to milk all the publicity out of it. You know, with Nick taking acting lessons and all. Who didn’t see THAT coming. As for Arie….. I read an interview with his recent ex who was shocked and surprised to see him named as the new Bachelor so soon after their breakup that she didn’t see coming. They had been together for over a year, and she thought everything was going great. They had met each other’s families, spent Holidays with them, lived together part time when he wasn’t on the racing circuit. I guess $$$$$ talks, and loudly at that!! :)

    Until next season. Not so sure I can stomach another fake “reality” show, though.

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