The Bachelorette: Hometown Dates, Tragedy and a Hot Farmer

The dog is snoring next to me which is a sure sign that The Bachelorette was just on. Hometown Dates is usually one of my favorite episodes of the season as it’s always fascinating to see where each of the final four come from, but Wally and The Husband disagree. The Husband completely zoned out by Marcus’s date and even had the gall to ask me to recap it for him. Um, that’s what the DVR and this blog is for, Honey.

Before I comment on the dates, just wanted to take a moment to discuss the way that Eric Hill’s death was revealed on the show. It seemed really unnecessary to film an entire 2 minutes of all the guys waiting for Andi’s arrival to give them all the news at Chris Harrison’s house. Though truthfully, I’ve always wanted to see Chris Harrison’s house (but not for this reason of course). It also seemed that the way Chris H presented the “issue” to the guys before Andi arrived that the news had something to do with Andi (she realized she’s not interested in any of them OR she decided that she wants to start dating Chris Harrison – I kind of expected her to come out of his bedroom wearing a bathrobe or something). I guess this footage really gave us a raw view at how shocked, devastated and emotional that everybody was over Eric’s death. Andi did really regret her last interaction with Eric, which at the time, seemed wildly immature on her part.  It did seem rather petty to have a rose ceremony just 24 hours after learning of Eric’s death, but I guess delaying the process was not an option. I really hope that Eric’s family is doing ok as he seemed like such a unique and genuinely nice person.

As for the dates, the following stood out for me:

(1) I had no idea that Nick had like 10 siblings. Or 9? Are they all from the same set of parents? The youngest one, Bella, stole the show for me. I loved her questions for Andi and loved even more that she couldn’t remember the answers to them when Nick asked her. Maria seemed smart to question whether he could actually have the feelings for Andi that he claimed to. It’s like every contestant that’s made it this far has gone completely insane and their closest family members are trying to get them to reclaim their brain cells. Nick is still sporting that ridiculous scarf which just makes him look like a poet of some sort.

(2) How can you not love Chris the Farmer? Can Andi just dump him already so he can be our next Bachelor? I’d love for him to find a Farmer’s wife. Coast to Coast search for the Farmer’s wife! He’d be perfect. I just loved his family and 3 blonde sisters. Love that we learn how successful Chris has been. I loved his farm house with very modern appliances. I love that he tried to convince Andi that she’d be thrilled to be a homemaker or could practice law in Iowa (not going to happen). He’s adorable and could give Andi a nice and simple life. She’d be bored to tears in a matter of minutes. And how long can he really listen to her pretend to be excited with her, “Shut-Ups” at seeing a tractor. How else did she think he got around on the farm than with a tractor? Why is she so shocked that it has big wheels?

(3)  Andi hunts? And her family has a lake house in Alabama? Maybe she’s not Jewish after all.

(4) I was pretty certain that Josh would be the one going home tonight. The Husband informed me that Josh’s brother, Aaron Murray, was drafted in the fifth round by the Kansas City Chiefs. He was the starting quarterback for the Georgia Bulldogs before that. So Andi’s options are to be a homemaker on a farm or to follow Josh’s brother around to football games in Kansas City every Sunday? I don’t think she’ll go for either of these options after being The Bachelorette. I noticed a borderline pout when the conversation at Josh’s family’s house was not 100% focused on her and Josh. I still don’t know how deep his emotions run. But he’s got a very attractive brother and mother and still has the best teeth this season.

(5) I was embarrassed for Marcus and his strip tease for Andi. I’m sure that was 100% the producers’ suggestion but it just felt icky. What I was surprised about was how much Andi went on about Marcus’s “hotness.” And she fully admits that he’d adore her. And she’s attracted to him intellectually. So what’s the problem? He dropped the I Love Yous too early. I think she was definitely into him until he kept laying it on. It was literally every other sentence that he said to her.

(6) I loved Andi’s hair in the rose ceremony tonight – all loose waves. You know she was way too comfortable with Marcus’s family by the fact that she wore a pony tail. I like that Andi hasn’t been wearing too many pairs of ridiculous shoes. She sported Converse sneakers for her date with Josh.

(7) Every guy was in tears this episode. Have there ever been a final four so in love with The Bachelorette? Each is ready to propose.

