Bachelor Nick Gets Grilled at Hometown Dates

It’s been a VERY long Monday, Bachelor Fans. Was this an actual federal holiday? It certainly didn’t feel like it at 7 AM when we woke up and declared it Day 1 of potty training for our almost 3 year old daughter. This was our second attempt at potty training since several months ago. We’ve got a stubborn little girl who screams bloody murder at the mere suggestion that she use the potty. Like we’re insulting her by proposing it as an option. She was going consistently for months before her bath about a year ago and then as soon as we tried switching her to the “big” potty, that was it. Never again. Today, there was a lot of screaming, tears, accidents and threats. And then my mother FaceTimed us and told us not to bother. That maybe she wasn’t ready. That there was no sense in torturing her. That was at 5 PM after literal hours of hell. I looked at Ellie who looked absolutely miserable from being forced to sit on a potty all day and had literally hid under our dining room table from The Husband and me to avoid going and wondered what the heck I was doing to her.

I immediately ceased the potty training, the screaming, the declarations that she had to go potty “or else,” and gave it a rest. We put on our shoes and went outside to walk to our local drug store to buy children’s bubble bath that Ellie picked out. Then we hit up Starbucks and the grocery store to pick out Dino-shaped chicken nuggets. I apologized to Ellie for screaming at her all day. I explained that I had been frustrated but that I was wrong to push her. I told her that when she was ready to use that potty, I would be there to help her. That she didn’t have to go just because everyone else was going. That it was ok to do it at her own pace. I’m already feeling a lot better and so is Ellie as she had the best bubble bath of all time. She decorated my face with bubble beards and our entire bathroom wall was covered in suds, but it was the happiest point of our weekend. Ok, back to Bachelor…

I can’t believe we’ve still got multiple weeks left of Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor. Perhaps it’s because we’ve seen Nick on three previous season of this show or maybe it’s just the lack of any serious drama this season, but this has felt like a verrrry long season already. That said, the 4 remaining women could not be more different.

It’s really annoying watching Hometowns with the knowledge that one of these women is no longer in the running. I still HATE that ABC disrespected its fans to the point of releasing premature information about the next Bachelorette. Any interactions between this woman and Nick now seem like a waste of our time. Even wondering what went wrong between them seems pointless. And what’s so annoying is that their connection seems so effortless. Actually out of all the hometown dates I’d say they had arguably the best one.

So Hoxie, Mississippi seems a lot more fun with a friend like Raven around. Going muddin’ and climbing up grain containers might seem uninteresting but Raven somehow makes them charming, particularly when her brother plays a prank on their grain time. Her physical chemistry with Nick is probably the most palpable of the remaining 4. You could feel the love between Raven and her parents, particularly when he revealed his heart-warming cancer-free news. Even Nick teared up witnessing all of this. They had a picture perfect hometown date and I’m not sure why Raven regrets not telling Nick that she loves him – because she did tell him that. Remember when she let it slip a few episodes back? She was referencing her time with Nick in his hometown and how “that was the moment I fell in love with you.” So it’s not like he’s oblivious to her feelings. Still think Raven’s trip to Nick’s hometown puts in her in a much different state than the rest of the remaining women – he’s actually seen how well she got along with his family and little sister, Bella.

Rachel’s hometown date was both eye-opening and engaging on a number of different levels. Her family kept grilling him about whether he had ever dated another Black woman. Funny, I was thinking the same thing about Rachel – has she ever dated non-Black men?  They almost never discuss religion, politics or race on the show, but two of the three were discussed on this date. I’m not sure how Nick felt about being taken to a Black church – it looked like a very warm and welcoming community. Is this something that Nick sees as being part of his life? Would he feel comfortable joining an all-Black church if they end up settling down in Dallas? Have they had those conversations about where they would live? Rachel sounds like she has a legal career down in Dallas. For her to move elsewhere could require her to take the state bar of wherever she settles down.

Side note: Rachel’s younger sister, Heather, looked like she could have been a twin sister. I really liked Rachel’s smart mother (asking about red flags) and her older sister. Interesting that her older sister had married a Caucasian man – it sounds like they’ve had to face some real societal criticism of their interracial relationship. If Nick hasn’t been in an interracial relationship that was serious before, it might be hard for him to anticipate what kind of effect that might have on his relationship with Rachel.

