Everyone’s Falling in Love with The Bachelorette in Brussels

I’m a bit distracted right now. Baby girl is finally logging in some great night sleeping patterns (9 – 10 hour stretches) but her napping is atrocious unless we are in a car which is not often. It’s been a very long day with a very cranky baby in between her feedings. She used to love her naps and now no matter where I put her (crib, swing, stroller, etc.) she fights it. Any advice? I’m also sad because we just put out an offer to a great nanny for a regular part time schedule and she accepted a full time offer with another family. Boooooo.

But let’s put this all aside to analyze tonight’s Bachelorette. To be completely honest, for the first time EVER, I forgot the show was on. No joke. This is how tired I am. Or a reflection of the season perhaps? Tonight’s episode was at least a bit more interesting because with the exception of Dylan who desperately needs a haircut, EVERY SINGLE GUY ADMITTED TO FALLING IN LOVE with Andi. How did she do it? How does this happen?

Belgium was all about feminine manly scarfs and solid color hoodies. Were these given out to each remaining guy as they boarded the plane for Brussels? There was also a lot of manly pink (Marcus wore a hot pink shirt and Dylan wore salmon colored pants). Interesting style choices.

I felt that all of the individual dates tonight were pretty similar. Let’s explore Brussels and then go for a schmancy dinner. Marcus seems like a stand up gentleman with a lot to offer and Andi sees him for what he’s worth. He almost comes off as “too nice” but not in a Brian the Basketball coach kind of way, just in that he’s confessed heavily how much he loves her and I’m not sure Andi’s feeling have had time to catch up. We learn that Marcus journals and that his family life is a bit messy and yet Andi sees him as “resilient.” At the end of their date, I thought she had to choose Marcus.

Until Nick sneaks off to see her…

Ok, so Nick is pegged as this season’s villain. I understand – in comparison to the farmer, happy go lucky jock Josh, the basketball coach and brooding Dylan, Nick’s a bit more calculating, over-confident and aggressive. Cocky too. But I don’t think he’s as horrible as they’ve all made him out to be. He’s going after the “prize” and having success. Of course the others will have some sour grapes over that. He got the first impression rose and she gave him the group date rose after Basketball Coach confessed his love. Nick and Andi have something together that she doesn’t have with anyone else. They’re already talking children. He’s by far the front runner.

After Andi’s interactions with Marcus and Nick, I didn’t think Josh stood a chance. She seemed very iffy about him throughout their date UNTIL Josh admitted to falling in love. Then it’s like some sort of magical wand cast a spell over Andi and she instantly lit up and was all into him again. He’s clearly the charming hunk of the remaining guys and Andi just needed an excuse to believe he’s deeper than his pretty face. Not sure we got confirmation of that, but he’s definitely cute enough to go to hometowns with.

This is the first season where it’s pretty easy to figure out who Andi is sending home. I knew Brian the Innocent Basketball Coach was not sophisticated enough for Andi. She likes the more aggressive types. Which is why Chris the Farmer got that last rose. But as we’ll see next week, there is no career or long term interest for her on the farm and so he will be the next to go.

The Husband’s doing laundry. I’ve got to go find a new nanny. Big announcement coming soon.

Some other quick thoughts about Belgium:

(1) I love that Andi wears ponytails on dates when she’s supposed to be “fancy.” But leather leggings – not a fan.

(2) Tonight’s rose ceremony dress needed a bit more glitz. Just kidding. It was out of control and kind of reminded me of something that a grandmother would wear to a black tie wedding.

(3) Chris the Farmer would make a great Bachelor. Handsome and he’s looking for a homemaker wife to milk some cows with. Plus he’s already using Bachelor language of “Nick’s not here for the right reasons.”

(4) The moonlight kissing scenes of Andi and Josh combined with the passionate music playing made it seem like a staged soap opera.

(5) There was an obscene amount of Andi pouts tonight.

(6) At one point, Josh led Andi through a church in Belgium where he lit a candle. Andi seemed emotionless (Josh hadn’t busted out his falling in love speech at this point) but I was wondering whether she felt uncomfortable at all since I suspect she is of a Jewish background.

(7) The monastery group date was rather odd considering we didn’t see a single monk and the highlight seemed to be a separate pottery barn (which did not look at all like Pottery Barn) where Chris hoped to create the scene from Ghost with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. Is this what monks do all day? And how much did Andi LOVE saying that they were on “sacred ground” when Nick wanted to kiss her there later on? I found this to be annoying.

So that’s all for Belgium and just like that – we’re on to hometown dates. I am going to put next week’s episode on my calendar so I can’t forget. That’s what it’s come to. Reminding myself to watch. UGH.

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Enjoy the week!



  1. Amy Heinl says:

    Another great post. Her not wanting to nap during the day could be because she’s hungry. I know…after all the formula issues but when my son was about the same age (and had similiar formula issues) he went through the same thing and after trying everything you did we finally add a tiny bit of rice cereal into his bottle (you have to snip the hole on the nipple just a bit) because its still 99% formula just a little thicker with the cereal in and I was amazed. We did it in the bottle when he would go down and he slept peacefully….You know how you feel with a full belly (sleepy time at it’s best). Give it a try.

