Chivalrous Juan Pablo Makes a Splash on The Bachelor (Initial Thoughts)

It was a water themed Bachelor episode tonight: cars that turn into boats, bungee jumping off bridges, pool parties, etc.  With no mention or addressing of any anti-gay remarks by Juan Pablo, we moved full steam ahead with a one on one with sweet, sexy, single mom Cassandra. How can anyone compete with this woman? She looks like a Victoria’s Secret model with the personality of an angel but she’s got the maturity and experience of a single mom – all at age 21. If only she didn’t repeat things like, “I haven’t been on a first date since I was 18” and “This is my first date in 3 years.” Because then you start to realize how young she really is and how much more of life she still has left to experience. Juan Pablo is looking for a wife and mother to his child. Is Cassandra ready to give up her 20s to jump into all of that?

But this is Bachelor la-la land, so let us get caught up for a minute and look past the fact that this is Cassandra’s first year to legally be able to drink and gamble. Great date idea – a jeep type vehicle that’s actually a motor boat. Followed by a yacht ride. Followed by FIRST GIRL TO COME HOME WITH JUAN PABLO and witness his cooking skills. She’s got butterflies. He’s psyched to be “dating” a 21 year old supermodel. He tries to dance with her and I was a bit surprised that it didn’t seem more natural to her – especially since she’s a former NBA dancer.

I wish we could know more about who Trey’s father is. Was he a basketball player? Is this all a big secret? Does she still speak to him? Do they have joint custody? These are important questions that someone needs to answer. Also – what does she do now? I want to know more about her. Funny that Elise took such a strong interest in declaring Chelsie as a “baby” and not being ready to be a wife and mother, and yet she doesn’t mention Cassandra in these assertions – just Chelsie, who I actually liked.

The Group Date was next. I liked watching JP play soccer with the LA Galaxy team. If only we could have watched that for two hours. He seemed very at ease and we knew there had to be some sort of soccer date given Juan Pablo’s professional background in this sport. Alli got to spotlight her skills, although frankly, Juan Pablo didn’t seem to be too turned on by them. He was far more interested in kissing Andi the Prosecutor in the snack bar kitchen. Is Nikki taller than Juan Pablo? She’s an over thinker and I’m wondering if she’s actually as sweet as we initially thought. Beautiful, yes. Great with kids, yes. But can she win over Juan Pablo with girls like Cassandra around? Hmmmm.  It seems like all anyone needs to do is to say things to Juan Pablo like, “I’m ok” and that makes Juan Pablo dig out that the girl is feeling insecure. Sharleen, Nikki, Clare, Andi and Cassandra have all used their insecurities to get a kiss, rose or one one one date with Juan Pablo. That seems to be the trick.

We see Juan Pablo commit a horrible sin on the group date. What did Sean Lowe warn him about? DON’T LET THE OTHER GIRLS SEE YOU KISS SOMEONE. Oops. He really screwed up on that one. Did you think they wouldn’t see you make out with Sharleen in the middle of the soccer field? And let’s discuss that kiss. It was awkward. Like a slow motion tongue in mouth disaster that left me wanting to rinse with mouth wash. Is she a bit socially awkward or is it that she’s just got so much “mundo” that she’s not cut from the same mold as the rest of these girls? I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, but she still seems a bit cold to me. Let’s blame it on the cameras. She went from not caring at all about Juan Pablo on Night 1 to giving him some tears at the pool party. All resulting in more kissing time to be witnessed by the others for a second time. There’s something that’s just not sitting quite right for me with Sharleen. And now that we see in next week’s preview that she’ll be opera singing for him, I’m turned off.

Elise’s smile was driving me batty this week, because she’s using it to cover her true feelings about Juan Pablo choosing Chelsie for the second one on one date. The claws are coming out. Chelsie seems a lot more interesting when she’s on her own with Juan Pablo. A go-with-the-flow kind of gal – I loved their carefree car dancing and Venezuelan food exploration. When she learned they were to go tandem bungee ankle jumping off a bridge together, I couldn’t blame her for freaking out. It looked terrifying. I told The Husband that I NEVER EVER EVER EVER want to be surprised with an activity like that. He agreed and said it was unnecessary because we already trusted each other. True dat. So this is our first adrenaline date and we all know that girls on the adrenaline dates go far. I wasn’t getting extremely strong vibes from Juan Pablo for Chelsie – but he seems to like her enough to keep her around and figure it out.

I loved the idea of Juan Pablo invading the house to make the girls a Venezuelan breakfast and checking out their morning breath. Why on earth did he keep Kelly the Dog Lover after she basically hid from him after walking her dog? I find her dog more appealing, especially listening to all the rude, outspoken things she had to say about each of the girls. A mousy girl with a big mouth became my impression of her.  The pool party was a great idea – makes me like Juan Pablo even more for wanting to see the girls in their natural element versus all dolled up for a cocktail party. I also think he wanted to check out their bikini bodies. Smart plan, JP!

Kat’s assets were out on full display and Kelly was PISSED. “He had his head in her crotch for over 20 minutes.” At this rate, I think Molly the dog has a better chance of building a connection with Juan Pablo than Kelly does. Were Kat’s boobs real? If so, they were very impressive. Two roses for those girls!

I was sad to see beautiful Christy leave without us getting to know a single thing about her other than that she’s absolutely stunning and really skinny. Glad to see that Lucy’s nakedness did not cloud JP’s judgment. He didn’t see a connection and we won’t see any more skinny dipping in the immediate future.

