What Lies in Venice, Andi the Bachelorette Tests Her Men

The Husband was blowing on my face to keep me awake this episode. It was a VERY long day with the baby. She’s doing this really uncute thing of waking up between 1 and 4 AM several times for the last two weeks out of nowhere. Please forgive typos and grammar mistakes. One of my eyes is 3/4 shut and I can’t get it to open anymore.

In no particular order…

Why is the room where Chris Harrison and Andi have their deep chat full of a roaring romantic fire and candles (I have no recollection of what she said to Chris because the Husband elbowed me to wake me up during this scene too). I was wondering if Andi came to some realization that she wasn’t interested in any of the guys and had pulled Chris aside to confess her feelings for him. Such a strange set up for a platonic conversation.

Was Andi wearing a “skort” on her date with Blonde Biceps, otherwise known as Cody? Are skorts back? The Husband thought she had a wedgie the whole date and I was telling him (when my eyes were open) that this was a skirt / shorts combo thing. I know that Andi likes Cody’s “eyes” but was I the only one that was wondering how on earth he got this far and whether he was actually straight? My cousin, who is gay, is very convinced that Cody may be on his team, which I fully agree with. He seemed like a nice guy, but there was no chance that Andi was ever interested in him.

Josh is killing his chances. What was his problem with the lie detector test? Does he protest too much? What exactly was he worried about? He doesn’t seem smart enough for Andi.

What is the other guys’ problem with Nick? I can usually see what the majority hates about a person, but not really seeing it too clearly with Nick. Yes, he’s smug and perhaps overconfident in his relationship with Andi, but he’s also the most articulate of the group. Marcus is already in the zone of chest hair and confessing his love. Not sure he’s capable of talking about anything else, like whether he prefers mustard and ketchup on his hot dog. He needs to take it down a notch. But he’s sincere and classy and the only other one that comes close to being a contender for Andi.

I still love Chris the Farmer and his secret admirer love notes. He has the cutest smile. Andi may like him but there’s still no chance in hell she’d be willing to be a farmer’s wife. How will she keep her hair so shiny on a farm? I feel bad for Brian because he’s so obviously a small town good guy and Andi may like him but she’s not in love with him. Poor Dylan seems too sad to have any real chance with Andi. Does he ever smile?

So basically, I can only see her with Nick, Marcus and Josh. She can’t trust Josh, so it will come down to Nick and Marcus.

Other thoughts: Venice is awesome. Andi loves to play with her hair, which is very shiny. The Andi pouting was out of control this episode and it needs to stop. Masquerade dates are really stupid. I kind of wanted the gondola driver to wack Nick and Andi in the head while they were kissing. The lie detector date was completely disappointing considering that they are in the most romantic city in the world and couldn’t come up with anything better to do there than stick them in a dungeon looking place and give them a test that could be done in any other place in the world. As for Cody’s date – I went to Verona and to that actual balcony where Andi was looking down from. What they didn’t show was a life size golden statue of Juliette that was beneath the balcony. The statue is no longer gold because time and the environment has darkened it. The one part of the Juliette statue that’s still golden is an exposed “tit.” It’s gold because people touch it for good luck and the oils of their hands keep it to its original color somehow. I guess ABC decided to edit this out. Too bad as it would have been the most interesting part of their date.

Was not surprised that JJ and his bow ties were sent home. Cody should have been sent home at week 2. He’s a nice guy, but not for Andi.

Not much else to say. Except that these episodes are the longest 2 hours EVER. I’ve never had trouble staying up before but then again, I’ve never had a baby during a Bach season.

Leaving you with pics of my baby Bachelorette. She’s 15 weeks today. Goodnight for now.

This shirt lasted 4 minutes before Ellie decided to share her breakfast with it.

This shirt lasted 4 minutes before Ellie decided to share her breakfast with it.

I took Ellie to a friend's house that had a pool today. This is her first bathing suit.

I took Ellie to a friend’s house that had a pool today. This is her first bathing suit.



  1. Amy Heinl says:

    Oh Stacy, I love your posts even when you are sleepy…you always make me laugh. I love the picture of Ellie and her bathing suit….Hopefully her little middle of the night wake ups are just a brief phase. Just sleep when she naps (I was never a napper but learned to be one with my son). You have to grab sleep when you can get it. Here’s to the rest of the week with some sleep induced nights! Hang in there :)

  2. Agree about the total snoozefest. I fell asleep two or three times, which is why I DVR’d it so I can go back tonight for a re-watch. Or a sleep inducer, whichever happens! I did see the duck lips — not very becoming, Andi. Agree about Cody, don’t see why he made it that far, other than she had roses she HAD to give out. There’s something about Nick that I just don’t like. I don’t hate him, but…..can’t quite put my finger on it, but something nagging… Basically, Andi needs someone who agrees with everything she says, because we know what happens if someone dares disagree with her. Somehow, I don’t think her childhood included the words “no” or gave her a sense that there’s other people in the world who have opinions that may not coincide with her own. Other than that, this season has had some beautiful scenery, gorgeous clothes, and I love the Suave commercials!

