The Bachelorette Uncorks Her Feelings in Rioja, Spain

Rachel really “opens herself up” this week. She’s certainly spreading the love. She’s uncorking those wine bottles left and right this week. Yeah, you get it. Exotic overnights are upon us and we got the bonus of meeting Rachel the Bachelorette’s family a whole two episodes earlier than normal Bach timeframe.

First things first. The Husband texted me the following while I was at work today:

“Bach tonight. This season needs to end.”

If that’s not a wake up call, I’m not sure what is. What is it about this sleepy season that’s making it drag on and feel so, well, sleepy? By the time we were done with Rachel’s family, I was ready for bed. But we had a whole other hour and that’s when the sleeping around happens. Shouldn’t I have been more interested? Maybe it’s just so apparent how “off” the remaining men seem for Rachel. I mean, you’ve got Peter who seems to be the right middle ground for Rachel. He’s sincere, small town roots, good family, diverse friends (does this mean anything?) and even has the gapped tooth thing going for him. But he’s just not ready to propose after 9 weeks. He must be insane, right? Or maybe he’s actually normal. Why is he made to feel bad because he’s not committing to a life with Rachel before he’s actually ready? I just don’t get the love vibe from him. He’s under such a tremendous amount of pressure to feel a certain way and won’t succumb. He could lie about it – make a great name for himself and take advantage of all the publicity and probably make a nice little living earning an income on Instagram by modeling plaid and flannel shirts. But he’s being honest. This makes me (and Rachel’s mother) like him even more. But Rachel isn’t having it. He’s got to be going home next right?

Then you’ve got Sad Eyes Eric, who just seems so on another league / planet than Rachel. Yes, he’s sincere. Yes, he’s enthusiastic. Yes, he’s actually said the words, “Rachel Lindsay, I love you.” But every time they’re together, I feel like Rachel is Cinderella-ing him. She is so eager to throw exotic things his way and force him to articulate his feelings that there seems to be an almost teacher / student relationship between them. Or a Babysitter / Child. I have never had the feeling that they’re operating on the same level – emotionally, maturity-wise, financially, etc. I could get over the “I’ve never been in love before” factor if Eric seemed to be in sync with Rachel’s lifestyle. He’s a personal trainer. She’s a lawyer. How is that going to work? Is she going to support them financially? Is he going to move to Dallas and personally train her friends? Can they move into a wing of her parents’ house?

And then there’s Bryan. The mother and sister picked up on something within 3 minutes of him entering their home: (1) Doubts about his sincerity and (2) Concern about his close relationship with his mother. Did the producers tell Rachel’s mother about how intense Bryan’s mother was on the hometown? It’s almost like someone played her video footage of her over the top declarations about Bryan on last week’s show. They definitely grilled Bryan more than the other two guys. At least Rachel’s friends seemed to like him. Also, I thought we were going to meet Rachel’s friends from law school with Bryan. Did I miss that? It speaks volumes that out of her remaining 3, she only took Bryan to meet her real friends. Doesn’t that kind of mean she chooses him? Also, how much time passes between each parental meeting? Enough time for the flowers to wilt that each men brings the family? Or did they grill him more because Rachel already knows she is choosing him and they needed some more drama.

Some things that I question:

  • Did Rachel REALLY need to go back to the hotel room where the guys were staying for every “date?” Couldn’t she have just had the guys meet her one-on-one at some location in Dallas? It seemed unnecessary and uncomfortable. Why should the guys have to hang out together at this point and compare notes? I’m with Peter on this one. Bryan is just bragging and thinks he’s got this thing in the bag (he may be right).
  • Did Rachel REALLY need to go all in on those fake eyelashes again? She’s got such a pretty face, but the make-up is just RIDIC.
  • I felt bad for Eric needing to make a wish and ring the bell 3x because clearly he’s wishing for Rachel, but I just don’t see how that could actually happen. Also, if things don’t work out with Rachel, where does he go from here? It’s like trying to date someone after you’ve dated Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones reference). It’s just disappointing and nobody can compare.
  • Why did Rachel work so hard to get Eric to verbalize his love? I felt like she was leading the witness. And he was too naive to realize it. I also felt like Rachel’s sister was cross examining Bryan. Maybe it’s in the blood?
  • Is it really against the law for a federal judge to be on The Bachelorette? Maybe he didn’t like the contract he’d have to sign to make an appearance and understood that he could be edited in a horrible way and didn’t want to risk it.
  • Does Peter feel like a younger, gap-toothed version of Mr. Rogers? I just don’t know where we go from here with Peter. If Bryan is too fiery and Eric is too childlike, then maybe Peter was the perfect middle ground? But he’s just not ready yet.
  • Can I just leave everything behind and head to Rioja, Spain RIGHT now? It looked absolutely incredible and I’d like my own locker of wine to drink away my sorrows. Who’s coming with me?
  • Let’s discuss Rachel’s parents’ house. That was the largest house I’ve seen since JoJo’s season of Bachelorette. Can you imagine what Eric must have thought when he saw the size of it? I mean, it’s completely intimidating to a normal person, but to someone who is not used to seeing something like this, it must have blown his mind and added to the Cinderella fantasy.
  • Did Eric and Rachel do IT? They must have, right? Especially once we see the morning after shots with his shirt off, I think we’re safe to assume it happened. I mean, if Rachel had gotten me to confess that I loved her after showing me her insane mansion that she grew up in, I’d have likely gone all the way too. Is this wrong? Did I mention she also took me on a helicopter ride?  Oh AND I got the green light from her mother to propose if Rachel was all in? Even if I’m having some doubts about forever with Rachel, I am not having any doubts about her parents’ house and having a federal judge for a father in law might definitely come in handy.
  • So now it’s Peter’s turn to do the dance. Again, wondering how much time has passed since her Eric dance. And he’s right on the brink of getting that clearly female written card from Chris Harrison inviting him to a fantasy suite and he can’t get on the same page as Rachel. Can’t they sleep together and THEN see how he feels? Or he won’t even do that because he’s Mr. Rogers?
  • Is Peter being groomed to be our next Bachelor? Or would middle-America protest his gap-toothed ways?
  • Will Bryan’s mom join them in the fantasy suite?

