The Bachelor Hits New Orleans, I Hit the Sheets

Bachelor Fans, Forgive me. I left my apartment this morning at 7:15 AM, got home at 9:40 PM after being at an all day work event and have literally just now finished Bachelor. My eyes aren’t functioning properly to even see this screen.

There were so many amazing things that deserve proper attention – like Rachel & Nick’s off the charts chemistry (and you know if Rachel isn’t the ONE, she may be our first African American Bachelorette!!), Corinne’s master manipulation and me wondering the whole show whether my emotional intelligence has declined significantly since watching Taylor and Corinne fight about emotional intelligence.

To be continued tomorrow…


Stacey B



  1. After last night, proof positive that this show is scripted. Or that Nick is using the little head to do the thinking. Or both.

  2. Thanks for not leaving us hanging, Stacey! I posted a comment this morning but it’s not here. It was more of a favor! When you continue your comments, can you please recap what “emotional intelligence ” is (as described by Taylor)?? I somehow missed it and I was going crazy trying to figure out what the heck she was saying! Thanks so much! Hope you got some rest!

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