Bachelor in Paradise’s 48 Hour Debut

Just in time to distract us from the extremely confusing, still unresolved Peter and Rachel emotional breakup 24 hours before she got engaged to Bryan, it’s BACHELOR IN PARADISE!! I had no idea it was a 2 day event, but I’m not complaining (sorry, Husband). Of course it starts out with a pep talk from Chris Harrison. We already know it gets interrupted by a DeMario / Corinne scandal. Now we get to see what the heck happened.

From what I can tell, Corinne happened. Well Corinne was “doing her” as she puts it and then De Mario came along and got in on the action. Neither of them looked remotely distraught by anything that went down between them. You even here Corinne say to De Mario, “We’re homies” just a little bit before they’re taken away by producers. Plus a full 24 hours went by and both started speaking to other people there. I think they were mutually having a good time. Corinne says up front she’s not looking for anything serious. She’s there to party and further her Corinne brand of “Corn” or whatever the heck she’s got around her neck. Does she think Corn sounds like Corinne? Is that her nickname? Make America Corinne again – is that her version of charming? Ugh, Corinne.

She’s usually good for a few good laughs but I don’t like all the negative press and circus surrounding whatever went on between her and DeMario, particularly because whatever he was accused of (which she says she doesn’t remember) had such a negative effect on his life and she seems just as happy as can be before, during and after her time with DeMario. The cameras purposely don’t even show them being intimate (just jumping into the pool together), so from the viewers’ perspective, they were just drunk and playing around in the pool with their clothes on.  I’m sure there was more to it, but I’m glad that they were able to resolve the incident. And that’s all I have to say about Corinne and DeMario.

Raven is like the sweet, soft spoken slayer of this season. Everyone thinks she’s so innocent but she seems to be the real influencer on this season, not Robby. I did laugh when she was describing her view of Robby versus how Robby thought the date went. As soon as he showed up, I said to The Husband that Robby needs a true, very well groomed Cali girl. Someone very into her looks and fashion and makeup and self-grooming. Raven is way too down to earth for all that nonsense. As soon as he smiled, his teeth were so white and veneered, I couldn’t take him seriously. The teeth with the planted hair swoop is so over the top and I agree with Raven that you don’t want to date someone with abs that have abs – it just would make way too self conscious to have to look that pretty all the time. Plus his bathing suit collection is out of control. The Husband cracked up when Raven kissed Ben Z (way too into his dog, and I was disappointed as I had high hopes for Ben Z), and announced that the kiss was better than her kiss with Robby. Poor Robby.

Regarding the emotional intelligence girl (forgetting her name at the moment) her hair was getting to be like Monica from Friends’ trip to Mexico. It just kept growing kinkier and more kinkier by the minute. I kind of her like brewing romance with Jim from the Office (Derek?). I’m glad she found someone so that everyone could forget about her ridiculous Corn (Corinne?) fight. I don’t think we actually saw either of them acknowledge the other. Very mature.

When I saw Amanda, I just feel sad. This is her third attempt at coming back on a season of Bachelor and now it’s after a broken engagement with Josh. With 2 daughters that are absolutely adorable and got left at home, I hope she finds love and it’s all worth it. I was able to see a little past her hair extensions (though difficult) and laughed at her story about how a dating app didn’t accept her as a celebrity, so she’s thrown back in to the commoners pool. Too funny.

Shark Girl just seems in a permanent happy fog, but definitely like someone you’d want to bring to a party.

Watching Iggy be intimate with anyone is kind of fascinating and revolting at the same time (is that mean?) but I was sad that his time with Lacey was cut short. I’m hopeful that since the show got cut off early, she’ll be able to make it back and give her relationship with him (or anyone else) a real try.

I still think Diggy is gay.

So happy that Vinny is getting another chance since he got burned on Paradise last season.

I love that Dean is the most wanted guy in paradise. I was sure that Raven and him would hit it off but Christina has stepped in for the win. They are very cute together and seemed to have connected. Each have an adorable crush on the other. But from the previews it seems that all falls apart soon enough. Maybe the break killed it for him while he went home and hung out with Ashley I. Who knows…

I can’t stand the little marine guy – Alex, right? Forgetting his name, but he’s just the narrator and nothing more. He annoyed me on JoJo’s season and now he’s back.

