Aftermath of Rachel the Bachelorette’s Choice

So I normally would not feel the need to chime in after the Bachelorette has made her pick, but I’ve learned a few interesting things since Monday’s finale that I felt were worth sharing.

First off – do you guys listen to Ashley I and Ben Higgins’ podcast, Almost Famous? I put it off because although I love Ben, Ashley has the tendency to drive me crazy, but the podcast they did on Tuesday of this week was quite insightful. Also, Ashley was asking questions that I really wanted to know the answers too. Their latest episode can be found here. Yes, I think it should be me and Ben having a podcast together, but until they figure that out, I’ll just share what I learned:

So first, Eric (second runner-up) was on the podcast and Ashley kept referring to him as the potential next Bachelor. Eric was so positive, taking the high road from his experience and repeating over and over how the whole experience of being on the show was a miracle because he fell in love for the first time. Eric was asked about Rachel’s choice and how she was now saying via her Hollywood Access on the show that she knew in Geneva that Bryan was her ONE. And that she never was in love with anyone else even though she told a total of 4 guys that she loved them. Eric did say that he felt Rachel was in love with Peter too. That what he saw during that finale was kind of what all of Bachelor Nation saw – she was incredibly emotional and in love with Peter and then got engaged the next day to someone else.

Rachel was also saying that Peter had agreed to propose, but we all know that this was kind of a “ok, I’ll do it to make you happy” rather than a sincere proposal. And Ben, Ashley I and all their guests agreed that Rachel just seemed really angry and hostile at the After the Final Rose with Peter. They also agreed that Rachel was trying to make Bryan feel ok after it was so clear that she had mixed feelings the night before she got engaged. The general feedback from Bachelor Nation has been that Rachel went for the ring over the love.

Ben also talked about how when JoJo was announced as the next Bachelorette, he was genuinely happy for her. He was rooting for her and thought she’d be great. The podcast discussed what a contrast this was to Rachel telling the world that this process was not for Peter. She may be mad at him but did she have a right to try and sabotage his chances of being Bachelor? Shouldn’t the producers make that decision as besides Dean and Eric, he was probably right up there for options. Sounds a lot like sour grapes. In fact, Rachel was throwing out that Alex the Russian would make a great Bachelor and Ben and Ashley agreed that she was probably saying this because she didn’t want to watch any of her final 4 competing out of jealousy – another sign that she is a bit less into Bryan than she should be.

Alex the Russian was also on the podcast and he said he did NOT want to be Bachelor. Side note: Ashley asked Ben if he’d consider being Bachelor again and he said definitely not for the next season but didn’t cut off a possibility down the road. He said it’s too soon after his break up and he’s got so many other things going on.

I’ve also learned from this podcast that Dean doesn’t use soap (ICK) and that he’s been spending a lot of time with Ashley (as friends) but she certainly has a huge crush on him. Jared is thanking his lucky stars.

So that’s the scoop. I’m not quite sure where this leaves us except that Jimmy Kimmel said it best after the finale – he thought Peter was the wisest and only sane contestant to ever make it this far on the show. After only 3 dates and 9 weeks of dating, he wasn’t able to propose and instead of being celebrated, he’s being tagged as “confusing” and “frustrating” and Rachel is trying to nab his chance at being next Bachelor.

Happy weekend, Bach Friends and see you back here Monday for PARADISE!!!



  1. I’m pretty disappointed in Rachel, especially her attempt at sabataging Peter’s chance to be the next bachelor. Having said that, I really don’t see him wanting to be the next bachelor anyway. As far as Eric, I am not keen on him as he’s somewhat immature & needs to experience life a bit more.

    In closing – Stacey, I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your take each & every week. I immediately go to Office Stace on Tuesday mornings after the bachelor or bachelorette telecast on Monday night, & you are so on the money that your comments are a joy to read. Thanks!

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