I’m getting anxious for the overnight fantasy dates because Andi is probably the only person in the show’s history who uses this opportunity to get to know the people. She’s not afraid to call them out if it goes poorly (like with Juan Pablo). So tragedy aside, tonight’s episode was more interesting than not interesting, but mostly because the families all seemed great.

Chris the Farmer is coming from behind but really hoping he doesn’t make it any further because I want him as our next Bachelor. “The Farmer and the Belle” – I can already see the trailers for his season. I think her heart is telling her to go for Josh (she’s still seriously attracted to him), but her head is saying that Nick or Chris are better options for a long term relationship. What do you think?




  1. Christina says:

    Go, Farmer Chris, Go!

    I really liked all the hometown dates — stiff competition! — but Chris’ was my favorite. Specifically, his mom, Linda, who offered up her babysitting services (adorbs!) of their beautiful unborn babies, ‘fessed up to watching every season of The Bachelor and told Andi she loves her! Ha!

    I see People magazine is tweeting about Linda too:

    “I might move to Iowa just so I can be in a book club with Linda. #TheBachelorette”

    It was also sweet how his sisters bragged him up. Chris is a humble guy, and it looks like he is a very successful farmer, owning over 1,000 acres. I’m a Midwesterner and have been close to Arlington, and I know that particular region of Iowa boasts among the best, highest-rank soil in the country. (Yes, it is ranked!) Chris’ net worth is probably many millions.

    He is such a romantic. Totally rooting for him!

    And yet, it doesn’t seem like he could stand a chance against Nick. Yes, Nick’s sister Bella was adorable, and coming from such a huge family would seem like a character builder, but when you contrast Linda with Nick’s mom…well, I wasn’t really into her. When they teared up talking, Linda was basically saying, “I knew you weren’t a d-bag and that you have it in you to actually treat a girl well.”

    As to Josh, I grew in appreciation for him a bit to realize that he is a devoted big brother. And yes, good call, Stacey — I too saw a pout on Andi’s face when the conversation didn’t immediately go to her and Josh. That seems so immature! This whole thing has been about her…wouldn’t you be sick of talking about yourself and welcome a chance to join in on a real (and exciting) family conversation about someone else?!? It contributes to the less-flattering portrait of Andi we have seen flashes of….and which, looking back, may have been on display when she ditched Juan Pablo, to an extent — it’s her ego.

    I am truly torn over who is the right guy for Andi. For that reason, I’d say it’s been a great season! Four strong contenders at this point…

    Poor Marcus. Maybe he’s just too young for Andi. I should’ve realized he would be getting the boot when she spoke about not being able to catch up. And after their date, when she was leaving, it looked like an awfully quick peck. Bad sign.

  2. Amy Heinl says:

    Last night was the 1st time I watched all season…wasn’t a huge fan of Andi as I thought she would be rather boring so your posts have been keeping me up to date. First of all, I think showing all that at Chris’s house to announce Eric Hill’s death was overkill and almost appeared staged and didn’t do him justice. It would have been better if they showed Chris getting the news and him saying we are going to let Andi and the cast know and give them private time to express their grief and they do a montage or tribute to him and his organization.

    That being said for the hometown dates, I love Chris and agree…would love to see him as the Bachelor….it would be awesome. Loved his family and his mom.

    I really think she’s into Josh and I think in a way it scares her because she always seems to be trying to talk herself out of it. I think Josh is the type of guy that goes 100% so when he decided to focus on his siblings that was his one and only focus, now that he wants to focus on getting married and family that will be his committed focus. You can tell no matter what he is in for the long haul.

    The other two hometown dates were big yawns as far as I was concerned although Nick’s little sister was adorable.

    Anyway, next week should be interesting as we get to the final 2

  3. I agree with Amy above…. I thought the whole “news break” about Eric (may God rest his soul) was staged. Ratings. You should be ashamed, Fleiss. Having said that, Nick still gives me the creeps. I don’t know what it is about him…. he just does. And hate that darn scarf! I can’t imagine Chris with a scarf, can you?? Love me some Chris! He has my vote for next Bachelor, definitely. I still think she ends up with Josh. However, I think she’s too high maintenance for him, and if she does end up with him, I’m not sure how long it will last. It’s all about her, and that — as we all know — gets old pretty fast.

