The Battle of the Wits Takes Over New Orleans on The Bachelor

Guys, it’s been one of those days. I have a headache. Work is stressing me out in all directions. It’s long days and short sleeps. I need a vacation. Or maybe I need to slip into the Bachelor world and lose myself for a few weeks. I mean, what does Nick Viall do for a living that he can just disappear for 4 separate Bachelor productions? Does he have someone else paying his bills? I’m sure he got paid to be Bachelor, but how much did he get paid to be on all his previous seasons? I’m actually jealous of Nick. He’s figured out how to make it work and he doesn’t seem stressed at all. I’m stressed. UGH.

Also, the Husband and I managed to accomplish the actual dumbest thing we’ve ever done together as a couple. Ready for it? I only reveal this so you can avoid repeating this in your own lives: Ellie’s school is having an auction this week. We won’t be attending since work is absolutely insane for me these days. Anyhow, you can still participate in the auction online and bid on items. Yesterday, the bidding began. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I was in an all day meeting yesterday and received an email that the auction was open for bidding. I immediately went into the website for the auction and put bids on a Disney on Ice show and Bruno Mars concert tickets. Then I sent a quick text to the Husband saying, “Bid on Disney on Ice and Bruno Mars.” A few minutes later, I get emailed that I was outbid for both events. Well then, I went back in and bid higher. But then I got outbid again.

An hour later, my husband sends me a text that I should “stop bidding!” because the head of Ellie’s school called to say that The Husband and me are actually bidding against each other online. Like full on driving up the cost of the events we want because we’re the two biggest morons who ever participated in an online auction.

Don’t be like us.

So I’ve had 24 hours to understand what the F Taylor was talking about with “emotional intelligence.” I think Nick summarized it best in his blog today:

“When you strip it down, it became clear that Taylor believed Corinne lacked the emotional maturity to get married or really to be dating me at all.”

But then Nick goes on to say something very telling about his opinion of Taylor and why he ultimately chose Corinne:

“From my point of view, Taylor either wasn’t self-aware enough to understand how she was coming across or she thought that I wouldn’t notice. Either way, it just felt like at this point that Taylor was too fixated on proving to me that Corinne wasn’t right for me rather than focusing on our relationship. Giving Corinne the rose had just as much to do with saying goodbye to Taylor as it was to validate my relationship with Corinne. After a pretty intense day, I was looking forward to some one-on-one time with Corinne.”

Pretty strong words from an otherwise neutral Nick, right? Basically, Taylor was seen to be a young, immature, know-it-all. And Nick liked Corinne’s boobs better.

So what else did we miss from last night? Other than Taylor and Corinne, it was pretty blah. New Orleans is great, but it’s a city that’s been visited multiple times before on previous seasons. Other than Astrid getting rejected to start the episode off and nobody (not even Nick) caring remotely, the only other event of significant event was Rachel and Nick’s date. I loved their second line dancing, how easy their chemistry was and also seeing Nick’s moves. Rachel is clearly extremely smart and I loved how she scared Nick by telling him straight out that her father is intimidating. Can’t wait to see that hometown. Can you imagine getting grilled by a federal judge?? I’d insert a political statement here, but I’m so sick of politics right now and it stresses me out even more to watch the news so let this blog and show be our safe escape for a tiny fraction of the day before we go back to fighting battles.

The group date was a bit ridic. I mean, that haunted house was a set, right? With things moving all around and the lights flickering and a timer ready to go that drops a chandelier when you pick up one of the items the caretaker tells you not to touch. Right? I was feeling bad for Raven who dropped the “L” bomb on Nick by accident. She was cute about it, but then Nick didn’t reassure her by giving the group rose date to blonde Danielle. I still don’t see the sparks between tall Danielle and Nick.

I’m still loving Alexis and her insane fear of Nicholas Cage. She cracks me up. Nick said he ordered that Nicholas Cage mask on Amazon as soon as he found out Alexis is scared of him. Funny.

The other Danielle (brunette) seems very sweet, but not sure Nick is as into her as some of the other girls. He was making out with all of them last night. It’s actually impossible to tell who he likes most when he’s got his tongue down everyone’s throat. I don’t know – I’m actually at the point of being grateful for Corinne because she keeps things interesting. Yes, it’s like watching 8 year olds fight, but at least it’s drama and Corinne’s always good for a laugh.

