A Finale, A Fine Friend, A New Friend & A Family VIDEO!

Hard to believe that we’ve made it to The Bachelor Finale Eve.  I am so excited that I think my brain has come down with some sort of vertigo.  It’s annoying. I even had The Husband go to Web MD to make sure I’m not dying.  Is there such a thing as Bach finale lightheadedness?  With some slight nausea?  I kind of have that feeling that I’ve been on a rocky boat too long.  Must be all the thinking about who that darn letter is from, who our next Bachelorette will be, who Sean will pick and whether Sean will be named as the last Dancing With the Stars contestant and therefore not focus on his romantic relationship (bad sign).  I’m still thinking Lindsay has the slight edge going into the finale, though Sean still sees Catherine as a bit more unpredictable and thrilling.

So recently, I posted about a dinner at California Pizza Kitchen that I went to with some college friends who were not too thrilled about the restaurant choice.  Since then, I’ve received an overwhelming amount of emails, texts, etc. indicating that many of you all appreciate the finer elements of a good CPK meal and would be happy to accompany me.  Thank you for these supportive and enthusiastic notes and Facebook posts!  They seriously warm my heart.   I also learned that my Scottish Work Friend, who is out on maternity leave, will be picking me up at the office for a CPK secret lunch in the near future as she was upset to hear that people could question having a CPK option.  I must have really been complaining about a lot of stuff to her recently because I came home Friday to the following:

A package from her containing 2 boxes of salt and vinegar microwaveable popcorn

Better than gold

My SWF knows of my obsession with all things vinegar and when she told me there was a salt and vinegar popcorn flavor, I was a bit ecstatic.  She ended up getting me a box of it on a trip to the supermarket a couple months ago and I was amazed at how wonderful it was.  The problem, however, is that during a couple of my own trips to a “real” supermarket in the suburbs, I went in search of the salt and vinegar treasure, but could never find that particular flavor of popcorn.  I told SWF of my predicament and that she was sitting on a land mine of opportunity, living so close to a place that carried it.

card cover

Well imagine my surprise when out of the blue, a package came Friday –  exactly 2 weeks to the date from when SWF gave birth to her second baby.  Which means that despite dealing with a newborn and almost 2 year old, she somehow found time to go grocery shopping, remember that I loved salt and vinegar popcorn AND that I couldn’t get it anywhere near me AND make a trip to the post office.  THAT, is true friendship.  Oh and I forgot to mention, she also included an awesome card in the package.  The cover and inside of which, I’m posting here, with a note that read:

Dear Stacey,

I’m honoured (that’s the UK version of honored) to be your salt n’ vinegar popcorn dealer!  Hope these improve your week :)

Miss you…


Inside of the Card

Man, could I love this girl any more?  Thank you, SWF.  Please stay in the US. I need you here. Also, I’m thinking that the best kind of card is the one you’re not expecting and that’s for no reason at all, except to say that someone, out of the blue, is thinking of you in a kind way.  What a nice gesture it is to give someone that feeling of being thought of.

In case you’re wondering if I ever reached out to the new friend in Wally’s animal assisted therapy class, I am happy to report that I did initiate making plans and we actually met up today for brunch with the dogs.  It was such a fun adventure for both Wally and me.  The Husband made fun of me that I took extra time to blow out my hair, put makeup on and try on several outfits, but really it’s just that I haven’t been out with a new friend in…well, I can’t remember.  The good news is that we had an incredibly fun time.  The dogs got along wonderfully.  The weather was perfect for brunch outside at a little diner down the street.  We laughed about all of the unique personalities in our training class.  The bad news is that that she’s moving in May – several thousands of miles away to the state where she grew up.  How sad – she had real potential.

Til next time, get your tiaras out and start drinking some sparkling water or wine in preparation for the finale!!

My parents came into NYC tonight to take The Husband and me out to celebrate his birthday.  We ate burgers and fries after we came back to our apartment and watched the last 15 minutes of Dirty Dancing.  Most amazing movie finale ever.  We were inspired to talk Bachelor finale and made this video review below.  Here it goes:

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  1. Amy Heinl says:

    Stacey-Can’t wait for tonight’s show either. I’m on team Catherine and as for your “symptoms”….sounds like what I went through when I was preganant and didn’t know it. Doctors said I wouldn’t be able to have children (obviously wrong) so that wasn’t even crossing my mind when I had symptoms similiar to you. Not sure if that’s a possibility but you might want to check it out..just saying. :)

    • Amy – ha! Interesting suggestion. I seriously doubt that is my issue as I’ve had inner ear dizziness in the past. Appreciate the thought, though :) I’m on Team “Hope the Finale is Interesting” – don’t really have a preference between Lindsay or Catherine which is the first time in a long time I haven’t had a favorite. I think my favorite was Lesley, so there’s no winning for me.

  2. Nice family. Your dad is funny. Your husband has a lot of stage presence! And you’re a great moderator. I don’t think Sean is engaged or even close to it. I’m a teacher and taking a nap after work, so I can stay up for the whole show. Can’t wait!

  3. YaaaY! Im so very excited too, this has been one of my favorite seasons and although I don’t comment on your blog much, I do read it religiously 😉

    I guess Im on team Catherine, Lindsay is just too air-heady for my tastes.. of course Lesley M was my favorite , but I don’t think she would have been a good match for Sean, he doesn’t seem to value intellect as highly as he does certain other attributes and I get the sense Lesley needs a guy who can go toe-for-toe with her on that one…

    but she really would make such a Fun Bachelorette, with her gettin Sean to bend over the moment she met him, methinks she would have quite a bit of fun w a bevy of fine men 😉

    P.S: SWF sounds awesome, what a lovely friend! Salt n vinegar snackies and cards out of the blue on her busy schedule, shes a keeper!

  4. Hey Stacey,
    Wow, you have such a lovely friend. Here’s a shout out to her.

    I *love* your video blog with the Husband. It was cute having Mother, Father and Wally all together with you two on the sofa. Your folks are so cute! Do you watch a little bit of DWTS for your Mom’s sake?

    The Husband is sooooo photogenic and sooooo are you. You really make such a great team for Video Bachelor blogging, and blogging in general for that matter.

    Big thanks for this video treat before the final. Hoping that it will be a «doozy» and not a «snoozy». I’ll be thinking of you every time I have a spoonful of haagendazs white chocolate raspberry truffle (and bourbon pecan praline if I can find some).

    Why would Sean have a nervous breakdown and *have* to pick anyone? Your Mother is probably on to something!


  5. Dice chick says:

    Stacey, your family is adorable, and so comfortable on video!

    a) Like The Husband, I am a fan of the long-gone Battle of the Network Stars.
    b) I’m not interested in another season of Emily.
    c) If you re-watch the video, you’ll see what a scene-stealer Wally is! If I were closer to NYC, I would totally join you at CPK, or at brunch with the adorable long-haired Chihuahua I’m currently sharing the couch with!
    d) Glad I don’t share your commute woes, eeeew!

    Happy finale night!

  6. Can’t help thinking the outcome was known far enough in advance for the producers to get silver and gold dresses for Lindsey and Catherine as in (1st place; 2nd place).

  7. I think I love Lindsey more now than I did during this entire season of The Bachelor. She showed class and maturity in the way she handled Sean’s rejection.

  8. yes, an enormous bravo to Lindsay and congrats to sean & catherine

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