11 Days: The Bachelorette Countdown

Best subway reading EVER.

Best subway reading EVER.

Bachelorette fans, it’s time to start getting excited.  We’re almost in countdown mode until Desiree’s appearance as The Bachelorette on Memorial Day Monday, May 27th.  The previews are starting to scare me with the ridiculous quality of men they’ve shown us who step out of the limo.  I’ve already seen a shirtless, oiled up muscle man (they have to give us a new set of abs now that Sean Lowe won’t be on our TV screens any longer), a man who dresses entirely in armor from head to toe and another man who arrives with his son.  Can Des send away oily ab man and armor guy before they go into the mansion?  Has that ever been done before?  Forget about the first impression rose, how about a “Get the hell out of here, I wouldn’t date you in a thousand years” rose?

The new writing class has taken up whatever free time I used to have (did I used to have free time?).  Two days a week, I now leave home before 7 AM and don’t get back until after 9:30 PM. Yesterday, was one of those days and even after I came home I had to watch and blog Nashville (which was GREAT, btw).  My recap is here: http://haveuheard.net/2013/05/nashville-recap-51513-season-1-a-picture-lifes-side/

But I’ve noticed a change in my mood when I walk through the apartment door after these long days.  The Husband says I  normally arrive from work angry and exhausted and just generally cranky (so kind of him to point out).  Going to these writing classes has kind of been the equivalent of going to the gym or having some much needed personal time to do something that makes me feel alive.  I’m exhilerated after one of these classes.  My brain is working overtime but in a creative way.  I want to write this.  I want to write about that.  I want to write now.  I can’t sleep at night thinking of all the things I want to write about.  So now that I’m on less than 5 hours of sleep, when that alarm went off that morning, I didn’t feel angry or resentful.  I kept thinking of all the things that needed to be written about.  

I’m getting off topic here, so let’s get back to Bach.  On my train ride home from the writing class last night, I finally whipped out the People Magazine special edition of The Bachelor / Bachelorette.  Thanks to my mother who gave that to me on Mother’s Day.  (Does she know me well, or what?).  A girl sitting next to me in my writing class last night remembered that I was a Bachelor fan freak.  She also noticed the magazine popping out of my bag and confessed to loving the show.  She said she’d need to buy the magazine on the way home, but I told her that if she waited a week, she could have mine.  I think I may have a found a new friend (which is good, because the last new friend I tried to make is moving back to Houston in a couple weeks). 

So there I was, on the uptown 6 train, flipping through the magazine.  I learned all sorts of things.  I wanted to know more.  They didn’t really discuss in any great detail the reasons why the relationships didn’t work out between the Bachelor / Bachelorette couples.  The most we got was how long the relationships lasted (there is an actual graph laying out the time length of every Bach relationship from shortest to longest.  Who has THAT job?  Sign me up, please).  There was a funny interview of Andrew Firestone, Jake Pavelka and Bob Guiney who they threw together in a limo and got drunk. 

One part that REALLY annoyed me was that at the end of the Sean and Catherine section, the last sentence is never completed.  Seriously – how could they do this to us?  If you have the magazine, turn to page 7 and read the last time.  It’s a Sean quote:

“I know this is meant to be,” he says, “And I promise you, I”ll never be with

AND THEN IT CUTS OFF.  WHATTTTTTTTTT? No really, I’ve searched for the end of this sentence all over the magazine and it doesn’t exist.  This is really annoying.  I’m guessing Sean’s sentence would have been “I’ll never be with anyone else.”  But maybe they purposely left this off because they found out about something that we don’t know.  Let’s hope not.  So glad Sean is off Dancing With the Stars and can focus on his bride to be. 

Actually, I just took a picture of it – you can see what I mean (click on the pic to enlarge).

Last sentence is cut off - this is KILLING me.

Last sentence is cut off – this is KILLING me.

Til the next Bachelorette update (which will be soon!), have a great day!



  1. Really Stacey,
    Is there anyone else in the world that has the time and ability to write such fun interesting articles?
    I am excited for The Bachelorette.
    Even though the some of these guys may be annoying to deal with, the show always is enjoyable.
    And your recaps are hysterical.

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