Nick Goes Canadian on Bachelor Finale, Rachel the Bachelorette Meets Her First 4 Men

Happy Finale Night, Bachelor Fans!

There have been some very exciting developments apart from tonight’s show:

(1) My daughter, Ellie, turned THREE on Friday. It has been non-stop partying, pizza and cake eating and I’ve gained 10 lbs and am exhausted. I’ve also become a cake master – check out my photos on my Instagram account.

(2) Today is my 7th wedding anniversary with The Husband. SEVEN. I can’t believe how fast that went. And I’m feeling the romance as we’ve ordered in Chinese food and are watching 3 hours of The Bachelor and couldn’t be happier. The Husband will soon be in tears of joy (just calling out the truth) for whomever the winner is. Or maybe he’ll be watching hockey on his phone and be crying over that. Hard to tell.

(3) Something amazing happened on Thursday night. I was home alone, baking birthday cakes so hard, when a mysterious California phone number lit up my cell phone. It was The Husband’s best friend from growing up (let’s call him Chase). So Chase lives in Los Angeles and says to me, “You’re never going to believe who I’m having lunch with right now.” Moments later, I, Stacey B, am chatting away with Whitney, the 25 year old Minnesota – tall, beautiful brunette pilates instructor from Nick Viall’s season! We didn’t get to hear much from Whitney during the season, but in the brief time I spoke to her, she was absolutely lovely – sweet, gracious and appreciated my complete Bach fan girl moment. I should also mention, that I was mid-worst cold of all time, so I sounded like the combination of a groaning 87 year old man and a dying goat. Hard to make that sound pleasant, sane and intriguing to a current Bachelor contestant, but Whitney didn’t seem to mind. She wished me a happy anniversary and gave me a few inside tips on the show, which I was sworn to secrecy on. I learned that Whitney was best friends in the house with current Bachelorette Rachel, so I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of Whitney on the series. Chase had told Whitney about my blog and she said she’d check it out.

So Whitney, if you’re reading this, who are we inviting to Rachel’s premiere party in NYC at my apartment? We only have about 2 months until the premiere, so time to start planning :)  Chase, you’re welcome too. Thank you both for making my night! I will bake a giant Rachel bachelorette cake for the occasion.

Ok, so now to the main event…

Every ounce of this episode just screamed to me that he should choose Raven. I mean, their love was easy. That doesn’t make it simple or boring or too good to be true. The type of laughter, mutual respect, communication and honesty that I saw in their relationship are the true skills needed to last in the real world. I was heartbroken for Raven that she had to go through that entire experience only to have to hear from Nick that he wasn’t in love with her. It just didn’t feel right. He certainly seemed in love with her on that ice skating rink in Finland. Especially after having such an intense night of convincing Vanessa to hang in there. There was zero drama with Raven. And yet they seemed to have that passion every time he would lay her down on the ground to make out with her. She certainly did NOT feel like friend material then. Also, what about that orgasm? Nick always was happy, upbeat and incredibly playful with Raven. What’s not to be in love with about being his best self? With Raven, we see Nick taking more of the lead, like he’s courting a young, impressionable small town lady. With Vanessa, Nick is mentally challenged at every turn. He’s met his match and then some. Every sentence he said, every look he gives her – she gives it back to him and questions it from every angle. She’s no wallflower. What’s the opposite of a wallflower? It seemed absolutely exhausting. And yes, I can clearly see passion between them too, is it sustainable with so many questions still looming in the air?

So here’s what I loved this episode:

  • Everything about Finland and the final dates that they went on. This may have been my favorite final week locale EVER on this show. I loved the home Nick’s family was staying in, the little Santa Clause hut where Santa was chillin’, all the beautiful snowy backdrops for horseback riding, the reindeer just chillin’ in front of the main building where all of the events were going on, the puppy huskies (please tell me Raven got to take one of them home to comfort her), the ice skating rink, all of the quaint fires, candles, opportunity to wear knee high snow boots and cozy parkas, frizz free gorgeous hair from both of the final ladies and sled rides.
  • Nick’s family. I mean, this is our 5th time meeting them (once with Andi’s season, twice with Kaitlyn’s season and 3x this season). Bella is starting to feel like my own little sister. I think Nick’s mother either has pink eye or is going to need a major vacation from all the tearful stressing she’s done over her son’s love life these last several years. I do feel for her. That moment when Nick’s father cried with Vanessa, we knew she was a shoe-in, even if they were only showing us all the negative scenes of her questioning her relationship.
  • Raven’s hair in the finale and then again on the After the Final Rose – how on earth does she keep it so smooth and shiny and tangle free? She has a future in shampoo commercials if Bachelor in Paradise doesn’t work out.
  • Raven’s revenge dress (and hair) on After the Final Rose. It was just screaming, “You obviously picked the wrong girl. Look at what you’re missing out on and how easy and happy your life would have been with me and this do-me dress.”
  • Nick and Vanessa’s proposal. Not a dry eye in the house around here. I mean, they’ve got a long road ahead of them, but how can you not root for them to work it out? There’s clearly a passion and love there – but can they make it work? Time will tell.
  • Seeing Rachel own her new role as Bachelorette. She’s going to be great. Smart, sweet and beautiful.