I thought there was a repeated concern for at least half of these families regarding – what are Nick’s long term intentions professionally? It didn’t seem like anyone had had these discussions with Nick yet. Kind of scary as they are on hometowns. Not surprising for Corinne who hadn’t yet had a one-on-one date with Nick at this point. But seriously, what will Nick be doing after the show is over? Besides promoting Hello Fresh, sunglasses, teeth whitening and tea blends on his social media like every other Bachelor cast member? Because I think about what his life with Corinne would be like and have to cringe.

On the one hand, Corinne lives in a crazy fantasy world. She’s completely out of touch with reality. Can’t seem to have any sort of a deep conversation and yet, seems to still be living the lifestyle of a wealthy high school student. Comparing her “typical day” with Vanessa’s day is borderline laughable. And yet, is it bad to go shopping all day and spend $3000 on an outfit before drinking expensive whiskey with your father-in-law at your luxury Miami condo? It can’t be all that bad. Corinne wants to be his Sugar Momma and wouldn’t mind being the breadwinner. Nick could have a very easy going kind of life. He could even hire Raquel to help out with their future kids. I loved Nick’s comment about him being more of a bargain shopper.

I’ve got to hand it to Nick in being able to blend in to each of these very different ladies’ families and remain invested enough to ask each of their parents for permission to marry their respective daughters should they get to that point.

Then there was Vanessa’s hometown. Holy intense. It’s not just that Vanessa is a prolific, assertive, animated, sensitive human being of epic proportions. She’s on a different level than Nick altogether. It just seems like a Martian trying to date an Earthling. They’re in two different countries with two entirely different lifestyles. I think Nick is used to the big family thing with Vanessa’s mother’s side. But I don’t think he was used to the tough scrutiny her father put him under. I laughed out loud when the father asked whether he had asked the other women’s families the same question. Nick squirmed through that one! But ultimately, he seemed to get the ok from her dad. Though at that point it wasn’t clear if he wanted it. It was clear that him and Vanessa had not even talked about where they would end up if things worked out between them. I’d think this would be a pretty important talk to have considering they live in different countries and do entirely different things.

Vanessa just seems very Type A and assertive as everyone in her family was. I left their date feeling like she is an emotional cannon ball. So now she knows that he’s asking permission of all the other families too and her boyfriend has 3 other serious girlfriends. That is just not going to fly with someone like Vanessa. It could destroy her altogether.

So next week we’ve got to see what Obnoxious Annoying Andi has to say to try and prolong her 15 minutes of fame. Who needs her? The ratings, is my guess? Might as well have Kaitlyn show up too just to keep it interesting.

Ok, it’s late and we’ve got a long shorter week ahead of us. Will leave you with some side comments:

  • Corinne had alcohol at almost every point of her date with Nick from the champagne during shopping to the red wine she drank in bed with her dad while having a heart to heart. It’s really hard to figure out if she’s drunk or really serious about coming on this show to find love;
  • Loved watching Nick tear up when he saw Vanessa’s students’ reaction to seeing her. They really love her – she is like a hometown celebrity. She kind of had the feel of when the American Idol contestants go back to their hometowns and get treated like celebs.
  • I am sure there is some kind of rule about a federal judge not wanting to be on The Bachelor which is why we didn’t get to meet Rachel’s dad. Too bad because that would have been an AWESOME convo of him SCHOOLING Nick.
  • I wonder why Rachel didn’t show Nick anything about her job? No visits to her law firm?
  • Does Corinne live at home with her parents AND work with them? Talk about red flags. At least the Scotch will always be good.
  • Nick will use any excuse to take his shirt off. His Hoxie mud wrestling with Raven looked fun.

Anyone have a favorite at this point? I just can’t see him lasting with anyone other than maybe Raven…



  1. Albert Giesbrecht says:

    I’m in love with Corrienne, she can buy me $3000 outfits all day, bless her heart!

  2. SusieQ from Philly says:

    Only Raven at this point. Also, next week’s show is only one hour (?)…unless it continues on to Tuesday.

    I agree that there has been little depth in conversations that we have seen.

    Corrine is AMAZING! Is she for real? Even my husband is fascinated.

