Corinne & DeMario Scandal Done, Bachelor in Paradise Moves On!

Ok, I admit to have become a little bit weepy in watching the Carly & Evan wedding. It wasn’t even them, per se, more the celebration of Bachelor love around them and all the other happy couples (Sean and Catherine, Jade and Tanner in particular). Did I mention that I saw Catherine and their baby in person a few weeks ago while coming out of my office and completely froze?? I did manage to blurt out something ridiculous, but she was sweet and just smiled. Carly looked so happy and carefree – the complete opposite of her time on any season of Bachelor or Paradise before. I still can’t believe her and Evan are actually married. I mean, she was so grossed out by him (as was everyone else), I’m still not sure how it got turned around. I love Jade – she’s in her last trimester with their baby girl, so that’s exciting! The flower crowns were completely over the top and I have no idea what sort of botox, eye treatments that the sweet Juelia bridesmaid has undergone since we last saw her on Paradise, but that along with the overstated flower crowns gave her a sort of scary Disney evil princess vibe.

In more recent news, Carly and Evan announced that they are expecting a baby! This comes two months since their wedding and was a “surprise” that they found out about in Mexico following their wedding (side note: why are two consenting adults who have sex ever surprised when they become pregnant??).

Too bad Chris Harrison didn’t interview the couples at the wedding who are still dating but not yet married (i.e., I’d like an update on Nick and Vanessa who are rumored to have had some rocky times). I love that they focused in on Ashley I’s tears during the wedding. Ok, but let’s move forward because all we want to know about is if Dean and Kristina are still together…

So fast forward to Chris Harrison’s School of Morality where he basically holds court and becomes a Professor of Etiquette while his “students” answer questions like, “Who wants to move forward with Paradise?” Duh, dumbest question ever asked – of course these people want to continue their 15 minutes of fame. Plus they flew all the way back to Mexico – you’d think he could have called them on the phone and asked this question before they flew for hours to get there. So before they all commit to make out with each other (with full consent of course), we get a little insight into the Corinne / DeMario drama. It seems pretty evident that DeMario got the short end of the stick in this situation, that Corinne lawyered up and that absolutely nobody believed that she is a “victim” as she claims. I’m glad that Chris could educate them on what it means to give consent. Also, Raven has taken on Bach spokesperson as an additional profession.

FINALLY, it’s game on and the make outs / break ups begin. Taylor and Derek are just hard to watch. I can’t stand what comes out of Taylor’s mouth. I don’t know if it’s the fact that she’s 23 but thinks she has the intelligence, wisdom and maturity of a 73 year old, but she just needs to stop talking. Derek, for some reason, does not let her personality or her kinky hair rain on his hormone parade. They can’t keep their hands off each other or stop smiling. Good for them.

It was quite comical to watch the Alex / Amanda struggle. Clearly, she’s not interested and I love how Raven told him that flat out – he should pursue other women. This still doesn’t stop him from going back for one last chat with Amanda, but not before she physically groans in annoyance when he asks to speak to her. Dude, move on. He’s like an octopus that latches on to your arm and that you can’t get rid of.

I feel sorry for Jasmine. The choking references, the total insecurity in herself – it’s hard to watch. Her dude does not seem interested (who goes to sleep in Paradise when you’re interested in someone and want their rose?)

Dean does seem very closed off – I agree with Kristina on this one. I was glad to see they had pursued their relationship outside of Paradise during the break, but he does not seem to have the maturity or ability to openly communicate. The fact that he told Kristina to go out with other guys if the opportunity arises speaks volumes. Either he’s just not that into her or he’s not capable of opening up and having an adult relationship at this point in his life. Too bad as I think Kristina is awesome. She’s smart, gorgeous and a great catch.

I can’t get a good read on Raven. I thought she might be cute with Dean, but I guess her friendship with Kristina would prevent that from ever happening.

It looks like we’re getting a lot more prospects coming up – the twins, Danielle and Canadian Daniel (just in time for Lacey!). I’m finally excited for a Bach episode and even more pumped that it’s Monday AND Tuesday of next week. Sorry, Husband.

What did you guys think??



  1. Taylor, just shut up. Please.

    Jasmine….girlfriend, you need to dial it back a tad. You don’t want to be an Ashley I / Jared repeat, do you? He’s just not that into you!

    “Saint” Nick is a cutie, but may have blown it early by getting a little too tipsy. Maybe with the new 2-drinks-per-hour limit, he will show a softer, sober side. Or not.

    Amanda…. I used to really like her, now I’m not so sure. Seems to be wanting the attention, like, a LOT. Not sure how she can leave her 2 little ones so much, but hey — I’m not judging. She is free to live her life as she sees fit.

    After the 1st RC there will be some scrambling going on to hook up with somebody. Maybe the girls (Raven, Amanda, SharkGirl, Lacy) are waiting to see who shows up next before committing the rose tonight. When the girls are up for eviction (oh wait, that’s Big Brother) we’ll see some hookups, no matter how brief. I think I like this better, all of them pairing off right off the bat makes for a boring season.

  2. I know their wedding wasn’t televised, but I wonder why Desiree and Chris didn’t even get mentioned with the other couples.

  3. Amanda – I have never been over the top about her. Other than a persona of being quiet, cute and sweet, I think she really works at becoming a celebrity – I am a bit turned off she applied for the celebrity dating app. I don’t put reality stars in the category of celebrity.

    I think all the positive feedback she got after Nick’s season may have gone a bit to her head but I still like her ok.

    Kristina is my favourite.

    Lacey – my heart goes out to her.

    Need to see some more Ben Z!! Someone grab him!

  4. I think Dean is not totally over Rachel yet. He may be there in body, but not in mind. It takes longer than they think to recover emotionally. It was interesting about Robby saying it took him a year to get over JoJo. It is always a fun train wreck to watch with the couplings almost always surprising. It seems apparent why some of them always end up single. I hope by watching themselves they learn something…eg Jasmine and Santa. A little correction….it is Canadian Daniel who Lacey is pining for. Actually saw him in downtown Vancouver during the hiatus. He isn’t as tall as I thought!

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