That’s about all I got tonight. At this point, I think Rachel’s got the lead, with Raven and Vanessa trailing behind. We haven’t heard a thing about Whitney, who is beautiful even if she says nothing. The Danielles are sweet but I don’t feel the passion with them. Alexis is Friend Zone. Russian girl is cute and spunky but could be a spy or might just be trying to hang around to become next Bachelorette. No idea what Josephine or Jaimi (nose ring) are still doing there.

What did you guys think? Anyone have their own take on what the hell Taylor was talking about? Did she really expect Corinne to just agree with her or was she just trying to be cruel or was this a poorly executed counseling session? I have no idea what the purpose of that conversation was. It’s still troubling me. But not as much as bidding against my husband on the same items in a school charity auction.



  1. Oh my gosh, that auction story is hilarious! I hope the school called before you guys jacked the price too high!
    Thanks for the “emotional intelligence” explanation. Still confused, but at least I know I should be!
    I like Alexis too, but I also fear she is just friend zone. She’s too goofy to be sexy at this point.
    I like Rachel a lot. I think she may be too mature and intelligent for Nick.

    • Chrissy, yes – I think the answer is that if you think it’s a good idea to explain to someone what “emotional intelligence” is and you also think that person doesn’t have any, then you probably don’t have much yourself. At least that’s my take.

      If Rachel is really intelligent, she will use this opportunity to launch being the first African Americas bachelorette.

  2. Too funny about the auction. You are lucky they caught up with you two or who knows what you might have spent!! I sometimes wonder if Nick really is ready to settle down. I think his head may be telling him it is time, but his hormones are still pulling towards the Corinne types. I guess we will see. I see a resemblance between blond Danielle and his Mom! Maybe that is a subconscious attraction happening….or the head over heart thing again. It was painfully obvious that Taylor was too focused on Corinne and not her own relationship with Nick. We have seen this happen before and it never ends well. She sure flogged the E.I. topic to death. I was glad to see her go. Corinne is too entertaining to be booted yet. I see her in BIP this summer.

    • PLynn, agree with all! Apparently she was the Ellen show today. Did anyone see it? As for the auction, we were outbid on both of the items thankfully!

      • Actually I saw Corinne on Ellen. She was very pleased with her edit. I would say that the version of Corinne on the Bachelor was quite similar but just more amped up to the real Corinne. She was very enamored with how funny she was on the Bachelor, as that was something she didn’t know about herself.

  3. Anonymous 4 says:


    LOL ! good thing the school called. Did you «win» both ? haha
    Thx for keeping politics out of the blog. I wish Hollywood would do the same 😉
    Taylor tried to answer a question that Corinne asked her…but she should’ve known that Corinne didn’t want an answer. Such a waste of time & it came back to bite her. Frankly, Corinne isn’t the brightest bulb in the box & definitely needs some time to grow. But so entertaining.

    Nick looks like a confirmed bachelor. Smooth mover with all the ladies. Although he says he’d like a family it’s not clear he wants the headaches that come with it. He’ll probably get engaged but I don’t see him going down the aisle…unless the woman of his dreams keeps him on a short leash & drags him to the altar !

    I’m over Corinne. Totally agree with PLynn that we’ll see her in Paradise. Taylor was too serious. Not Nick’s type at all. Glad for her she’s gone. She was such an unhappy camper.

    I hate these cliff hangers ! but it serves its purpose to get us to tune in again.


    • Hello, A4! Yes, Corinne in Bachelor in Paradise might be more entertaining than this entire season. Can you see Nick with children? I can’t visualize it – he’s such a ladies man. It would seem too routine for him. He’s 36 but seems more like 26.

  4. Stacey- you cracked me up with the story about you and the husband having a bidding war. That’s funny stuff. As far as the Bachelor is concerned…thank god for Corinne. She keeps it interesting. She is so funny and entertaining. She should continue to get roses just for entertainment purposes.

  5. Suzi Miller says:

    I liked Nick at the start of this season, but I’m having a hard time seeing what the attraction is for marriage. Rachel, Vanessa, Alexis, and most others seem to too “good” for him. But if they are all interested in Nick, then there must be things that happen that we don’t see. I mean, obviously. He was great on the summer show, I liked his interaction with the twins :) Maybe he’s not the settling down kind of guy. I don’t know… PS, glad you didn’t pay a huge amount at the auction. I’m a teacher – those things can be dangerous. Especially if you’re there in person and the wine is a flowin’!

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