  4. Oh that Marcus! Sure, I cringed a bit when he did his little strip tease but what a great looking body he has! Whew! He is so good looking and such a sweet heart but I think he was just too in love with her. I thought he was a front runner until Andi mentioned that she wasn’t sure she could “catch up”…
    And Chris – love that guy! He has so much charm and looks like he would be a blast to hang out with. Yes, he must be chosen for the next Bachelor!
    Nick – is growing on me. I see true emotion coming from him and besides the scarf and other little annoying things, I actually like him a lot now. I think it will be between Josh and Nick in the end.
    Josh – Although she seems to be a perfect match for him in so many ways, I don’t really picture Andi running around the country watching football games. He also talks a little fast and I am not convinced that he is in it for the long haul.
    Oh well, I am actually enjoying this season because all the guys in the end seem like really great guys.
    So sad about Eric Hill. I am not sure if that was the right way to show the conversation. But when they showed the crew getting up and consoling everyone, you get an understanding how close knit the crew becomes with the cast. A reminder that these are real people – plus we did get to see Chris Harrison’s house! Remember he used to be the host for Designer’s Challenge on HGTV years ago?
    Anyway, looking forward to next week!

  5. So, have we all decided that Chris and Andi aren’t the answer? His hair bothers me, but his family WAS great…and he has all that farmland and a HOUSE (pretty neat and nice looking) and is very sweet and romantic and has a great smile..Wait, remind me, what is his downside? Oh, right, Iowa. Maybe she will decide to commute on weekends. And maybe Nick will reveal himself as the guy we all think he probably is? What is it about him? Josh is just a little too one-dimensional for me, even though I have a great ex-pro ballplayer son-in-law who I love. Should be an interesting end to a season I wasn’t sure was going to keep my attention.

  6. What an episode, right?! I didn’t get to stay in my “this is television and I can rag on whatever I want mode”…there were real, shocked and introspective emotions of a whole crew and cast of a tv show, who decided to film the impact of knowing and working with a man that died a tragic, dramatic death. I didn’t envy Andi, Chris or any of the four bachelors having to be a part of the production, at that point.

    Quite a stark contrast to the filming of the hometown dates; which, this season, were harder to slot into stereotypes! The family connections to their bachelors all seemed on the same page, in support of them finding happiness with Andi! This season, the elimination of one bachelor, after experiencing these families, felt harder than usual.

    Whoever comes out of this season’s process better be all he’s revealed himself to be, up to now – or Andi’s friends and family won’t be the only ones deeply disappointed – I will be, too!

  7. I’m sold on Chris as the next Bachelor, too! He’s got a great family, and they could cast a different set of contestants–eastern farm girls, western farm girls, girls with telecommuting-type careers they could do from the farm! But I can’t see Andi there; Cedar Rapids is over an hour away, and we know how those 3-hour daily commutes to legal jobs end up, right Stacey? I noticed that after the announcement of Eric’s death, Chris was the one the crew hugged most. I bet they like him, too.

    I don’t see the appeal of Josh at all, or much real connection or communication between them. Josh seems so focused on his baseball career that got away–he hasn’t been doing that for 6 years!–that he and his family have transferred all those hopes to his younger brother. Andy’s not going to be the star in that household. And is he divorced? I thought he said something about getting married “again.”

    Poor Marcus was adorable–but why show him in his undies if they’re going to blur the bulge? An odd scene all around. I guess Andi decided to pass on the “fairy tale” life she said he’d give her.

    I think the winner must be Nick–his family is big but nice and for distance he lives a few hours away in Chicago. It sounds like his career could be moveable. I loved seeing Milwaukee–I was using one of our Lakefront Brewery souvenir pint glasses while watching them tour that brewery! Great tour if you’re ever out there (lots of free beer), and the Public Market is fun, too. I guess Nick’s not a motorcycle type since they skipped the big Harley-Davidson museum. :-)

  8. Denice Girdner says:

    I think all 4 guys are great and I also think Andi is great. I think we are far too critical zeroing in Bachelorette weak spots – don’t we all have them? Have you ever had any one videotape you in conversations throughout an evening and watched what your faces do? I think she is very real and I think it is a very good sign that 4 quality men are in love with her.

    She has had very little drama compared to Emily’s season and she is far less focussed on touching her hair, is dressed causally whenever possible and has such a cute happy laugh.

    Let’s celebrate the positives!

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