Renee is officially the house therapist and we saw almost zero interaction between her and Juan Pablo. She is slipping deeper into the friend zone. Lauren the piano bike lady needs to step up her game because we don’t know anything about her and she’s competing with supermodels like Kat’s “two friends,” Cassandra’s perfection, Sharleen’s mundo, Nikki’s blonde sexiness, Clare’s “cute in pajamas” insecurity and Andi’s brains / beauty.

I’m beyond excited for next Sunday’s LIVE wedding of Catherine and Sean. More so to try and understand why they’ve waited to have sex until their wedding night and to see if they run straight to the honeymoon suite after the ceremony is over.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Who are your early favorites? NO SPOILERS, por favor!



  1. Could Juan Pablo get any more attractive? He loves to cook breakfast and wants to see his future wife natural without makeup and with sleep lines? That man is a god, even if he did have trouble explaining himself in English to reporters who ask asinine questions. BTW, ABC had to come out and say something about not agreeing with JP’s views. I mean, they couldn’t really fire JP at this point, and they knew how bad Duck Dynasty took a plunge in the ratings with the whole episode there. I am honestly glad that they didn’t rehash the whole thing. The guy is a regular (although super hot) dude who doesn’t have handlers or speak to the press on a regular basis.

    The young mom is young, but she is already mature beyond the party harty 20’s because she has a child. She wouldn’t be giving up her 20’s- that was done when she chose to have a child. She may be young, but she is probably ready to find a father for her kid, and have a settled relationship. Plus JP couldn’t keep his eyes off her : )

    Sharleen is still a wild card to me. Yes, she does have mundo, and she doesn’t appear to be interested in the catty/bitchy scene that so many of the ladies fall into. Molly’s owner won’t last- she has hardly had time with JP and she totally blew it by racing past him to put a bra and makeup on. Renee is a fixer, for certain, and has she even had any time with JP? I want her to stick around longer than Kelly and some of the other blondes, but I just haven’t seen if she and JP have a connection.

    I am looking forward to the wedding next Sunday. Sean said back during his season that he re-virginated himself after his college years- partly due to religious beliefs and also as a sign of respect to his future wife. You made me laugh when you suggested that they might run off to their honeymoon cottage before the reception! Maybe it’s a good thing that they are doing the morning show rounds this week instead of next Monday.

  2. Can we not call Juan Pablo “JP”? There is only ONE JP and he married Ashley! Maybe JuanP instead?

    • I understand that, it bugged me at first to see JP because I kept thinking about J.P. that married Ashley, but then I got tired of typing out Juan Pablo each time. Speaking of Ashley’s J.P., you should check out his tweeter feed when he is watching the Bachelor- it is hilarious! He definitely doesn’t want to see JP and Sharleen kiss again.

    • Nite Owl Mama says:

      Maybe now just think of JP Rosenbaum as JPR since we have a new JP. Oh I went and checked out JPR’s tweets from during the show and they are funny…
      J.P. Rosenbaum @JP_Rosenbaum 18h For the love or god!!!! Please do NOT kiss!!!! We need a warning so we can turn away!!! #TheBachelor

  3. I read on another site that I follow for Bachelor/ette recaps ( that Cassandra’s son’s Dad is NBA player Rodney Stuckey of the Detroit Pistons. Also confirmed through a google search and this little blurb: Sounds like she’s a model now…surprise, surprise : )

    • I take that back, the article mentioned “modeling,” but it sounds like she’s a make-up artist and also contributes to a blog about cosmetics.

  4. Last night’s episode was very entertaining! Cassandra is a beautiful gal but I find her quite boring . . . . she’s very shy & isn’t all that interesting to talk to. However, Juan Pablo would probably differ with me as he seems quite taken with her. . . . . gee, I wonder why, LOL! Okay, now talk about strange. . . . Sharleen is definitely that! Like you said, she’s somewhat cold & I find something off about her. I don’t think she’s for him at all & I hope he sends her home as she bothers me. Now as for Chelsie, I absolutely love her! She’s full of life, adorable, & tons of fun – perfect for our Juan! However, I, too, did not see any vibes from him that he’s really feeling it with her. Time will tell. Poor Renee, she’s the house therapist & a really nice person, but I didn’t see any connection whatsoever other than friends when they were in the kitchen talking.

    By chance, did anyone see Juan Pablo on The Jimmy Kimmel Show a few nights’ ago? They sent him out on the streets of NY (not sure) & had him stop people to get their opinion on the new bachelor not knowing that he, in fact, was & is the bachelor. Very funny & just like on his show, he was gorgeous, sexy, smooth, & witty.

  5. Agree – calling him JP is annoying bc we already have one of those.

    Also, I think you’re a little off wondering if she’s ready to give up her 20s. Like someone said above, she’s already done that. That said, I honestly didn’t sense the chemistry b/w the 2 of them, but Juan Pablo must have bc he kept her around. Perhaps it’s just the fact that she’s shy, not sure. And yes, it was kind of annoying to hear her statement about not dating in 3 years on repeat. I was just thinking, you’re 21 w/ a kid. The fact that your ‘last first date’ was when you were 18 really isn’t so bad honey.

  6. I found the “dete’s” on who Cassandra’s baby daddy is, he is a Detroit Piston, Rodney Stuckey.

    • Wow, a Bachelor connection- I went to EWU, but it was before Mr. Stuckey was even born. Jeesh, I feel older than dirt now!

  7. I think Renee the “house therapist” was hired / planted by the show to keep the girls from having so many ugly meltdowns over Juan Pablo. She doesn’t seem interested in her own relationship with him at all. She’s obviously great to talk to, though. Maybe she has some available appointments??

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