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It’s a rare moment of peace in the Stacey B household. 7:20 AM and The Husband is still asleep. Ellie is still asleep. I’ve been up for 90 minutes, packing frantically as we’re leaving for Amish Country in a few hours.

How have you been, Bachelor Friends? It’s been a VERY long winter/spring waiting for the new season, right? Quick updates for us: The Husband turned 40, I turned 40 and Ellie turned 3. Not sure how this happened. You know you’re 40 when your packing list for the weekend includes Advil, vitamins, antibiotics, wrinkle cream, really high SPF, chemical free sunblock, not an ounce of a high heel, allergy meds, Gas-X tabs (I look forward to dropping Gas-X by slipping a tab on my tongue after an insanely heavy meal and feeling it dissolve) and for when I feel like “dressing up” – Lululemon leggings. Sigh. Ellie’s life is far more interesting these days – but more on her later. We’ve got mega Bach gossip to cover.

So for anyone who has been living in a cave for the last several months, the biggest news was that former Bachelor Chris Soules got arrested for leaving the scene of a fatal car crash. He was later charged with felony and has plead “not guilty.” His charge carries up to 5 years in prison. Sounds like there may have been some alcohol involved (because what else are you doing in Iowa in a town of 17 people at that late hour?). Latest update is here:  http://people.com/crime/chris-soules-pleads-not-guilty-to-leaving-scene-of-fatal-crash/

There was a giant People magazine spread about former Bachelorettes and their very cute babies. Everyone looks exhausted, especially Emily Maynard, but what can you expect? I just wish they’d have shown them how new motherhood really looks – like first thing in the morning when you haven’t slept all night and that kid is crying AGAIN and you can’t figure out why and your makeup from the previous day is smeared all over your eyes, but you don’t care because you’re just proud that you had time to put on make-up to begin with. If you haven’t had time to check out the article – you can find it here.

There’s also been some mega break-ups. I was at work the other day and got a “OMG” text from my friend Neha who is very pregnant these days. I was certain she was going into labor or had some insane, life-changing news to reveal. She did. Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are DONE-ZO! Finished. Game Over. Given, I don’t think anyone is shocked at this news – if you watched their painful interactions on their reality show, it was obvious that they weren’t exactly the best fit. She’s a walking beauty queen who wants to get married and have kids (or maybe be a celebrity blogger and go to pretty islands and wear pretty bikinis?). She did go on the show to find someone to marry. Ben seemed to have gotten cold feet. Anyhow – this is very exciting news because it means he’s back on the market. Perhaps Ben 2.0 could be upon us with a little campaigning. He’s got to be better than Brad Womack 2.0’s season, right? My sister is excited about this. I’m excited about this. I’m wondering if JoJo is just laughing her ass off somewhere down in Texas. JoJo and Jordan are still all smiles on their social media accounts. I love JoJo so just want her to be happy, but wouldn’t you all kind of LOVE to see a little JoJo / Ben reunion??

Other breakups – just this week, Becca the Virgin Tilley and Robert Graham also split. This is also not surprising since she’s a virgin who travels the world taking the most sexual bikini photos of herself and then still wants to be a virgin. Good for her. I’m guessing their time apart weighed on their relationship – but not more than her desire to remain a virgin. Read more here. Also, some press outlets are saying this is yet “another split for Bachelor Nation,” but if you know your Bach facts, you’ll also know that these two didn’t actually meet during a season of the show. They met in Bachelor La La Land – where all the former contestants hang out in random places with good lighting and take selfies. And the rest is history. Literally – they’re done.

In case you’re wondering – Nick Viall and Vanessa seem to be going strong. Nick finished his time on Dancing with the Stars and they seem to be traveling a bunch. But still together and okay for the moment. Good for them.

Did I miss anything big, Bachelor Fans? Let me know!

Ok, so now we’re just a couple days away from our first African American Bachelorette season. The show has done all sorts of crazy things to promote this season – teasing us with a couple of the contestants at Nick’s Finale show. Revealing more contestants during a live Facebook event. This took place during the weekday, so unfortunately, I was at work and had to miss it. Did anyone watch? Was it good? I think Ellen DeGeneres even had a group date for Rachel take place on her show?? I’m not sure whether all these tricks and leaks are actually going to help or hurt – what’s left in terms of surprises for the actual show?

And then this morning they already told us how Rachel ends up. It was pretty widely blasted, but I won’t ruin it for you if you don’t want to know – this is a no spoiler blog after all.

Anyhow, until Monday night, Bach Fans, I hope you all enjoy the nice spring weather this weekend. I’ll be out picking strawberries and doing buggy rides this weekend. If I don’t immediately join the Amish community, I’ll be back to blog on Monday.


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  1. Gail Mullen says:

    Hi Stacy! So excited for tonight’s Bachelorette premier. I read how it ends up, so I won’t say anything either! I can’t believe the news about Chris being arrested, crazy. I was NOT surprised however by the split of Ben & Lauren. Did you watch their Disney Weddings show? They hosted it and it was SO incredibly awkward to watch. And then a few days later they announced the split. Anyway I look forward to reading your blogs throughout this upcoming season! Hope your trip to Amish country was fun!

    • I’m excited too, Gail. Amish country was the best! If you haven’t been, I highly recommend. I didn’t watch their disney weddings show. It just seemed very awkward considering they were having their own troubles about moving forward with wedding plans. Anyhow, excited for this season!

  2. Gregory DuVall says:

    Don’t forget the Becca and Robert break-up!

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