MUST GO TO BED. Am I being too harsh? What are your thoughts? Is there any sustainable match here? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Stacey B (@OfficeStace)



  1. Anonymous 4 says:

    Hey Stace,

    Rioja ? Yes, let’s go !!!

    Are any of these men for Rachel ? Peter isn’t ready though it looks like he’s the one she feels the most secure with. She’ll probably go with Bryan, he keeps sweeping her off her feet. Bryan’s mom joining them in the fantasy suite ??? LOL ! I hope Eric will be okay. Could he be the next Bachelor ?!


    • I don’t think Eric could pull of next Bachelor. Will, on the other hand, YES. I don’t trust Bryan and I’m not sure this process works for Peter. Can Ben Higgins come back please?

  2. Yawn. I love Rachel, but ….. I end up DVR’ing it on Monday nights, and watch it at some point during the week when nothing else is on. Used to I would confiscate the TV on Monday nights much to hubby’s dismay.

    She may have been better off trying to find love on

  3. Honestly, Rachel should just say, “bye-bye” to all three bachelors, cut her losses, & ride off into the sunset. Of course, she won’t do that because she’s determined to get married no matter what. . . . . . being an intelligent woman, she should know full well that, as a rule, you can’t fall in love in such a short period of time on prime time television, no less. I really like Peter but as you said, I too don’t get a “love vibe” from him either, & am beginning to wonder if maybe he really isn’t in love with Rachel & realizes he never will be, sigh. Then there’s Eric who has never been in love before & seems like a little boy to me at times. They really have nothing in common either. . . . financially or emotionally, like you said. It would never work. Last but not least, there is Bryan who lacks sincerity & is a pompous “mama’s boy” to boot. He may have told Rachel that he loves her but does he really mean it? I don’t think so. Also, he is the only one that her family has reservations about which they couldn’t hide. BTW, I loved Rachel’s mother as well as her sister. Again – I think Will is the one that got away, unfortunately!

    • Ginny – totally agree. BRING BACK WILL. Why aren’t we grieving his departure from the show more? Rachel should go find him NOW. Like drop Rioja and got on the next flight to Will’s hometown.

  4. I’m afraid I have to disagree with you all. I have been watching these shows since the Trista days and Rachel’s season is one of my favourites. She is pure class, unlike Jojo who was practically having sex with each and every contestant on her season. Within seconds of sitting down to talk to the guys that she would just meet for the first time, she’d be sitting on them with her tongue down their throat. I found her very hard to watch. She was very pretty and had a killer wardrobe, but hard to watch. I’m afraid I have to disagree about Ben Higgins as well – dull as dishwater. That was a boring season, and he drove me crazy with saying “like” every 4th word. Even my husband commented once, “isn’t he supposed to be looking for a wife? They never talk about anything important!” He was cute, but not very bright.

    I am enjoying this season with an classy intelligent, mature woman who actually has the good judgement to have 3 really decent men at the end to choose from. And don’t underestimate Peter. He’s falling in love. I never trust this show when they’re trying to steer us to think a certain way.

    I have to agree with you though about a couple of things for sure:
    Those eyelashes are frightening. And Will should be the next bachelor.

    And I want to add, that even though I may disagree with you sometimes Stacey, I’ve been reading your blog since The Husband was The Boyfriend and it’s as much a part of my Bachelor routine as watching the show itself. It’s been so nice seeing your little family grow far away there in New York. (I live in a little town called Chemainus on the east coast of Vancouver Island, on the other coast.) I’m sure those of us who have been following you for a long while feel like we almost know you by now. I want to thank you for all the hours of faithful writing you’ve put in all these years to keep us entertained, through everything from vacations to childbirth to biblical storms. The show wouldn’t be as much fun without you. Good job.

  5. Hear Hear, Renee! Officestace is for sure a part of my weekly Bach routine. Keep up the good work. It’s always entertaining to hear your recap and thoughts.

  6. Totally agree with Renee and Cora! I can’t imagine not reading Officestace after viewing the show. Your many insights give me something to ponder while waiting for the next episode. I don’t live all that far from Renee and feel the same way about Ben. Lovely man but dull, dull, dull. Give me Peter’s cheekbones any time !

  7. I agree with Renee on all accounts!

    I think Rachel has known she was choosing Peter for awhile now, and that Peter was asked to play up his doubts for the camera to not make it so obvious.

    I think and hope she picks Peter.

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