Andi the Bachelorette Plays Ball, Cooks and Mimes in Marseille

This was the first time in Bachelorette history that I almost fell asleep during the episode. It’s not just new parenthood that has sucked my energy away.  We CLOSED on the sale of our old apartment today!! A major milestone and a bittersweet moment. The buyers are a cute older couple whose children are all grown up and they are looking to downsize from their suburban home. The greatest part was that they met in sleep-away camp, like me and The Husband. I take this as a sign that all was right in the universe with deciding to part ways with my beloved Apartment 9F. My father drove in today to help me take Ellie to the closing. In retrospect, it would have been a lot easier to have him just babysit in our apartment than take a 3 month old to a legal proceeding. That said, Ellie was relatively calm minus a 25 minute crying spurt before she finally fell asleep. Plus the closing took place at the Empire State Building – her first New York City landmark.

Speaking of milestones, this past weekend, The Husband and I made it through another one – we left Ellie for the first time for almost 36 straight hours. My parents agreed to babysit as one of The Husband’s best friends got married in Brooklyn to a lovely woman in one of the most fun loving weddings of all time (check out #SaraPalan2014 on Facebook, Twitter, Instragram for pics). We spent the day in Brooklyn attending a family lunch with a few hours to kill before the wedding guests met up at a laid back outdoor bar as part of the pre-wedding festivities. Highlights included meeting the bride and groom’s great family and out of town friends, buying a pair of $15 jeans at a thrift shop because I was cold in my dress and finding a $10 bill in the pocket after I walked out of the store and getting waved to by Bill DiBlasio, NYC’s mayor, who was marching in the Gay Pride Parade. We had no idea that there was going to be a parade or that Bill would be there, but both were fun to witness. I was doing ok with the separation from Ellie until I started talking to the baby daughter of one of our friends at the wedding and was overcome with sadness at how much I missed my own baby. I also realized that I am still a complete hormonal mess as almost every segment of the wedding brought tears to my eyes.

We didn’t get to celebrate The Husband’s first father’s day for more than a few minutes as the wedding was the same day, but he did get a book of photos of him, Ellie and Wally along with cards from all three of us. It still amazes me how emotional The Husband can become after reading a Father’s Day card from Wally. Like he thinks the dog actually wrote it. It chokes him up.

Completely forgot The Bachelorette was on tonight until just now, so will briefly cover what was a pretty dull episode. I’ll also just mention quickly that our DVR froze on Andi and the basketball coach’s big kiss at the end of their date. It took us almost 25 minutes to figure out how to see the rest of the episode and we even had to reset the entire cable box in between. I thought maybe that’s how the season ends – Andi just chooses Brian right there and then with that kiss so it was over and there was no need to explain or show any other footage.

First off, at the closing, my real estate broker, Greg, who also happens to be an old friend from growing up, mentioned that this season seems to lack that certain excitement. He thinks the show has become pretty routine – there are no surprises anymore. Totally agree about this season. Though I like a handful of the guys, I’m a bit bored, frankly. Especially in this “in between” time when there are more than 3 guys left and I could easily eliminate about 6 of the remaining dudes for her. Let’s recap briefly:

We had the first one on one with Josh the baseball player who Andi doesn’t trust. She’s used to getting screwed by jocks. Literally. But Josh flashes his very white teeth and tells Andi not to judge him. He’s misunderstood of course and would NEVER hurt her. I vote Josh as “most likely to have 3 girlfriends back home that he’s texting with.” Although in his cameos he does seem very sincere and he’s the most clearcut handsome guy there. I loved the outtake of the bird crapping on his shoulder. It made me like him a little bit more. I like that Andi has her guard up. He’s still a very aggressive kisser and it makes me a bit nauseous. But you can see that there chemistry is the strongest.

The Mime group date was ridiculous. So ridiculous, that the episode had to focus on ANDREW the VILLAIN and whether he made racist remarks that were insulting to Marquel. The Pantsapreneur raised this issue to Marquel and the poor guy was in tears over it. I actually had a lot of respect for how Marquel handled the whole thing. He gathered his thoughts together and confronted him (why on earth it was in front of the other guys, I have no idea). What else would Andrew do but deny it? He’s on television – is he really going to admit to saying such horrible things? If only the cameras / microphones could have verified whether this had in fact happened. Can’t Chris Harrison cut in and threaten Andrew with the footage unless he ‘fesses up to it? Would the Pantsapreneur just make this up?  I don’t know about you, but I certainly won’t lose any sleep tonight about this. I’ll lose sleep for other, baby related reasons, but not this. I do think, however, that Marquel seemed like a decent, controlled guy who handled himself with extreme class. I’m sure people will be throwing his hat into the ring to be the first African American Bachelor.

