New Writing Adventures, Ellie Hits 3 Months!

There was no new Bachelorette this week. I was thankful for the week off, truthfully! Lately, I’ve been focusing on my new writing gig at So excited about this opportunity! I’ll be writing 5 articles per month for them. If you like what you read, please “like” and “share.”  The first two were published already – here are the links:

3 Months Today!

3 Months Today!

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12 Warning Signs You’re About to Marry Your Future Ex-Husband:

In other news…

Our little baby girl is THREE months today. How did that happen? How did we all survive? I could not have imagined making it to this point just a few short weeks ago. Since last writing about Ellie, her latest formula (Neocate) has been doing the job. She takes it happily and the fussiness has almost entirely gone away. Who is this baby? She’s smiley and giggly. I know that I’ve done some serious venting about this baby, so let me just say what I love about her in case she reads this one day and starts to feel guilty:

(1) A couple of times in the last week when I gave her the last bottle of the day and I’m doing everything possible to get her to go to sleep and it seems like every second of the day has dragged on to make it the longest second that ever lived in a day – the following happens: Ellie gives me these gigantic, earth shattering grins. Like she’s been giving us all the trouble for fun. To test our patience. As a joke. She smiles with every ounce of her body and her whole face lights up and all of the exhaustion, frustration and angst is gone. Wiped out from my body in that moment. I am amazed at how much I love her despite only knowing her for 3 months.

(2) She is The Husband’s mini clone. I mean some friends are nice and say she has my “mouth” or my “chin,” but in reality, she doesn’t look a thing like me. I take solace in the fact that she will have my brain; she’ll watch The Bachelor with me whenever I want and we’ll talk about relationships and friendships and we’ll crack each other up one day. The Husband is cute, so a female version of him is fine by me (even though I did all the work and whomever has to be pregnant and go through labor should automatically have a baby that looks like her).

(3) The explosive vomiting has gone away. I won’t say it’s entirely gone, but to go from a big, splattering upchuck at every feeding to a couple per week – it’s life changing. I no longer go through 7 outfits a day. We’re on an average of 2. This has helped massively with laundry. We still go through bibs like crazy, but that’s to be expected.

(4) Dressing Ellie is like playing dolls. I think I enjoy shopping for little baby girl clothes more than I have ever enjoyed shopping for myself.

(5) I can sing for hours to Ellie and she can’t say a thing about it. Yesterday I introduced her to classical music for the first time and she smiled through all of it. She’s now heard me belt out everything from Britney Spears, to Frozen, to The Little Mermaid to Rent to Lady Gaga to Daft Punk to Michael Jackson to Billy Joel and beyond. Next week, I’ll be introducing her to country music.

Ok, little one is stirring. Time to wake up The Husband (he takes the BEST naps when Ellie needs to eat).IMG_5007 IMG_5003 IMG_4989 IMG_4971 IMG_4960




  1. backchat says:

    Hurray! Hurray for Ellie’s happy tummy! That is really wonderful news! I was going to share that my grandbaby looks SO MUCH like my son (adopted, so he doesn’t resemble my husband or me at all). However, there are moments, brief glimpses or longer, when she looks just like her mama. It could be how she furrows her brow, or gives us the “you’ve got to be kidding” look, but her mama’s expressions come through loud and clear! There will also be genetic mannerisms that are clearly inherited from you and your side of the family. I saw this when my half sister and I (largely separated from when she was 7 to 30 due to divorce, our ages, and a long distance move for her). As we rediscovered our sisterly bond, freaky instances of similarity became clear. You are definitely imprinted on Ellie :)

  2. Amy Heinl says:

    This is cause for celebration…so very glad the tummy troubles seem to be settling down. She looks so very happy in these pictures and just love how bright and alert she looks. She is such a pretty little girl…you have made it through the worst and so glad you are able to enjoy some time with a happy baby instead of one in so much pain. Enjoy the day and celebrate these little milestones…it will fly by and you’ll wonder where the time went.

  3. A big congratulations making it 3 months! The pics are adorable!

  4. ok – so I have missed a few weeks with you and what a cutie! no reason for you to be sleepy during the Bachelorette – HA! do not apologize. That is life with a baby and it is over so soon. Just love her. Bet that is pretty easy to do.

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