Love Stories of The Bachelor

It was nice to see the success stories of The Bachelor tonight. It was even nicer that my friend, Alana, brought over Insomnia cookies to accompany them. In case you don’t know Insomnia, it’s this tiny little neighborhood place that serves warm cookies and milk. They even have a delivery service. Biting into a soft, gooey peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie while watching Ryan express his love for Trista, nearly made me teary eyed. It was probably the sugar high. What’s going on with Ryan’s hair in present times? Is it cruel to flashback 10 years earlier to show how perfect his hair used to look? Trista, on the other hand, has improved with age. She looked insanely good at her 10 year vow renewal – a refreshed, beautiful momma in comparison to the bridal bangs she sported in her all-pink wedding.

I remember how articulate Ryan was and how he and Trista used to communicate in these very romantic, thorough almost scripted sounding conversations. Listening to them tonight talk about their rough times and how they work through it and watching Ryan express how his daughter is his new poetry – I’m left wondering – “Do people really talk LIKE THIS IN REAL LIFE?”

If so, The Husband and I are going to have to catch up with some intense conversations about the meaning of love and life and then he better hand me a Neil Lane ring. Did you see that thing? Wow. Is it considered thoughtful to give your wife a 10 year anniversary gift that’s paid for by a TV show? Was it in their contract when they came on the show that if they stayed married for 10 years that they get a bonus ring? Why wasn’t Neil Lane at the 10 year vow renewal?

Their kids are absolutely adorable and look just like the two of them. They really do seem to have a fairytale relationship. I mean, they live in Colorado – how stressed could they possibly be??

As for Desiree and Chris – looks like they’re happier than ever. I think it all has to do with leaving the LA area. The ones that stick around never seem to make it. Pretty cool that Desiree has started up her own bridal dress design business. Even cooler that they’ve become friends with the Mesnicks. Alana questions whether you can really call Jason and Molly a “successful” Bachelor story, considering he initially chose Melissa Rycroft as the “winner.” Until he dumped her at the reunion show to pursue Molly.  Nobody ever thought they’d make it, and yet they had a full blown televised wedding followed by a baby. And she’s adorable!

The Deanna / Michael Stagliano brother Stephen love story is a bit of a stretch, but I guess it’s Bach related. Deanna looks radiant – a model for pregnancy! I think she’s due relatively soon. Why didn’t they give us any background on who Michael’s Emily is? We just know they’re engaged but that’s all.

I’m still not clear on what JP and Ashley’s “big announcement” is as Chris Harrison alluded to. Is it that Ashley’s got baby fever? Or that they’re planning to move closer to NYC? Or that they’re still together? Hmmmm.

This all leads up to Sean and Catherine’s wedding next week! I can hardly wait. What do you think is the going rate for a wedding at the Four Seasons near Santa Barbara? And is it strange that the whole world knows that these two have not had sex yet and are saving themselves for marriage? Do we believe them? Do we care? Of course we care. Will there be a camera in the honeymoon suite? Will Chris Harrison be there commentating?

Ok, The Husband’s coming home any second and I’ve got to go practice my intimate conversation skills. Til tomorrow…



  1. I enjoyed tonight’s love fest of Bach couples.

    Here’s some info I pulled from the internet: Michael Stagliano and his fiancée, Emily Tuchscherer (a Chicago banker) got engaged back in February 2013, and have been taking steps toward their future ever since. Though they’re planning a Midwest wedding, Em recently moved out to LA to be with Michael. Ooooh this means they will probably be at the wedding next week.

    I think Catherine is cute and adorable. I just hope Sean can meet her expectations at the consummation station. I know a lot of couples that are just too darn exhausted from long days of wedding festivities, so I hope they save some energy! I think it is nice that they revriginated themselves for their relationship. I worry about them having paparazzi helicopters overhead like Trista and Ryan did, since this is a live event. Maybe the 4 Seasons is close enough to Oprah’s house to warrant a no fly zone! Hmmm, it looks like a “cheap” room at the 4 Seasons starts at $575 midweek, so I am thinking a wedding there runs in the $100,000 range. A drop in the bucket for the Bach Budget.

    Glad you found a sofa that fits you both. I never had a glider, but always used a rocker and/or rocking recliner. Kudos for getting a good deal! I did that recently with my smart phone- found an alarm clock/light for $20 less than the sale price at BB&Beyond. The cheaper price was on the manufacturer’s website. Always pays to surf before purchasing these days!

  2. I’m a huge Ashley and JP fan–wish we could have seen more of them. I think you’re right: their big “announcement” was Ashley’s baby fever. haha

    Sooooo excited for Sean and Catherine’s wedding!! ahhhh!!! <3 I don't understand why there's so much attention on the fact that Sean and Catherine are "waiting." Isn't that their private business? I mean, it's perfectly fine but why is there so much emphasis?

  3. Hi Stacey! Just wanted to make sure you knew that for those of us who watch the show on Hulu, we have to wait 8 days after air to be able to do so. It really sucks! I’ve kept up so far, but my interest is dwindling because I know I’m so far behind. Can’t imagine waiting over a week to see the finale!

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