And then there’s Jasmine who is being pursued by St. Nick and the darker haired gentleman. Darker haired gentleman is quite a sport for allowing himself to get dressed up as a drag queen. Jasmine has already made two references to choking him. I’m scared.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings on this crazy island. Favorite surprise is Wells being there as a bartender. He’s one of the best candidates out there – why can’t he date??



  1. Hi Stace,
    I have been reading your blog these last few months but not commenting – life with a newborn has thrown me for a loop! Juniper is ten weeks old now and I finally feel like I am getting the hang of things. I am so happy BIP is back, after the snooze fest that was Rachel’s season. I think Jack Stone is pretty funny, and I appreciate the fact he can laugh at himself (serial killer reference). I don’t like Iggy, but I’m not sure why. Ben Z. seemed a bit off, and different from when he was on JoJo’s season. Dean is cute but to me he seems so young. Robby rubs me the wrong way, and I do think it would be hard to date someone with better skin and hair than myself!

    I didn’t realize another episode will be on tomorrow, so that was a fun bonus. Hopefully I can stay awake for the whole episode!


  2. Love your commentary, as usual! Jasmine, if I remember correctly, freaked Nick out during his season by threatening choking him as well. When I saw that on BIP, I just thought, “Oh yeah, that’s her thing. She expresses herself with (threats of) physical violence.” There was some kind of beach date with Nick and several women, and she felt overlooked, frustrated, verbalized the desire to choke him, and I think even put her hands (somewhat jokingly) on his neck during their one-on-one time. Nick appeared to not find it so funny. I wouldn’t have been amused either.
    I also like Wells and wonder why he is bartender and ineligible to date. But maybe he’s had enough.
    My 11-year-old is a big fan of Family Feud & we happened upon a Bachelors vs. Bachelorettes (Amanda, Lacey, Olivia) show. It was very amusing to hear some of the answers they came up with. It seemed like an SNL spoof.

  3. BIP started out quite the Bro Show with all of Rachel’s rejects. Love Raven and Kristina, and how down to earth they both are. Not sure why they’re doing this silly show, but maybe they, too, are in it for their 15 minutes or to further their careers. If they have careers. Although I know Kristina is a dental hygienist…….. is there a huge call for them in Hollyweird? Not a fan of Jasmine. And REALLY despised Taylor tonight (Corinne’s nemesis from Nick’s season). Robby…. oh Robby. Where do I begin. Thank you, Raven, for not falling all over him. Didn’t like him on whoever’s season, and he’s still full of himself. Ben Zorn…. I have followed him on IG, and I think he’s drop-deal gorgeous, but enough about the doggy love! It starts to get a little bit creepy….. I’m just jotting down random thoughts here, can you tell. Corinne and DeMario…. if you haven’t read what happened, google it. It’s downright nasty. And Corinne LIED to Chris Harrison, when he asked her point blank if she was single or if she had a boyfriend, and she told him she was single. When the naked-in-the-pool-oral-sex-romp-with-DeMario-happened (that she doesn’t remember because she was too stinkin’ drunk) she freaked out because she didn’t want her boyfriend to find out. But he did, and he TOTALLY supports her. A “producer” evidently became concerned about liability issues when that little incident occurred, because Corinne was apparently so out of it there was no way she could “consent”, even though she was the one that instigated it. Ok, enough rambling, but there’s nothing else to watch in August, so I’ll be watching for the pure mindless entertainment. Dang, I forgot to mention Amanda. I’ll save that for next time.

  4. Random thoughts:
    Danielle gets on my nerves I can’t put my finger on it. I think she’s s little in love with herself;
    Taylor says “like” waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much;
    I hate when guys ask or announce that they are going to kiss you (Iggy);
    I love Dean and Kristina! I can’t really hear what they are saying because he mumbles and she has an accent. I had to keep rewinding. But they really are a good match!
    Alex looks like a Monchichi;
    I thought Ben Z and Matt were the same person for awhile. The dog talk is weird;
    Jasmine is too much;
    I loooooooove Wells. I so hope he doesn’t end up w/ Danielle.
    Can’t wait for tonight!!

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