Here are the remaining questions that I still have from watching this:

  • Did anyone else think Santa was going to set his coat on fire by walking by that gigantic fire in that tiny hut?
  • Is Bella wondering what the hell is wrong with her brother? What does she think of Vanessa versus her best friend Raven?
  • Did Raven and Nick have any actual music during the ice skating portion of their date? Because Nick was busting out all sorts of dance moves and if there wasn’t music, is that just strange or just his body’s way of realizing it’s not in love?
  • Did Nick sleep with Rachel and Raven and Vanessa on the fantasy suite overnight dates? If so, how is Vanessa handling that information?
  • Was Raven ever a consideration to be the next Bachelorette? Feel like she’s too classy to be on Bachelor in Paradise? Or maybe she’ll be like Jade and find one good guy and end up engaged there?
  • Was beginning The Bachelorette’s season on tonight’s After the Final Rose really the most shocking thing that’s ever happened on the show? I mean, it was creative and new and kind of fun to get a preview, but most shocking ever? I still think Jason Mesnick’s switcheroo on his after the final rose was most shocking. Or perhaps Juan Pablo being unwilling to admit that he loved Nikki Farrell, the girl he chose.
  • Did anyone else think they were going to announce that Nick and Vanessa actually broke up and he was pulling a Mesnick (i.e., he wanted to pursue Raven instead?). What about announcing that Vanessa was prego? I mean, both of these things would be more shocking than Rachel starting her season, right?
  • Where the hell in the US are Nick and Vanessa going to live to start their life? How is this life going to start if Nick is in rehearsal all day in LA with Dancing with the Stars? I can’t see someone like Vanessa being satisfied with just sitting on the sidelines with a smile on her face. She’ll grow bored in 2 minutes. What will she do to occupy herself? What happens when Nick is amongst all these celebrities and hot dancers on the show? Will he remember that he’s off the market?
  • What will Vanessa’s students do without her coming back? What about Sunday lunches with her family? Maybe she really is more willing to compromise than was let on during the show.
  • Is Vanessa taking Nick’s last name and agreeing to be called “Mrs Viall (Vile)” for the rest of her life?

So the good news if you’re a Nick and Vanessa fan, is that a lot of their struggles have been based on the process of Nick being the Bachelor (there being other women, Nick not being able to fully commit to Vanessa when she wanted him to, etc.). Other problems were them both having to be holed up together and never being able to be out in public. So now they can be seen together and Nick can finally move forward with Vanessa instead of dwelling on his past heartbreak and current role as Bachelor. That may actually give them a chance. Especially if they’ve made it this far and are good communicators.

Ok, eyes are closing. I need to go love on The Husband even though he wants nothing to do with me until my cold goes away completely. Also, we’re expecting Snowmageddon tomorrow in New York City (12-24 inches being predicted), so time to turn the heat on.

It’s been an amazing season with all of you, Bachelor Fans. I hope you’ll come back to check in on me or follow me on Instagram (@OfficeStace). See if Whitney agrees to a Premiere party. I mean, it’s not that far away. I’ll miss hearing from you and your thoughtful, witty, funny comments. Can’t wait to hear more of them about this finale and all that comes up next season.

So what do you think? Are you happy for Nick and Vanessa? Were you cheering for them or couldn’t care less? Did you feel bad for Raven or did she dodge a bullet? Do you think she had an orgasm? What did you think of Vanessa’s first 4 dudes and are you excited for her season?

Til next time, Friends!


Stacey B




  1. I’m flying in to JFK tomorrow night. It’s a red eye and we are scheduled to get there at 6:00 A.M. Do you think that my flight will still be on? How long does it take to recover from a snowmageddon? I’m so excited. I have never been to New York and the New England area. Hope the storm doesn’t crash my party.

    I knew from the zero gravity date that Vanessa was the one. I felt heartbroken for Raven because they just seemed so care free and happy. I am wondering if they didn’t show more of Nick and Vanessa’s carefree and happy moments because it would have been too obvious. It would be nice if they would just show us the love story, even if it is obvious. That way we can be more invested in the relationship when it happens.