The other ridiculous issue raised on the group date was Nick’s behavior. I don’t quite understand how he so greatly offended Cody, but either the others are threatened by him or Nick really is a cocky jerk. You could just see how his poem melted Andi’s heart, so he’s a smart, cocky jerk at the very least. I agree that group dating is not a natural phenomenon and that Nick is probably not in his element in being a mime on a group date. Most people would probably not thrive in such an environment.

I felt really bad for Brian the Basketball Coach during the cooking portion of their date. He just seems like a nice, salt of the earth, small hometown kind of guy that everyone is rooting for. I’m not sure he’s sophisticated enough for Andi. Poor guy did not seem to read her signals throughout the date until their second dinner. She would probably get bored of him long term, but I hope she gives him a good chance. He’s definitely the “nice guy” of the group and I really like him. Good potential for next Bachelor if he doesn’t get picked.

Couple of thoughts and then I’m turning in:

(1) Chris Harrison’s conversation with Andi at the beginning of the episode was insanely useless. What was the purpose of that? Filler? He basically asked her if she was falling in love with more than one person, to which she responds with one of her annoying and loud, “SUH – TOP!” exclamations that drives me nuts. It almost looked like he was approaching her for a date in Marseille, which may have been the most interesting part of the entire season.

(2) I loved Andi’s dress at the rose ceremony tonight. She went for a pulled back pony tail on the evening portion of the group date and she might be the first Bachelorette who wore a pony tail as an evening hairstyle. I actually respect that.

(3) She’s very attracted to Josh, Marcus and Nick. We can pretty much eliminate Cody and Chris the Farmer (even though I love the farmer) because while at least Chris is adorable, she’s already labeled them as “really nice guys,” which means she’ll eventually get rid of them. Dylan looks really sad most of the time and I don’t think he’s gonna get out of that funk any time soon. Poor guy has such a tragic family history that I’m not sure he’s ready to settle down before working out his feelings a bit more. I like the basketball coach but he’s going to need to step up his game if he wants to stay around Andi. I don’t see JJ staying around too much longer either – he’s too quirky for her and she’s not attracted to him.

That’s all I have to say. Except that I still like the Basketball Coach best as well as Josh and Chris the Farmer of course. Actually, I need more vetting of Josh. Marcus has already dropped the “I’m falling in love” line which may be too early at this point in the process for Andi to appreciate. So that’s it. I’m tired. It’s late. Time to go.

I hope you all got through tonight’s episode awake and that your DVRs did not freeze up on you. What did you all think of tonight’s episode? Any new favorites?



  1. Oh dear Stacey…..I think the Mommy brain is kicking in……so we will have to think Nick where you have written Eric. I am sorry but I don’t see the good looks of Brian. He seems like a nice guy, but not as sophisticated as her and of average looks. I certainly didn’t care for Nick’s pouting during the mime outing and he better pull up his socks in future group dates. There are lots of events couples go to that only one of them really wants to attend and sulking is not acceptable. I am looking forward to the polygraph sessions in Venice next week…..should prove interesting.

    • Yup – thanks, PLynn. I had just read an article how Andi wrote a letter to Eric Hill’s family with her condolences so he was fresh on my mind. That’s actually one of the “better” mommy brain moments I’ve had lately. Ha! Pouting on the show in general is just unacceptable. Andi’s pout kills me.

  2. Denice Girdner says:

    I actually am suspicious of JJ: I don’t like how twice, he threw Andrew under the bus. I felt Andrew was very sincere when he said he is not racist or judgemental and it is sad that he left the show feeling bullied.

    I think Josh is sincere and their conversations are the most relaxed and normal – there is a depth, teasing, laughter. Marcus is adorable and is 2nd best. I like Brian but don’t think they are a match. Nick is too serious. Brian, Marcus or Marquelle would make great Bachelors.

    I think Andi has been a good bachelorette overall.

  3. Penny Danner says:

    I was liking NIck, but he acted like a big baby tonight…..”salty” she called him. He better watch out.

    And yes, I’m bored with this season.

  4. I have watched every season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette, never missing a show…except this season.
    The real Andi, is the one with the short temper, and i do not find her at all interesting, or charming or cute.