    • I could not agree with you more about the fact that you CANNOT disagree with Andi! I understood Josh’s problem with the lie detector test..I mean you are in one of the most BEAUTIFUL places in the world and that is what she wants them to do on their date?!? If I were Josh and felt I had already established a form of bond and trust with Andi, I would be upset as well..he wasn’t a jerk about it, he said part of him thought it was funny and the other part was like, why can’t we learn to trust each other on our own in a natural way… I totally agreed with him. It really pisses me off how dramatic Andi gets whenever someone calls her out on something or disagrees with her..Honey, you will be alone for a long time if you can’t learn to hear another point of view. The pouting has to stop!

      • Teresa – what Andi should have said to Josh is that the Producers came up with the stupid idea for the lie detector test and she just had to go along with it. Oh well :)

  3. Oh, and I forgot the MOST important comments!!! Ellie is a little beauty!! PLEASE keep posting photos of your gorgeous daughter, I love seeing her grow. Your take on motherhood is definitely more interesting than this season of the Bachelorette!!

    • Thanks, Katbyrd. Glad I’m not the only one falling asleep! I wouldn’t disagree with Andi. She’s tough. It’s the litigator in her. She cross examines and attacks until her case is closed.

  4. backchat says:

    Nick just comes across as shady to me- like we just are not seeing the real him. Maybe I need to see him on a home town date to figure him out. I just love the farmer- he may not be the catch for Andi, because is she ready to leave the big city for the farm? But man, oh man, can he be the next bachelor if she doesn’t choose him? He is kind, romantic, gets along with the other guys, and is handsome.

    I, too, love the travel spots, the wardrobe, the settings for dates, etc. but am not a fan of the pouty mouth and the whining about is she right about trusting her feelings, will she find love, etc. That all seems so canned coming from Andi. Maybe it is not her, maybe I am just getting bored with hearing the same old stuff?

    Love seeing how your precious babe is growing. Maybe the late nights are just time for another feeding? She had a rough start getting all she needed, so maybe she is just catching up? Ellie looks healthy and happy! Yes, nap when she does- it’s the only way!

  5. It’s not because you have a baby that you can’t stay awake for these 2 hours, I feel the same and I don’t have a baby :) Lol
    This season is so boring! It’s my least favorite so far :(

  6. Love your blog as always. Not sure if you’ve seen Sharleen’s blog, but you should definitely check it out if you haven’t: http://www.alltheprettypandas.com/recaps/

  7. Christina says:

    Stacey B.,
    I love your blog and always enjoy your take on all things Bachelor, which is why I’m writing to urge you to read Courtney Robertson’s new tell-all book. Usually these things are over-hyped, but I’m half-way through it and can tell you this one really is juicy! Maybe by it through the Kindle app if you have an e-reader; I know it’s hard for a sleep-deprived mom to read an actual book. (Although this one is a quick read!)

    P.S. I’m also curious what you think about Nikki and Andi’s friendship. They act so close, on their social-media dealings, but I don’t get how they really could be if Andi’s whole bachelorette-hood is based partly on the premise that she dislikes Juan Pablo. And there have been little Juan jabs scattered throughout the whole season.

  8. Hi Stacey B! I’ve been following your blog since I first became bachelor/ bachelorette obsessed two years ago! I always super agree with you and am loving your comments on how Chris Harrison is borderline setting the mood for Andi to fall in love with. Chris Harrison so has a crush on her! Also, I feel the exact same way when it comes to Nick. Sounds more like people are just jealous or the show is trying really hard to get a villain in there somewhere since there really doesn’t appear to be any other contenders for the role. Also congratulations, Ellie is beautiful! I think it’s amazing that you are a mom now, but you somehow still manage to keep this blog going, which I am so thankful for because I love it ! You are super woman! I moved to Brazil about a year ago and continue to check out this blog. Only the bachelor isn’t on TV here so I have to watch the episodes online. It’s cool to go on this bachelor journey with you and also cheer for you as your family grows. I wish you all the best! Cheers from Brazil =)

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