Bachelor in Paradise Video Review – Stacey B & The Family!

All four of Ellie’s grandparents came to New York City tonight to hang with their granddaughter and grab dinner together at our apartment. We had to do a video review of last night’s Bachelor in Paradise episode since we all watched it. The Husband’s parents are much more civilized and refused to participate. His father thinks we’re all absolute nut jobs for being interested in this sort of entertainment. Regardless, if you want to hear our thoughts on “confused Elise” and the crazy Michelles – tune in below.

P.S. The video was taken from a pretty unflattering angle. We all look stuffed from eating amazing Italian food. My favorite part is how Ellie is just mesmerized by her daddy.



  1. Loved seeing the whole family on the couch! Ellie and Wally are so cute. I think Wally’s disinterest in the video blog show that he is on the side of the in-laws!
    I wondered what was up with Graham cracker and his crazy girl since we saw nothing of them in this episode. I think that Dylan did a great job of letting other people in the house know his feelings about Elyse (he was done with her) but he had a hard time getting those words out to Elyse. She had already planned their next 5 years together and she did NOT get it when he said that he wouldn’t accept a rose from her as evidenced by her later asking him to accept her rose!

    I really think Dylan is a one-lady guy and we won’t be seeing him on anymore Bach shows. I was happy that Sarah didn’t give him a rose- she did this because, even if she fell for him on their date, she knew she would look like a man stealer to the world, and she would have to worry about Elyse going bat sh*t crazy on her for stealing her man. Chris B. is not making himself look so good on national tv- that Fat Damon comment was mean. I hope he goes home next week. Michelle Money was a mess because she wanted more eligible dudes to pick from. She is getting older and her choices at the house are slim. I can see why she was mad, and I totally agree with the Dad that she wanted air time! LOL!

  2. Oops. I commented on this post before reading your comments from the day before- I guess great minds think alike!

  3. I loved this video commentary, Ellie is getting so big and she LOVES her daddy…she couldn’t take her eyes off of him. She is such a pretty baby and Wally is adorable. he didn’t move once….he was thinking enough of this nonsense..LOL. Loved your parents and the husband….they were so funny. Thanks for sharing your family with us!

  4. Denice Girdner says:

    You have a fun family – you should have your own reality show. :)

  5. Haha, LOVE the video podcasts, just got a chance to watch this video, and your daughter is adorable!! Bachelor In Paradise, what a show, lol!

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