  2. You are right on so many levels. Dylan’s hair…..Really ??? He is a handsome guy, so surely someone could do something to improve it. The half pony tail was horrible. Actually, Nick could use some hair sculpting as well. I am not liking the “bang” look on his curly hair. It makes it look like a helmet.

    I like the idea of a farmer bachelor. That would put a totally different spin on things. Cross your fingers, Chris, as I don’t see Andi living in the middle of nowhere.

    Nick is definitely the front runner at this point in all aspects. But, I see Josh coming up from the rear. After his surprise announcement, and the look of joy on her face, I think he can easily make up for lost time. Not all guys can work with the short time allowed on the show. He is handsome and doesn’t spill the beans easily. Also, I think he is striving to calm the waters, not create the waves, which could be a good foil to her personality. He will definitely stand up when he feels he needs to. The hometowns will be interesting.

  3. Christina says:

    You are giving Nick a bit more credit than me, but I see where you’re coming from. I just find him a little off-putting, but I could see how he is coping with a tough situation by assuring himself (and others) of his confidence. And I think the tears we saw from him at the end may have been mostly from feeling hurt by the “tongue lashing” he got. Still, I wish he had it in him to befriend the guys more. Andi herself said she finds that an attractive quality.

    She is so ga-ga over Nick. But I’m not sure they have depth to their relationship, just chemistry. I mean, they’ve covered waffles vs. pancakes…but beyond that?

    Chris is my favorite but appears doomed. Love how he laid it all on the line during the rose-ceremony night. Marcus is my second favorite, but I wonder if he’s strong/aggressive enough for Andi. Josh is third; like you, I’m still not convinced he’s anything more than a pretty boy.

    I agree that it was funny to not see a single monk! Weren’t they curious about these men, didn’t they have any initiative to knock on their door? Probably was a big fat no given to producers in advance…but I find it ironic in that monks are known for “spiritual discernment” — the ability to contemplate and reflect and make big decisions. They could’ve given Andi really insightful and helpful advice right about now! :)

  4. OMG…It’s obviously been WAY too long since I last visited your blog because you’ve went and had a baby! A very belated CONGRATS to you and the husband!! Ellie is positively perfect and such a gorgeous baby girl :)

    One of the reasons I’ve been away for so long is because I also had a baby girl…except mine is a bit older – 10 months old now. Since her birth, I haven’t been quite the blog reader I used to be (probably a bit like you having to set an alarm to remember the Bachelorette!).
    I wanted to chime in on the sleep trouble because I have three kids and I’ve experienced similar struggles. I agree with the rice cereal comment. For my newest addition, we had to supplement with rice cereal formula when she was about 2-3 months old because she wasn’t gaining the weight she should have been (I wasn’t producing enough milk). The formula had “AR” at the end, for “added rice”. One of the side effects along with some weight gain was that she slept really well. You’ll find that once Ellie is eating solids she’ll start sleeping better overall – naps and at nighttime, because her tummy will be fuller!
    Another thing I use that also has the added benefit of helping my baby sleep is Hyland’s Teething Tablets. They’re homeopathic, all-natural, and completely safe to give even the youngest baby because they dissolve instantly once in contact with spit…which babies make plenty of! They won’t knock your child out, but if your baby is already tired and just needs a little push to sleep they work very well. At least for my kids they did!
    One more thing I swear by, which I know is an individual choice, and not for every Mom, is co-sleeping. This is my third time raising a baby that co-sleeps and I’ve had nothing but great sleepers! There are downsides, of course, which is why it’s not for everyone, but for me the benefits definitely outweigh the inconveniences. My older two were in a “big kid bed” by two without any problems whatsoever. This time around, I’m savoring every cuddly moment with my third. At nap time, I feed her in bed with me (either with her in a Boppy pillow, or laying beside me), then pat her back until she dozes off. I surround the bed edges with pillows so she won’t roll off (and also use a video monitor), and then I sneak away. It works every day, twice a day. At night, I do the same.
    Just throwing some tips out there. Hopefully you’ll find something that works best for you and Ellie!

    Oh…and on the Bachelorette – I’m really thinking Josh and Nick are the frontrunners. I’m not liking Nick though. He’s way too cocky and I get the impression he’s really just in it to win it. I don’t get a sense he cares for Andi as much as he expresses he does. If Josh doesn’t make it to the end, I think he’s a great option for the next Bachelor. If not, I hope they go with Farmer Chris!

  5. I am a FTM with a 2 month old. I’m reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, right now and am getting a lot of good info from it. Hope it helps!

  6. I dozed a couple of times during this weeks episode, too. What WAS up with all the scarves? Not a fan, so I guess I don’t like the “metro-sexual” look, if that’s what it’s called. Still not a Nick fan, either. Way too over-confident in a creepy kind of way. Knowing Andi’s relationship with her father (from last season) and what a daddy’s girl she is, I can’t see her ending up with anyone other than Josh, her neighbor. Josh may head for the hills after meeting him next week.

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