Juan Pablo Sizzles In First Dates

This may be the best first dates of any season I can remember in recent Bachelor history. And I’m not just talking about the chemistry between Juan Pablo and the girls. The actual dates themselves were original, exciting and actually looked like something I’d want to do.

Let’s start with Winter Wonderland date. Clare (who reminds me more and more of Trista Sutter, the original Bachelorette), was absolutely adorable in her giddiness for Juan Pablo. Actually all of the girls seem quite smitten with him. Their date was spectacular – romantic, fun, and allowing for the right amount of deep conversation a la hot tub. You can tell Clare was falling in love within seconds. Once she started melting her ice queen former self and broke out the “Dad” card, I knew she was in it to win it. And who can blame her – did you see how Juan Pablo looked at her and kissed her. The man has skills.

Loved that they got go sledding, ice skating and hot tubbing all in a snowy forest. Not a bad effect for it to start snowing while getting their own private concert. What better way to snuggle up together in a wet bathing suits? Love is blooming for Clare, and I hope it continues because as we all know, whomever gets the first date NEVER comes out on top. Maybe Clare can be an exception.

I thought nothing could top Date 1, but then adorable, dimpled Kat gets taken to Salt Lake City for what I at first thought was a drugged out rave, but turns out it’s a 5K electric dance party at night??! Who knew such a thing existed? I guess thousands of Utah residents. What a “cool” date. Given, it didn’t seem like Kat and JP got much intimate talk time, but who cares? First dates are about feeling the chemistry, and they definitely had it.

It’s almost like the show hired a whole new crop of date planners to get some fresh ideas. No jumping off of bridges and buildings (though that’ll probably come next week). These dates were a thousand times better than wrestling, roller derby and all the other insane ideas that have been in season’s past.

Even the photo / charity shoot was unique because it involved the element of DOGGIES!!! What a great idea. I would have been in heaven. I’ve got to get Wally to meet Molly, btw. They’d totally hit it off. So glad that Juan Pablo did not delay sending home Veronica. She’s an emotional and physical nightmare. This is one of the first times where the audience is aware of a CRAZY in the bunch and The Bachelor actually discovers AND does something about it right away. Bonus points again to JP – he’s smart.

Some new bright stars emerged tonight:

(1) Cassandra – we knew she was beautiful, but I worried that her being 21 was too young. It’s probably still too young for a 32 year old, BUT, she’s got a 2 year old son which means she’s a single mom and automatically launched into a different lifestyle than other 21 year olds. Plus Juan Pablo certainly has a crush on her. Was glad to see a normal reaction of a mom separated from her small child. I like this girl.

(2) Kat. I loved her spontaneity at the 5K Dance Electric date and she’s a great dancer, which Juan Pablo digs. We don’t know much about her except that she’s kind of flirtatious, is exceptionally pretty and has the cutest dimple ever.

(3) Renee. She’s become the group therapist. I see her slipping into the friend zone, especially after the non-kissing of JP.

Still loving Nikki (though I hope she doesn’t get caught up in all the female drama going on. She seems a lot more attractive when focused on her pediatric nursing). Andi was great too – I liked her honesty and willingness to wear only a sign at the photo shoot. Elise was not quite as brave, but luckily, Lucy likes to be naked (can’t she get arrested for walking down the street nude??). Kelly was quite scary looking in her photo shoot make up, but she was a great sport. I wouldn’t have picked her out from the crowd, but appreciate that she’s a dog lover.

Was relieved that Cristy got the final rose tonight. We haven’t seen much from her, but she’s so pretty and I really hope we get to know her better.

One thing is for certain – Juan Pablo’s charisma is off the charts. He knows how to make each woman feel appreciated and excited about being with him. He looks them directly in the eye, which is a great quality (it’s so intimidating, even Sharleen became shy – thankful she apologized for her reaction to receiving the first impression rose).

Amy Long seemed very sweet, but Juan Pablo needs a bit of a chase. Never saw any chemistry between JP and Chantel, but was sad to see our token African American leave so early on.

I may write more tomorrow if there’s time, but given that we’re moving in 2 weeks, it’ll have to short. Can’t wait to hear all your thoughts on tonight’s dates. What a great episode it was! Hope this momentum keeps building.



