Juan Pablo Sticks Foot en La Boca with Anti Gay Remarks

Uh-oh, Juan Pablo. America’s favorite Bachelor made a major snafu this weekend. At a party on Saturday, JP told an ABC reporter at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, California that, “a Bachelor who is a gay man would be ‘more pervert in a sense. To me that show would be too strong, too hard, to watch on TV.'” YIKES. Doesn’t he know that saying such thoughtless, utter nonsense against homosexuals will get him in trouble? Not to mention that there are a great number of gay people that watch and love The Bachelor.

This is rough to listen to because he just keeps sounding worse and worse. Particularly the part where he says gay people are more “pervert.” In subsequent statements, he tries to blame this classification on English being his second language, but that’s a pretty weak argument. Think he needs Andi the Prosecutor to defend him. Mind you, the whole time he says he has respect for gay people, but he just doesn’t understand the dynamics of gay relationships. Ehhh, his comments are pretty stupid if you ask me. He should just fully apologize and not even come up with excuses. Just makes him look worse.ABC and The Bachelor’s producers immediately turned their back against Juan Pablo, despite him earning them the highest Bachelor ratings in YEARS. “Juan Pablo’s comments were careless, thoughtless and insensitive, and in no way reflect the views of the network, the show’s producers or studio,” said in a brief joint statement. – See more at: http://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/programming/abc-warner-horizon-condemn-bachelor-stars-anti-gay-remarks/128600#sthash.vwfAhuqQ.dpuf

Will they address such comments in tonight’s Juan-uary episode on successful love stories of The Bachelor? Or will they just ignore it for those that haven’t already heard about? I visualize a sit down with Chris Harrison at the beginning of the show where Juan Pablo apologizes and says what a moronic thing he said. If I had a betting pool on this show, I’d add that to the line up of things.

The Husband has deserted me in favor of the Caps vs. Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. Luckily, my friend Alana is coming over to watch tonight’s show. Husband and I are moving in less than 2 weeks and spent the last 48 hours making major furniture decisions. The biggest decision was which couch to buy. Our current couch is falling apart, has given us back troubles for the past year and has stains all over it. It’s been beaten up, thrown up on, peed on, slept on, drooled on and all sorts of other stuff – time to start fresh in our new place.

For the past 6 months, The Husband has been monitoring a certain sectional couch at Raymour & Flanigan. He’s taken me to the store several times to stare at it and try to convince me how much we had to have it. He sat on several of the biggest, bulkiest recliners and make statements like, “This is the seat of my dreams” and other ludicrous remarks. After walking around the entire store yesterday and finally being in the mindset to purchase a couch, we decided to also check out Macy’s furniture selection. The selection was not as great as we had hoped and the environment was borderline frustrating as several times, the couch we’d want to test out was occupied by homeless people, foreign tourists with multiple kids who would park there for an hour or just people aimlessly on their smart phones taking up the couch as if they had just moved in there.

The Husband found a leather couch at Macy’s that he liked better than the microfiber couch at Raymour & Flanigan. The name of the couch was “Stacey” which he found to be fate, but which I found to be a BUYER BEWARE warning. The couch was marked down from over $5000 to $2400 or something like that and it was a the largest, bulkiest, ugliest thing I had ever seen. The Husband sat on this couch for about 30 minutes trying to convince me of why this was OUR couch. After sitting on almost 80 couches, I was almost ready to give in. Couch shopping with someone twice your size is extremely challenging. The things he finds comfortable have been polar opposite to what I like. Some of the recliners that I was willing to consider were not possibilities because The Husband couldn’t even fit in the seat. It’s like a bear and a pregnant penguin trying to find a common place to live. Very challenging.

I thought we were going to start a wrestling war right there at Macy’s, but I refused to give in. We agreed to return to Raymour & Flanigan today to see what their leather options were. Long story short, we have a new leather couch being delivered to our new apartment. It’s nice looking, comfortable and will not make me nauseous every time I look at it. We’ve been promised it’s a cinch to clean and for what it cost, it better be!

The highlight of our shopping today was NOT the couch purchase, but rather, a glider that we purchased at Buy Buy Baby, where we’re registered. We received lots of mixed feedback on whether we needed a glider at all – half my friends said they never used theirs while the other half said they couldn’t have lived without it. Since I’m attempting breast feeding, I wanted a good chair for that. Buy Buy Baby had one that I found extremely comfortable and affordable. The best part was that I had a 20% off one item coupon that I was able to use for it, making it an even better price. The manager drove me crazy that my coupon was not valid and that if I signed up for a different coupon online, it would still take a week for them to mail it me, so I’d have to come back to the store to get the discount. While standing at the register, I signed up on my iPhone and within seconds, had the coupon in my email inbox. The cashier smiled at this, and immediately gave me the discount. Fight back, People! This was my biggest victory of the week. Can’t decide if I was more excited about the glider or pushing back and getting 20% off of it.

Tomorrow, it’s off to the OB / GYN to get this baby measured. I’m on Week 31. Holy cow, how did I get here? Was happy to learn that Bachelor’s Hometowns / Exotic Overnight Dates will be airing back to back the same week (Monday / Tuesday, Feb 24-25). This makes me VERY happy, because it hopefully means the finale will take place BEFORE I have the baby. I’ve already invited Chris Harrison and Juan Pablo to be in the delivery room. One of the producers said they could do it as long as I name the baby “Rose.” I’ve already confirmed that the hospital where I’m delivering has flat screen TVs – just in case.

So that’s all for now. Stay warm out there! Hope you are all enjoying a restful MLK weekend. Can’t wait to dig in to tonight’s love stories of The Bachelor as well as tomorrow’s regular episode.


Stacey B



  1. Congrats on landing your perfect couch…leather is perfect…very easy to clean (you can get leather furniture wipes at grocery store). Also glad to hear you found a new apartment…I know you had been searching for what must have seemed like forever. I can’t believe you are at week 31…getting in the homestretch….hope your week is a good one

  2. I don’t know, I have a lot of grace for people for whom English is not their first language. I used to live in a foreign country and I accidentally said things that came out wrong all the time. Even when my language skills got really good. How many native speakers do you know who put their feet in their mouths?? Lots. Please, have mercy.

  3. Hysterical posting, as always…loved the “bear and pregnant penguin” image!!! LOL!!!

  4. You’re right that the audio gets worse and worse! It’s unlikely he doesn’t know the meaning of “pervert”–that word is very similar in Spanish, and he’s lived in the US, both for college and now. He sounds like he’s worried that gay sex will be shown on screen, but as he knows, this is a highly-edited show. And his “apology”–“gay people are more affectionate and intense”? That’s pretty funny after 18 seasons of the straight Bachelor.

    I’m sure if ABC thinks the ratings and sponsorship are there, we will have a gay bachelor/bachelorette. Good for them for responding quickly and making (I’m assuming) Juan Pablo meet with a representative from GLAAD and some gay and lesbian families.

    I definitely think you should name the baby Rose!

  5. Stacey, I’m wondering what you think about the news out there that Juan Pablo was taken to court over not paying child support? I assume it’s true, but who can know? However, it has turned me off. I’m like many other viewers who often will say, Aaach, getting sick of this scripted drama, not gonna watch this season, and then I get sucked in to the show ’cause I end up caring about the characters. Although I’ve PVRed this season, I have not been able to get motivated to watch. It kind of sickens me to think I’m going to get sucked into a story where the hero is made out to be this wonderful dad, when in reality, he doesn’t put his money were his mouth is. I do care enough about the show to tune into your blog, though! What do you think?

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