  2. Mixed feelings. I couldn’t stand Nick when this thing started, and didn’t care if he “found love” or not. I’ve warmed up to him a little, but still don’t see what the fuss is about. I think he’s more interested in a Hollywood career than anything else. I have to question him jumping into DWTS and all the time it will take for practicing and filming that show, when he should be getting to know Vanessa. I can’t imagine she’s going to be thrilled about being #2 again for a while, when she’s trying to figure out how to make it work. But, it’s their lives and it doesn’t change mine any, so my opinion is just that – my opinion. Which means nothing. Good luck to both of them and I hope they find what they’re looking for, whichever way the journey takes them.

    • One more thought…. are there no people in Lapland, Finland? Hmmmmm….

      • Yes, there’s a few—they play darts—LOL

        • :) Thank God!! I had forgotten about those few, figured they were just “production” staff! Another thought I had, why did Nick walk Raven out WITHOUT HER DANG COAT??? Jeez, did the cold freeze their brains or something? And was that her coat still hanging there when Vanessa arrived? I read someone said it was Nick’s, but his wasn’t hanging there when Raven arrived…. this has been bugging me since Monday night. I want answers, and I want them NOW!! (sarcastic font — I’ve been reading too much social media lately and some of the asinine statements from seemingly educated people with no intelligence. LOL)

  3. Thank God this season is over. To me this was one of the most disappointing seasons “EVER”. Although… I did love any scene with Corrine in it! But I’m with Katbyrd… what’s so great about Nick? (Sorry Nick!) I think Raven dodged a bullet. I would have liked to have seen Raven as the new Bachelorette but I think Rachel will be fine too. To me, the proposal was awkward and flat. I did not see this “great love” between them. It was like he was just going through the motions so as not to embarrass himself one more time. Then when Nick & Vanessa met on stage for the After The Final Rose… I thought… oh no, there’s no way this is going to last. There was no spark in their eyes for each other – to me anyways. Hey ABC, I’m thinking I’d rather just see trashy Bachelor in Paradise each time and every time. BiP is way more fun. Thanks Stacey for all your time and effort into putting together your great Bachelor blog each week. I enjoy every word you write.

  4. Anonymous 4 says:

    Hey Stacey

    Nick was bound to choose the difficult, demanding, beautiful & intelligent Vanessa who will make life (heaven &) hell for him. Why would he not choose what we all could see was an easy, uncomplicated life with a charming, devoted partner like Raven? Not really Nick’s type…not challenging enough?

    Given Nick’s past he seems to be taking his chances on Vanessa. She’s so much in her head it wasn’t much fun seeing them together. Is she ever happy for longer than 2 minutes (sorry Vanessa but that’s the edit we got). He better take good care of her, spoil her or she’ll be out the door pretty quickly.
    Hope it works out for them.

    Is your place big enough for a Bachelorette viewing party??? Can we all come?!

    Hope your anniversary with the Husband was sweet.


  5. Ann Onymous says:

    Wow, Stace! Have you considered exchanging law for psychology? You nailed it from “Line one” >>>>”Til next time, Friends”!

    Loved your Viall/Vile, my thought the minute Chris introduced him! BINGO!!!!! From his past performances on a zillion “give me the spotlight” venues, I did NOT watch one Viall/Vile episode until the finale!

    You say Raven is too classy for Bachelor/Paradise (couldn’t agree more!) . . . but she’s is too classy for Nick ‘Vile’ as well! Should he have chosen Raven, in time I suspect she would have been injured by his massive ego! Her stoicism could have hidden an amassed “whew”!

    In making his choice the demanding/exhausting Vanessa, I actually think he and Vanessa may be a perfect match!

    I too loved
    Finland . . . oh my goodness! SOOOO beautiful!

    Happy Birthday, Ellie! You take the cake!

  6. Ok, first of all we all know that they edit out so much. That being said I truly believe the love story between Nick and Vanessa was just as easy and playful as it was with Raven, but they chose not to let us see it. It’s the same thing every season, as loyal bachelor/bachelorette fans you should all know this already. I personally like Nick. I think he’s a good guy and I think it’s brilliant how he’s managed to capitalize on the Bachelor franchise to help his love life. Good for him. I hope they do last because every one deserves love. Just my 2 cents.

  7. Hey Stace,
    Well, we made it! Not sure how much of a fun ride it was, but what can you do? I do think there was some heavy editing going on to make Vanessa look not as fun/easy going as Raven. Let’s hope they are able to have some lighthearted moments too! I appreciated her honesty on ATFR, in regards to how things have been hard, and not all rainbows and butterflies. Chris Harrison was getting on my nerves – maybe it was him saying “stoic” several times that did it.

    It’s hard to believe the Bachelorette is premiering three days before my due date! It will be good to have something mindless to watch during those first few weeks (I hear they’re really hard, at least that’s what people keep warning me about!)

    All the best,

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