Enraged to Be Trumped! Bachelor in Paradise Recap Delay…

So there I was. All carb and sugar free for 24 hours. Angry. Tired. Way too many vegetables in my stomach to feel sane. My 3 year old was FINALLY asleep and The Husband and I had just finished another protein heavy meal.

Then it happened…

The Husband read to me from his computer that between a football game and a Trump speech, that Bachelor in Paradise would NOT be airing in New York. WHAT??? I thought he was joking. This was not funny. I’m CARB and SUGAR free.

But there it was – this awful truth. WHAT THE HECK, PEOPLE?? Did this come as a surprise? Did the schedulers at ABC just suddenly decide to make a conflict between football and BIP? Or Trump and BIP? And then they offer as an alternative for us to be able to watch it at 1 AM? Like I’m staying up until 1 AM to watch this nonsense?  Couldn’t they have given us a LITTLE more notice than like 30 seconds? BEYOND angry…

So please don’t tell me anything until I’ve gotten through my DVR and tonight’s episode. This means, of course, that I’ll have 4 hours of BIP to get through tonight? Will The Husband leave me? I can probably get this down to 45 minutes with some strategic fast forwarding, but this is a lot of pressure. And if I make it until tonight carbless and sugarless, I’ll be that much angrier and hungrier.

Wish me luck. Apologies for the delay. Blame Trump and football and ABC.

Til later,

Stacey B



  1. Hey Stace… up here in Upstate NY, (near “your” Echo Lake), they did run BiP on Monday night. Then Trump came on at 9 pm for a half hour. I was wondering if the viewers (ME) would miss part of BiP or not. But we didn’t miss a thing. After the 30 minutes, it started up right where it left off. I was relieved. I am bummed for you. Although I’m anxiously waiting for your blog… don’t feel any pressure from me please. lol :) P.S. Dean is being a D*ck. I’m very disappointed in him.

  2. Yep, it was your local ABC affiliate that made that decision. (Here in NC, we had the entire BiP). Like our local CBS affiliate didn’t air the Carolina Panthers pre-season football game on Saturday at 3pm, choosing to air the PGA Wyndham event, which our city happened to be hosting. Which makes absolutely no sense, as anyone that wanted to see the tournament could have simply gone over to Sedgefield CC, but noooooooooo…….. Isn’t life grand.

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