  1. Hi Stacy… I thought for sure you would write about the drunken Victoria saying she gave JP the “hymen maneuver”…. instead of helmlich! So funny. I feel bad that they dwelt on her craziness for such a long time. She will never be able to live that down!
    Also, I thought the newscaster girl was cute and I was sad she went home.

    • Leanne – funny, one of my friends texted me that line – must have missed it but that’s hilarious! We had a lot going on in the apartment last night as we signed a lease for a new apartment yesterday and were multitasking while trying to focus on the show.

  2. Yes, I liked the newscaster too, but maybe he thought she was trying to hard and her career would mean to much to her with having his child. I felt sorry for Victoria because they concentrated so much on her meltdown with her talking about straddling. Wow, 1 shot and you’re out! Is real life like that. I had a bad first date with my husband and we went out again because he felt he made a fool of himself and I “gave him another chance.” – not really because I thought he did nothing wrong! He had a minor meltdown that night and we’re married 36 years! I think he does like the girl with the son, because he made a point to go upstairs. Renee seems like the resident friend/therapist and may not make it. And, there is physical attraction. Nobody mentions it on the show, but maybe he realizes he’s not physically attracted to some of these girls. Chantal is a very pretty and smart and I was sorry to see her go. There is another biracial girl who is gorgeous but keeping a low profile.
    Juan Pablo is the best bachelor they’ve ever had on and I’ve been watching the show since Jason religiously (except for the Ashley season) and maybe a couple before that, like Bob Guinee and Charley O’Connell. I don’t recall them every putting a bachelor on a commercial?! but could be wrong. He is a natural! Paul Newman and Matthew mcConnaughy with a charisma all his own. He could have his own reality show. Also extremely gifted physically with the soccer career, but with the dancing and skating, he is a natural athlete in every sport. I hate to say this, but don’t know if he’ll end up with anyone. I think show business is his next endeavor and this is a stepping stone. Can’t blame him – he has it all….could have his own show or even do acting. In a time of media blitz, Juan Pablo is in the right place in the right time.

    • Just passed a colleague in the hallway who has been very turned off by Bachelor in reason seasons and she stopped to tell me and Scottish Work Friend how very much she was loving Juan Pablo. He’s really been redeeming the show this season. Lots of smitten women going around saying “Ha-waaan, Pahhhhblo” these days.

  3. Amy Long (my name twin) was cute, but I also thought it looked like she was trying too hard when she “interviewed” JP. Almost would have been better to do that when she got out of the limo. JP is adorable. Will be fun just to ooh and ahh over him all season.

    • Hillary / Amie – totally agree. I once went on a couple dates with a guy who sold insurance with his father. On our third date, he spent the entire dinner trying to show me what he did by pretending that I was someone he was selling insurance to. It was a complete turn off, mostly because I felt like he was giving me a sales pitch but also because I just wanted to have a normal conversation about hot tubs or winter wonderlands or electric 5Ks.

  4. I love the fact that the bachelor with an accent communicates better than all the previous participants. He explains his thought process so clearly….I love it. Also, Stacey, you can go on an Electric Run in NY on September 5th. Go to http://electricrun.com/locations-new/

  5. Kelly Thompson says:

    Watching him pick “Kelly, the dog lover” is like a punch in the stomach. I should have applied to be on the show!

  6. Cassandra looks like a front runner right now. For sure!

    I wonder who is going to be the source of drama now that Victoria is gone. There’s always a “Courtney” right? Maybe not this season?

    Hope Juan Pablo finds love–he’s great!

  7. Hi Stacey! Ahh…so nice to be back in the Bachelor zone! I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Juan Pablo’s season for some reason but I think he is one of the cutest, sweetest, most charming Bachelors yet! Such a doll and a class act. I am glad he didn’t keep Victoria around. He knew she wasn’t right and just cut her loose right away. My favorites are Nikki, Andi and Renee although I think you are right about Renee heading toward the friend-zone. I was surprised by Andi’s vulnerability. With her high powered job, I thought she would be a little tougher and wouldn’t be too upset about the nude thing but she definitely has a softer side. The newscaster girl was sweet but I think she didn’t have the right chemistry with him. All the girls are exceptionally pretty this season though. Anyway, those are a few of my thoughts. Can’t wait for next week!

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