Baby Girl’s Away :(

IMG_6160It’s Friday at 11 AM and I hear a baby crying, but it’s not mine. I just packed up Ellie’s bags and sent her off with my parents. The Husband and I have come down with nasty head colds (I got it first and now The Husband’s is kicking in) and before we know it our little 5 month old baby will get it too, so we’re doing everything possible to keep her healthy. I’ve been sanitizing every nook and cranny of this apartment and wiping down things I’ve never wiped down before. I have no idea how any human being takes care of an infant when they are sick. I’ve had this cold since Monday and would like to just cut my head off to feel better. I’ve never had to give a bath, diaper, put creams on, pajamas and then feed a squirming baby while having a slight fever, sore throat, hacking cough and headache. It’s not fun. The Husband has been helping out where possible, but an infant is more than a one person job. You need an army of sorts.

To make matters more complicated, our beloved babysitter who was supposed to come on Monday, texted at 9:15 AM Monday morning that she had a family emergency and would not be coming this week. We haven’t heard from her since and now we’re worried that she may never be coming back. Did she break up with us? Were we dumped?

Ok, need to go strategize on how to get better and do the 1000 errands that I can never get done. I miss my baby girl…



  1. Thanks for making me so popular as all these women, of all ages, come over to ME, as I am with Ellie. They tell me how cute she is, how adorable she is…but I know they are really finding an excuse to say “hello” to me.
    Peace, love, pa

  2. Stacey…hope you and the hubs get to feeling better…please try and rest up to get yourself better this weekend. I know you have 1000 errands but they will still be there…the most important thing is getting to feel better. Sending healing prayers your way….from Grandpap’s post….and I think he and Miss Ellie are doing mighty fine! :)

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