Will He? Did The Bachelorette Just Send Home The Future First Black Bachelor?

I’m struggling to keep my eyes open right now. Long work day + Getting phone call that toddler refuses to participate in ballet class + My sister’s birthday + Close friend delivering her baby today + Realizing at 6:30 PM that I need to go get snack for toddler’s camp group tomorrow + 2 hours of Night 2 of a somewhat sleepy Bach season = I’ve had it.

Here’s all I’ve got to say about tonight and then please chime in with your own opinions:

  • I already miss Will. Yes, he may not have been as overly aggressive physically as some of her other men (read: Bryan’s eel tongue in Rachel’s mouth), but I found him old fashioned and charming. This was, after all, their FIRST one on one date. Yes they were in a romantic setting, but he seems like a gentleman. I honestly think he could have gotten to the physical intimacy if she gave him half a minute. Also, why didn’t she bring up her concerns earlier? Will’s a smart guy – I think he would have clarified his romantic / physical interest in Rachel and flipped the switch accordingly. I think she sent home one of the only guys who is really ready for a long term, serious relationship that could be based on mutual respect, friendship and love. He’s also ripe for being our next Bachelor. Good looking, tall, smart, extremely articulate and now he’s been heartbroken 2x.
  • I knew that Kenny’s eye cut had nothing to do with Lee. I still don’t understand why he left Rachel in the helicopter to go back and taunt Lee one more time. I wonder what Lee has to say for himself now and all the lies he told Rachel. Who cares, they’re both gone. I love Kenny’s daughter – she’s wise beyond her years. I’m glad Kenny went home to her.
  • Rachel’s date with Eric was magical. He had an entirely different personality than when he’s moping around the house. I just wonder who is the real Eric – enchanting, kid in a candy store, upbeat Eric? OR mopey, insecure, sad eyes Eric.  He’s the only remaining African American. Interesting.
  • The Russian is PERFECT for Bachelor in Paradise. I hope he makes it there.
  • Kudos to Rachel for basically calling Lee a BIG FAT LIAR. See, she figured it out on her own. Nobody needed to whisper in her ear. She once again shows great poise and judgment. (Not according to Josiah, but that guy had to go).
  • Denmark looks adorable. Is that where danishes come from? If you’re looking for something to do – check wikipedia: here
  • Rachel is so ga-ga for Peter and Bryan, it’s hard to actually take any of the other guys seriously. Like Adam? I feel like we can just fast forward to these two dudes and be done with it.
  • Viking date – not my thing but funny to watch Dean get labeled as a girly Viking. I could have predicted that. He’s so pretty.
  • I feel like there was a lot of filler on this date – Rachel crying, Kenny crying, Rachel pondering meaning in Shakespeare plays. Did she really know Hamlet’s “to thine own self be true” or did someone feed her that line. If it was hers, it’s impressive. Though I care to guess that nobody else there had any clue what she was talking about.

Ok, I’m done talking and thinking about Bach this week. I want to hear your thoughts.

Are you into this season? Is there anyone else besides Peter or Bryan that even have a chance? Are you sad about Will leaving like I am? Does he have any chance at being the show’s first Black Bachelor???


Stacey B (Instagram: @OfficeStace)




  1. I’m enjoying the season. It’s not as dramatic as other seasons but that’s because Rachel has her “schiznik” together. I’m still struggling to remember who’s who but I agree, Will should get a shot as the next Bachelor. I also agree, he was being a gentlemen which I appreciated. Thanks Stacey for always putting out a quality blog on The B each week.

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  2. My personal thought is that Will was just not feeling it. Perhaps he didn’t even know that. If you have to think about having those usually automatic reactions and responses then she is not the person for you. He might be fine as a bachelor but I wonder if he really has enough personality. I am definitely on board for Alex being on B in P!! He is so much fun. I was sad to see him go even though I knew he wasn’t the right fit for Rachel.

  3. Sarah WJ says:

    I already miss Alex! I love his crazy outfit choices. Too bad I am already married or else we could pick out some ridiculous outfits together. Maybe he could even teach me how to french braid my hair. If he is on Bachelor in Paradise, I hope that he brings Dean along so they can have more Viking fun.

    I am liking the physical competition dates this season. They’re fun and competitive without being too dangerous (minus the shield bashing), unlike some of the dates that we’ve seen in other seasons. Everyone seems to be having a genuinely good time.

    Already tagging Kenny’s daughter for the future Bachelorette. She was super sassy in the best of ways.

  4. Anonymous 4 says:

    Wow, Kenny’s a wonderful dad…now I’m really curious to know his back story!
    Eric is so vulnerable it’s touching but a little scary…I’m already worried about Rachel breaking his heart and how he’ll take it.
    Will seemed on such an intellectual par with Rachel and their backgrounds so similar. How did that happen that he’s sent home. Was he too intimidated by her?
    With the scenes at the end where she says she lets go to follow her emotions I’m sure that means she picks Bryan…but I just don’t think he really has anything to talk about.
    Oh well, the best thing this season is Rachel’s wardrobe and her grace ! At times she’s breathtaking and all the guys are so handsome. Why don’t we all get genes like that ???

    Ballet class ? That’s a LOT of concentration & discipline. Give her some slack ! And get some sleep !

    AND THANKS for writing.


  5. Susan Curry says:

    Will was a man! Some of the remaining “candidates” are just boys. Maybe he was a little camera shy and would make a good Bachelor next time around.

  6. I just binge watched the last 5 episodes of the season because I was literally in Denmark. Imagine my utter surprise when I saw them touring around Denmark. We went to Tivoli and the canal tour and I was thinking I could have been sitting right where Rachel and Eric were sitting and I didn’t even know it. Denmark was truly magical and I miss it already. It was fun to see it on this episode. I agree that Eric was a whole new person. I really liked him this episode.

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