    Lastly: my son was 3 1/2 when we went to the store, had him pick out “big boy underpants” and I told him that I would not be changing his diapers. He could put them on himself but I wasn’t doing it anymore. We had one day of upset and then it was over. Other than that, I wouldn’t mention it to Ellie any more. Other people would tell me, “he’ll definitely be out of diapers by 23.” Hmm. No comfort in that!

  3. My older child has Asperger’s and finished potty training at 5 1/2. I feared he would go to college packing pull-ups. Potty training is the most difficult thing for the toddler set. Don’t be hard on yourself: She will do it when she does it; I tried “forcing” him to potty train when he was 4 1/2 and had I continued, would have had to think about medication (for me).

    As far as The Bachelor, the hometown dates were one of the more interesting episodes in an otherwise dreary season. I hope ABC learns to listen to their fan base when choosing next time.

  4. No comments on the Bachelor except to say yes – why do we need Andi Dorkman to come back – as you said for her 15 minutes of fame. She’s an idiot.

    Regarding potty training. Ellie will get to the point where she wants to do it. In the mean time, I wouldn’t push it but I would also start buying cute little girl underwear etc… That’s what we did with my son. And he was potty trained in no time. However, at 8 1/2 he still struggles at night time and wears pull-ups and it is what it is. He’s a brilliant, well rounded little boy who excels in sports and is a sweet kid. Don’t let this issue worry you one bit. Some kids just take longer. My friend’s son was a bed wetter until age 12 so I’m not even worried about my son still needing to wear pull-ups.

    • Cloi B, you just made me crack up with your opinion of Andi “Dorkman.” Thank you for that.

      Ellie has every type of girl underwear that exists. Frozen, Bubble Guppies, DocMcStuffins. And yes, we told her she couldn’t wear them until she uses the potty consistently. And her answer to that is, “Ok, Mommy. Then I won’t wear them. I want diapers.” She was looking at underwear in Macy’s over the weekend and I reminded her – “If you want panties, you will use the potty.” She said, “Ok, Mommy, no panties then. Let’s keep going.”

  5. I remember clearly the weekend I declared we would potty train our twin boys. It was one of the worst days of my life…notice the “weekend” lasted a DAY. They cried and carried on and peed everywhere and refused to poop. (Sorry, TMI!) I cried and carried on too…and realized this was not normal. Everyone was right…they would eventually be ready and it would not be a battle. My advice is to just let it happen. It will.
    As for Nick, I like Raven the best, but they seem to be from different worlds. I think Corrine’s family was scary. And why did Raquel question him, but not the mom? That was odd.
    I cannot wait to see how this turns out. I can’t see him long term with any of them! I have managed to avoid who the next Bachelorette official is, although I really think I know. That ruins the whole experience for me.

  6. Chris Harrison: “Tune in next week for the most un-dramatic rose ceremony on the most boring season ever on the Bachelor!!”

  7. Hi Stacey! I wanted to chim in and say that the whole Corrine thing is very odd. The fact that its weird that Raquel is her live in nanny somehow got swept under the rug by the producers who are obviously trying to push the fact that she is more like a mother figure than a nanny. I highly doubt that a family like that who congratulates their daughter for spending 3.000 on a normal day at the mall would ever invite their nanny to have dinner with them every night. This seemed clearly forced for the show. I think the producers are trying really hard to make Corrine look better on camera. I don’t doubt she loves and respects Raquel but it almost felt like a borderline feudal relationship she has with this woman. I agree with you that it was a shocking contrast from a day in the life of Corrine to a day in Vanessa’s life. I haven’t looked up who the next bachelorette will be but I think I can guess!

  8. Can I just add my .02 that this truly is the biggest snooze fest and waterworks I’ve ever seen? Who has cried more than Nick on ANY bachelor or bachelorette program? I think he wins the award of being the “Most Expressive”.

    I know Vanessa’s hometown date was supposed to end on a cliffhanger, but I honestly missed the last half hour of the show since I fell asleep, so I didn’t see him getting questioned by her family and never saw the dad. This season has had the same effect on me as watching the Sprout channel with my grandkids!

    In both Chris Harrison’s blog and Nick’s blog today, they referenced that Nick DID speak with Rachel’s father but since he is a sitting Federal Judge, he was prohibited from appearing on camera. Assuming that will apply during Rachel’s bachelorette season. Won’t it be interesting if she brings home several white guys for her family to grill about their experience in dating a black woman. While I appreciate that we are in troublesome racial times that are getting worse *sigh*, it seemed like a step backwards. It clearly wasn’t a concern for NICK and RACHEL that they had different skin colors…wouldn’t it be nice if EVERYONE just saw a couple that was crazy about each other?