    A couple of episodes back she was upset with one of the bachelors, and then came into the room with the other bachelors, screaming at them.
    Had I been there, either I would have left, or if I was smart, try and stay as long as possible, just to experience the new locations the program travels to.

    What I find amazing is that the only reason she is “popular” at all is that the premise of the show, makes her the center of attention, which she craves.
    If Andi was such a great “catch”, how come she needs the The Bachelorette to find someone?

    I love the idea of the show…but selecting Andi was a mistake.

    • Well, you could use that argument for any of them, how come any of them need to come on the Bachelor/ette? Also, I think people are very hard on the Bachelorettes, much more critical, judgemental, etc. than they are on the Bachelors. I think it’s a subtle kind of sexism and that Andi’s paying the price for being a “strong” woman, that is, having strong opinions, stating how she feels, dressing in a more daring way, etc. While I don’t feel invested emotionally with her, I respect her and don’t need to judge her for being herself and expressing herself either. She’s as flawed as any of us are, so why dis’ her? It seems mean and unfair to me. She seems dissed for everything and it’s as if no matter what she does, she can’t win. The Bachelors are never treated this way. Definitely a double standard and sad to see.

  5. Christina says:

    I was NOT impressed by Josh during the one-on-one date. He seems to lack substance — but know some of the keywords to drop, along with his blinding smile. Here Andi was hoping to have a conversation with some depth and him opening up about a past relationship (from college!) or two qualified? I was expecting much more.

    In particular I didn’t like his response to traveling the country as a pro ball player, that it wasn’t exciting because he just went to “podunk towns.” Andi crinkled her nose and looked immediately dismissive at the thought. So much for a bachelorette and her suitor having hearts for adventure, which they love to claim. A real adventurer would embrace all the quirks and history and fun that America’s many small towns have to offer. And I’m pretty sure Chris the Farmer’s hometown would qualify, in Josh — and Andi’s eyes — as a “podunk town.”

  6. I am also bored out of my mind. I totally agree the “in between” time kinda sucks every season. But we are also forced to watch extremely lame and publicly humiliating group dates, and Andi saying things like “perfect place to fall in love” and “letting my guard down.” I expect that from the 22 year old contestants, but not the bachelorette. Is it just me, or did anyone else expect more substance and interesting conversations instead of her immature and manipulative statements? I hated the comment about “If I was your wife, would you tell me.” Well, if you were his wife, would you have a room full of other men that you are dating? I think there’s a reason Chris Harrison keeps trying to “sell” how wonderful Andi is. I’m not buying it.

  7. My one comment–Marquel would make a very good Bachelor!

  8. It’s funny but in many ways this seasonI’m more interested during the dates. Often I’ve felt in the past that they’re just going through the motions. The dates seem a little more interesting (especially the one with JJ where they were an older couple together – they really were pretty funny), and the conversation, while not always great, seems to have a little more depth than many other seasons. Especially compared to last season with JP which must have been an all-time low.
    While I think Andi has more to say, brings up more things and is overall more on the ball than many other Baches, I don’t feel very emotionally invested in her search. I don’t love her the way I loved Emily Maynard, who was the epitome of southern class, always said exactly the right thing, and was just a very kind and impressive person. I don’t enjoy her the way I enjoyed Jillian’s and Ali’s spunk. I feel a little bit the way I felt during Deanna Pappas’ season, kind of non-invested emotionally, although I think Andi is very intelligent and bright.
    I “get” Andi. She is making good choices, minus letting Marquel go.
    I think the lie detector will also be a really interesting date.
    I do think Brian is a bit of a dud, and not that attractive. He is a “nice” guy, but there’s no spark to him to me. I don’t know who I’d pick for her. I don’t trust Josh too much and he seems on auto-pilot a bit, going through the motions and saying things he’s “supposed” to say. I wonder if he is sincere and authentic sometimes. I somehow think that, if Nick is for real, that he might be the best one for her. Time will tell with him though as he does seem complicated and as if there’s a lot there beneath the surface.
    I think she would get bored with Marcus. And, that’s about it. I don’t see her with Chris the farmer or Cody of course, or Dylan. So, to me, Nick may be the best one for her; if he checks out OK as it’s hard to tell so far with him. Would love to see him and Josh take the lie detector test next week.
    I would love to see Marquel as next season’s Bach but I suspect it will be the Farmer perhaps, or Marcus.

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