The Bachelorette’s Men Tell All, Give Heat to Lee’s Racist Remarks

If you skipped tonight’s episode, I can sum it up like this:

  • WhaaaBoom vs. the guy who couldn’t stand WhaaaBoom whining that each was “the joke” of the season
  • DeMario revealing with absolutely no shame that the girl who showed up to confront him on the show was like a side booty call who he had no real relationship with.
  • Kenny (and everyone else besides DeMario, but then DeMario ended up chiming in anyway) going off on Lee, who tweeted some pretty ignorant, racist remarks while the season was airing. Then each of the anti-Lee club (the opposite of a Glee Club, I’d say) trying to articulate why Lee’s behavior was so bad and attempting to get Lee to take responsibility for his actions.
  • Lee eventually being verbally beaten to death that his only move is to apologize and admit to being racist (though he doesn’t use these exact words) and then the guys all accept him back in to their circle and agree to give him history lessons. Lee was visibly shaking as he knows the entire world will be sending him hate mail, but this never stopped him from having a perfect hair part at all times.
  • Only other memorable part of the show besides Rachel also going off on Lee was Dean’s ridiculous hair and his “why did you say you were falling in love with me” if you ditched me 4 days later speech to Rachel. Her response was basically non-sensical. She truly did mean what she said. Yeah, that really clears it up.
  • We get absolutely 0 explanation for why Rachel sent Will just because he didn’t throw on the affection nor any sign that the producers are grooming him for next Bachelor. Sad. Actually, I really didn’t get that feeling about any of the remaining guys. I sure don’t think it would be Kenny and that is certainly (along with Dean) who they focused on.
  • No funny Alex the Russian lines tonight either. I really hope Alex goes to Bachelor in Paradise and hooks up with Kristina (life in color) the Russian from Nick’s season. I just want to hear them speak to each other in thick Russian accents, really.

So that’s all I got from tonight. There were a couple of memorable events:

  • Mackenzie, Kenny’s daughter. She’s the most poised, genuine, smart and beautiful little girl. I wonder how they pulled off getting her to LA without her daddy knowing. Was this an act? Very nice that the show is sending them to Disneyland for Kenny’s birthday. When all the Lee forgiveness bullcrap was going on, I thought Kenny was going to invite Lee with them for the day. I can just see them riding the “It’s a Small World” ride together for world peace relations.
  • Dean’s “blooper” of hiding gum behind his ear during an interview. Then taking it back and chewing it. Then swallowing it. I don’t know why, but that completely grosses me out and makes me think less of Dean. YUCK. I’m glad he viewed his very awkward hometown date as a cathartic experience that he hopes to one day turn into a reconciliation with his family. Yeah, I don’t see that happening any time soon.
  •  Rachel’s camper’s declaration of hurt. I admire Fred for voicing his frustration regarding how Rachel treated him during their time together. She could never see him as anything but the bad camper she knew in his childhood. He was accurate to say that she never gave him a chance. And when he started his speech, I thought he was going down a road of trash talking Rachel. But instead, he just wished her the best of luck. You can tell when he finished that it really took the life out of him to say those words. It had definitely been on his mind. I mean how frustrating to go on a show and try to win the heart of the girl you’ve always had a crush on. But instead of having a shot, you’re pegged as the “bad boy” and never even thought of as a real contender. Good for him.
  • Josiah was still performing even down to his need to sit with Lee on the couch and cross-examine him. I don’t feel like talking about him anymore.

So that’s about it. I’m bummed that they’ve pushed back Bachelor in Paradise for one more week to August 14th, but what can you do? Blame it on Corinne and DeMario.

Also, I’d be absolutely shocked if Rachel picks anyone other than Bryan the Chiropractor Physician who is not an actual MD Physician. I think she’d be happier with Peter, but Peter doesn’t seem to be ready for a fiance after 9 weeks. You know, he might actually be normal.

Did you watch the #MenTellAll? Any highlights for you? Does Rachel choose anyone but Bryan?



  1. I always look forward to reading your post-show comments, so thank you for that! I diverge from you in my impression of Will. His statement about mostly dating white women seemed like a bad sign, as did his “I’m affectionate” comment and the disconnect with his actions.
    I know there’s a lot we viewers don’t see (off-camera or edited content), but I was glad she sent him packing. Maybe in a real-world non-Bachelorette environment they could’ve had something, but we won’t ever know.

    • I just thought they had similar backgrounds and he was a down to earth, nice, out-going guy who seemed genuine, nice-looking and smart. I was hopeful they’d be more compatible.

  2. I doubt they’d pick Eric as the next bachelor, but I like his zest for life. And can you imagine Bryan as the Bachelor? His mom would terrify any sane woman. Peter wouldn’t be a good choice due to his hesitation, but Dean would be a popular choice (a bit young, IMO). Do you think they’d ever do a gay or lesbian version of the Bachelor? Then Chris Harrison could say it’s the most shocking season ever, and actually mean it.

  3. Stacey – Note from another Jenny: Thanks for the summary – I recorded the show (as always) and watched a fast-forward few minutes with dashes in and out. Nothing I could really stomach, so it will be deleted. Glad you watched so I didn’t have to! I am not feeling positive about Rachel’s chance of actually ending up with a husband worthy of her as a result of this season…

  4. I agree with Jenny above, glad you covered the highlights so I don’t have to watch it. I …. just …. can’t. I have a feeling my love affair with the Bachelor / Bachelorete has about run its course. And it’s a shame, as it used to be really good, but it’s not “reality” anymore. Far from it. Even the people they cast are Hollyweird hopefuls, just looking for 15 minutes instead of love. *sigh*

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