    Corinne….am I the only person that noticed while the family was gushing about Raquel being “part of the family”…she was the only one there who apparently cooked the meal, served the meal and cleaned up the meal? If she was TRULY family….she would have been catered to like the rest of them. Not sure why everyone thinks this family was fabulous…my opinion was complete opposite! Only a self-absorbed empty headed materialistic insecure person would think the perfect day to spend with a potential boyfriend is to show him how you spend your time was shopping spree. Seeing Vanessa’s hometown date immediately after just made it even more shallow and empty.

    My picks on the hometown dates were Raven (she is the perfect combo of sweet and spunk while being grounded with decency) and Vanessa, who clearly pours her whole heart and soul into EVERYTHING she touches. I did have to wonder if her family had ever watched the show, since they seemed shocked they were moving this fast without having the serious questions about logistics and life after he final rose, and Vanessa just clued in that he’s dating 3 other women that he likes A LOT!

    I think it’s really between Raven and Vanessa…both whom seem to be lovely, balanced, hardworking, smart and beautiful women. My pick for Nick is Raven….things with Vanessa seem almost hard to make work at this point…and Corinne…well that still will make me wonder if he’s just looking for a sugar momma or a quick hookup.

    The whole Andi crap is annoying. C’mon ABC…cut her loose already, or bring her on Bachelor in Paradise if you feel like the world needs to see more of her.

    Good luck with the potty training….time is on your side….it WILL happen! Just stay cool and hang in there. :)

  9. The MAIN thing that interested me last night was how they cooked the okra in Dallas (if Rachel called it “nasty” it must have been stewed) – and why they didn’t show Nick trying it. It’s gotta be fried – and then it is fabulous! I am usually fascinated by the many meals that are never eaten on this show.

    All I can say is thank heavens for the DVR. Couldn’t take much more of the awkward conversation with Rachel’s dad and, honestly, Nick talking to anyone!

  10. After viewing this episode I was talking to my friends about how we just don’t care about Nick as we are sure it isn’t going to work no matter who he selects we got talking about why Nick was even there. I believe that Luke was supposed to be The Bachelor and something went bad right before the announcement. Nick was panting in the background and voila ! Regarding Vanessa, you have to remember that the culture in Quebec is quite different from the rest of Canada and the US. The people there tend to be quite outspoken and of strong character. So the way she is seems natural to me.

    Regarding Ellie, yes, the right time will come eventually. It is usually the most unexpected thing that flips their switch. I will point out though that the personality she is exhibiting is her and it sounds like she will be very strong willed and adverse to change! Have fun Mom :-)

  11. anonymous 4 says:

    Hi Stace,

    I have heard that once a child can crawl DOWN stairs on their own they can control their bladder. I have a friend that put her kids on the potty much younger (18 months?) never being a constraint or obligation. They enjoyed the potty & the praise. Can’t say why she knew that but it worked for her kids.

    Vanessa is great & intellectually challenges Nick. However she has a very serious side & doesn’t seem to be as fun as Raven or Corinne. He seems to like adventure and letting loose. He’s genuine & a good communicator but really quite introverted. He likes to have an alpha female that challenges him & makes him laugh. And thank goodness Corinne kept it entertaining.

    Has he had a real spark with anyone??? probably not. Quite the opposite from last season with Ben falling for his last TWO.


  12. Hi Stace,
    Last week my husband and I (and pooch) drove to Palm Springs for our babymoon. We stopped at Shake Shack in Glendale, and when I was sitting outside you will never guess who I spotted… none other than Nick himself! He was leaving with two friends and unfortunately walked the other direction, otherwise I would have said something! He is actually pretty good looking in person, and quite slim. It was a fun moment! I’m sad my husband was in the bathroom and missed him! I wonder if he has relocated to LA? I’m slightly embarrassed to admit I was a bit star-struck…

    I am curious as to why tonight’s episode is an hour. Are they having trouble filling the time? I am having a hard time seeing him with anyone at this point, especially after Vanessa’s hometown. I imagine it would be hard for her to leave her job and family. I can’t believe they haven’t discussed this already??


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