Juan Pablo Conquers Episode 3 of The Bachelor: Adrenaline Date, Futbol Make-Outs, Yachting With Model Moms and Pool Partying

I hope you’re all staying safe out there in this crazy weather. New York City is being blanketed with a somewhat unexpected snow storm today. It wasn’t supposed to start until noon, but there were easily 2 inches on the ground by 1:30. Lots of sliding and slushing about. Stay put and watch The Bachelor again if you have to – just don’t go out!

A few more comments on last night’s show. First – Juan Pablo’s blog on People.com gave yet another apology for his remarks about gay people. He also revealed his reasons for getting rid of Lucy (she showed up to his homemade breakfast in just a t-shirt and her underwear). Guess this was not “mom” attire in his eyes. You can read his blog here: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20778092,00.html

I forgot to mention how much I loved Cassandra’s date outfit – cute red one piece with the turquoise bikini underneath. We didn’t get to see much of their time together on the yacht, but Juan Pablo was quite taken with her. I tried to Google who the father of her son, Trey, is – but felt like I was getting sucked into spoiler sites. It does appear that it is an African American man, but I didn’t want to look further for fear I’d read or see something that would interfere with keeping the outcome of this season a mystery.

Question about the water car that Juan Pablo was driving: do you need a special license to be able to drive that into the water and then a boating license of some sort as well? Or maybe it’s not necessary if he’s renting it for the day. Chris Harrison revealed in his blog that Juan Pablo’s mother actually helped out with the cooking of the meal he made for Cassandra. Yes, I think this is kind of cheating, but no worse than him getting some help in setting up romantic dates for the ladies.

The scene of Elise revealing her “this is fate” story for being on The Bachelor to Renee, made me realize how both of these girls have had more intimate time with each other than with Juan Pablo. On the whole, the girls have really seemed to bond well with one another. Maybe Renee has a brother that she can set up Elise with? Now that Victoria is out of the house, we are not really seeing a whole lot of drama. The worst thing that’s happened this week is Kat’s boobs came out and Sharleen did some nasty tonsil hockey with Juan Pablo in front of the girls. Pretty tame if you ask me.

The soccer date looked fun, especially seeing who gets super competitive and who is just a complete klutz. Sharleen got her butt kicked several times. Juan Pablo says he far more enjoys seeing the girls in athletic clothes than anything else. He must have loved their gold sports bras. Did the girls shower post game in the locker room? Isn’t this normally the date where the “losing” date goes home and they cry the whole way there? Guess it’s so early on that this idea was nixed.

So Juan Pablo is getting hot and heavy in the “hot kitchen” of the stadium with Andi the Prosecutor. He’s having hideous wide mouth open kisses with Sharleen in the middle of the soccer field. But he gives the group date rose to Nikki. In his quick side conversations with the soccer ladies, we learn that Alli the Soccer Star wants to have 5 kids (or a whole soccer team) and Danielle was adopted.

I really liked Chelsie. She was so happy go lucky and given the insanity she was forced to face (jumping off a bridge with guy she’s known for 5 minutes), I’d say she’s pretty brave. What would have happened if she really just refused to jump off that platform? Would Juan Pablo have thought less of her? More – for actually using her brain?  Plus she’s funny with comments like, “I never had a first kiss hanging upside down off a bridge.” Yes, I could have done without the whole “jumping off a bridge is the epitome of building a relationship” analogy. I can’t stand these statements. But she’s high off of her courage and bungee kissing, so we’ll forgive her. Even when she carries it further by saying, “If we can jump off a bridge together, we can get through anything.”  Oh really?? Let’s see about that.

I like that everyone in Chelsie’s family is a dentist or a doctor and yet she’s chosen to be a teacher. I also thought it was great that Juan Pablo chose Chelsie for this date which ended with a private serenade by country singer, Billy Currington. Chelsie knew every word and even though Juan Pablo is probably not a country music guy, he seemed to appreciate her enthusiasm. As they snuggled, danced and hugged and Chelsie mouthed every single word to Billy’s songs, I thought that Chelsie and Juan Pablo could have beautiful blonde children together.

There’s something about a man in the kitchen. Juan Pablo arriving to cook the girls breakfast was a pretty great surprise. Not sure how many other former Bachelors had cooking skills. So while Kelly the Dog Lover hid from Juan Pablo upon spotting him in the kitchen, Renee came right over, morning breath and all, to lend a hand. Juan Pablo had such a great time that he decided to continue the fun with a pool party.

Kat makes Juan Pablo remember why he had such a great time on their date and gives him two new things to think about. Meanwhile Clare is starting to show signs of “first date syndrome.” Meaning she had an “amazing” first date, but has since had to watch as others go out with her man and form connections with him, leaving her feeling insecure. Sharleen is also feeling out of place. She blames it on the cameras, but we know it might just be her personality. She cries, they kiss again. We’re all confused.

Fast forward to the cocktail party and everyone is all dolled up. Sharleen’s halter pink / orange / black and white dress was quite dramatic. Elise dazzled in another Barbie prom type red sequin special. Lots of sophisticated braids going on at this cocktail party. I’m wondering if Claire the Hairstylist did these?

We say goodbye to Lucy the Nudist and Christy, wishing we had learned more about Christy (or actually, just would like to know any one thing). We end the episode with a preview of Sean and Catherine’s wedding and Chelsie trying to teach Juan Pablo how to say the word “chivalrous.”

Stay warm, stay safe and let’s hear your thoughts on this week’s episode.



  1. stay warm! We were in the city for theater the last Polar Vortex…and thought we had picked two really bad days to visit – though we had a great time! But at least it was dry on the 7th and 8th. Glad we didn’t pick THIS week to take the train up.

    Not sure I can watch JP for two whole hours, but that is what the recorder is for, right? I thought the remarks about being “just a baby” coming from a 24 year old were pretty funny!

  2. clt bach fan says:
  3. Albert Giesbrecht says:

    I take it that you don’t approve of nudists. As a nudist I am tired of the lazy jokes about skinny dipping free spirits. Id Lucy was a real nudist, she would have had breakfast nude, she didn’t.

    I think Juan has a perverted Pajama fetish, based on his comments in the blog of his.

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