Swanky in Switzerland: The Bachelorette Hands Out Roses for Hometowns

It was my first day back in the office today after a week of sun, sunblock and running on the beach in Puerto Rico. Mondays are tough. But Mondays after a week of pure bliss are virtually impossible. Even remembering that Bachelorette was on tonight didn’t give me the usual boost to power through the day. What can I say? 48 hours ago, I was deciding where to have lunch in between taking my daughter’s hand to jump ocean waves. It was awesome. Like Bachelorette date awesome.

Anyhow, the good news is that Wally our dog is back home but I think he was bored by tonight’s episode because he’s been snoring since Dean’s date. Also, it’s still summer, which means hopefully some more sun filled weekends to look forward to. Third, we got to go to Switzerland tonight. It’s a beautiful country, but these dates practically lulled me to sleep. At least we’ve narrowed the field significantly and are on our way to hometowns.

Some thoughts on tonight’s dates:

  1. I’m not convinced that Rachel will ultimately be happy with any of these guys. I still think her best shot at long term happiness was Will, and she sent him home too early. She’s willing to dig deep to get through Dean’s light hearted humor / inability to deal with / have an actual conversation of substance with Rachel but she won’t do the same for Will? Not sure what gives. From the previews of Dean’s father next week, we might actually get some real drama. Is Rachel going to look past his father’s guru insanity? Dean seems like a sweet kid but he’s nowhere close to the level of maturity that Rachel is at.
  2. So Latin Lover Bryan and Seriously Bearded Peter are our front runners and I’m skeptical of both. She’s head over heels for Bryan and is looking for flaws. I think Dean made an interesting comment that the guy is 37 years old, has had plenty of experience in sweet talking women – and Bryan himself said that his last relationship ended because it was too much passion up front? Or maybe because something happened with his mother that drove her away? Why didn’t we get more details? What’s wrong with his mother? Can the passion between Rachel and Bryan last? Should we all be worried? I kind of like that he’s 37, but it does beg the question of why have his previous relationships not worked out? He’d be a catch on paper for sure.
  3. Peter’s energy is just too serious to be trusted. I do worry that he’d be able to fall passionately for Rachel and still have the personality that she’s looking for. My favorite part of their interaction was the outtake at the end when we had an up the crotch angle of Rachel while they were dog sledding. Yes, they were talking about their bowel movements, but it was the closest to a sense of humor that Peter came. I don’t understand his break up with his last girlfriend. He mentioned they grew apart but then when he was moving out, she came around the corner crying and he just drove away? Why was she crying? Did he just never talk to her again? I don’t think we’ve gotten to the bottom of this.
  4. And then there’s Eric. It sounds like he grew up in a completely different background than Rachel. It’s pretty amazing that Rachel is so open minded to want to explore that relationship as well as Dean’s crazy family, but hey, maybe she already knows she’s choosing Peter and Bryan in the end, so perhaps it makes sense to go for more of the drama??

Things I Can’t Stop Thinking About:

  1. Rachel’s eyelashes. They were literally like Snuffaluffagus from Sesame Street’s eyelashes. Very distracting and HDTV doesn’t do her any favors because you can actually see where each of the hairs are glued to her eyelids. She’s a pretty girl – she doesn’t need all that nonsense.
  2. The tears that Rachel had when saying goodbye to Matt from Meriden, CT. She said that out of everyone, he reminded her the most of herself? And that if they had met in the real world and could take things slower, they could have a chance? What kind of crazy talk is this? Matt reminds me of a less attractive version of Bryan. I don’t see Rachel in him. I think they only kissed once? Did she really feel bad about him going?
  3. I am not sure the story with Adam is. I never found him attractive, though his family sounds pretty awesome. I mean, I guess I’m not over the Will departure (clearly), so when I think about Adam or Matt or Eric compared to someone like Will, there IS no comparison. I’m not sure what she sees in any of these 3 over Will. Eric is just a bit too dramatic for me. His personality with the guys is completely different than when he’s with Rachel. So I don’t trust he’s this shiny, extroverted, caring, attentive gentleman. I just don’t buy it. Plus he was borderline drama queen, mopey guy just several weeks ago.
  4. There’s no chance in hell that Rachel actually spent her own money to buy Bryan that watch, right? I’m sure the show bought it for them. And Bryan MUST know that, so his whole make out with Rachel when she says that she’ll buy him that watch has to be an act? It was so confusing and I wasn’t sure what to think.  PS – in doing absolutely minimal research, it looks like a Breitling watch like the one Bryan got will run between $4-5K. If Rachel IS paying with her own money, then Bryan is definitely her guy. Let’s get 100. Let’s go 100? Be 100? Eh, who cares.
  5. Dean got screwed with his date. I mean, you’re in Switzerland – if you’re not taking him to drive Bentleys and buying him expensive watches, then take the guy to a Swiss Chocolate factory or something. Where does Rachel take him? To CHURCH. Oh and then she wonders why things seemed “off” with him. I felt the same awkwardness on their date that I did with her last date with Will. She seems to have these very high expectations for how the date should go, but she’s not saying anything until the end.
  6. Was there a geyser going off on purpose when Rachel and Dean kissed at the end of their date? Was that supposed to be symbolic? Or was that decorative?
  7. Did everyone see how one of the one on one dates ended at Hotel Edelweiss? Do you think they play the Sound of Music movie there every hour on the hour? I MUST go to it

So we’re headed to hometowns next week: Bryan in Miami, Eric in Baltimore, Peter in Wisconsin and Dean in Aspen. How’s your Aspen? Do you think any of them stand a chance against Bryan? Maybe Peter, if he can guarantee Rachel that he won’t ditch her in the end. I don’t understand all the previews of him making her cry? Does that come later? We’ll have to see.

What did you all think?

Have a great week.


Stacey B (@OfficeStace)



  1. Post vacation blues are so tough! Hang in there. Sounds like it was a great get away. As always, I enjoyed & agreed with your comments. The eyelashes are way too much. She didn’t wear those with Nick did she? When Rachel’s with Bryan she absolutely glows compared to when she’s with anyone else. I’m curious to see how she handles the fantasy suites. I do see some chemistry with Peter but it’s not off the charts. I was feeling for Dean & Eric when they were talking about their family. The Matt good bye blew me away. Where did that come from??? I was rolling my eyes during the watch shopping. She bought the watch for Bryan like Corrine bought the designer clothes for Nick. I seriously doubt the long term success of any relationship that comes out of this but I’m hoping for the best. Rachel has certainly been interesting & a breath of fresh air. Thanks for recapping Stace! Hope you can keep some of those beach vibes with you all summer long!

  2. As always, thanks for your insights. I love pulling up your blog the day after.
    To answer 2 of your questions. The geyser during Dean’s date, was probably a fountain. In Fountain Hills, AZ, they have a fountain that shoots water several stories high. That’s what it reminded me of.

    Then the show did a great job of editing. Peter didn’t make Rachel cry. The shots of Rachel crying, was actually from when she sent Matt home. Peter was talking about making his ex girlfriend cry, when he was driving away. So while the previews made it seem like Peter made her cry, the incidents were unrelated.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your vacation.

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