The Bachelor Review: Stacey B & The Parents

We are having a wild Saturday night at my parents’ house this weekend – as you will be able to tell in this video.  It is amazing what 8 hours in a suburban household can bring a person in terms of productivity.  I’ve done 6 loads of laundry and counting, grocery shopping, bathed a dog, eaten a homemade tuna fish sandwich, visited a shopping mall, picked up an extra cage at a pet store to keep at my parents’ house and been forced to watch multiple episodes of Judge Judy (is everyone’s parents obsessed with that show or just mine?).  The Husband is home in Maryland with his parents as he went to the Washington Capitals game with his dad this weekend.  Wally and I miss him dearly and can’t wait to have him back on our couch tomorrow night for some Oscar watching!

We’re all counting down the minutes to Sean Lowe’s exotic overnight dates. I can hardly wait to see all the rolling around in bodies of water that comes with taking AshLee, Catherine and Lindsay to Thailand.  To that end, check out this quick video session as I get my parents’ thoughts on Sean Lowe, the final 3 women and what on earth a “born again virgin” means.



  1. OMG, Stacey, your parents are hysterical. I absolutely love them! I can see where you got your sense of humor from. Ginny

  2. YEAH, STACEY! Thanks for the podcast!!! Love your folks. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever seen your mom. They both seem so much fun. Can’t wait for the Husband to join you (you all maybe ?!!) for the next one.

  3. You made my day! That was so much fun to watch!
    The last time I was at my in-laws’ place I got to see multiple taped Judge Judy shows, too……..I think you’re on to something. My husband doesn’t understand why anyone would want to see other people’s “train wrecks” in life by watching Judge Judy. Though he is definitely with “The Husband” in going to see hockey games.
    I noticed you playing a lot with Wally’s ears, Stacey……..I just love how soft dog’s ears are and especially after you guys washed poor Wally they must be extra soft.

    • bbbeaver – Wally’s ears are sooo soft after a bath. They get oily almost instantly, so I’ve got to play with them while I can. Glad to hear my parents are not the only Judge Judy obsessed people.

  4. Your podcast was hysterical. I love your parents…and your Dad was hilarious…..although you may not want to tell him that and have him constantly playing to the crowd! I sent it to my friend Jane as she is always saying “best show on tv” and to have your Dad say it too totally cracked us up.

    • PLynn – thank you! My father often calls me during an episode to reiterate that this is the “best show on TV” – he’s very consistent in this view. Ha!

  5. Stacey – “The Father” & “The Mother” (reminds me of Fiddler on the Roof!) are adorable! If you ever need a stand in for your video blog my vote is for them!

  6. Stacey – “The Father” & “The Mother” (reminds me of Fiddler on the Roof!) are adorable! If you ever need a stand in for your video blog my vote is for them! Or how about your dad starting a blog about what it’s like to be “I Love the Bachelor/Bachelorette’s” father?!

  7. Thanks for the video blog- your parents are a hoot! Love them! But, wow, I have had kidney stones and they are horrible- hope your Dad’s passed with out a hospital visit. Mine have always required morphine and surgery. I hope he can enjoy tonight’s revirgination overnight fantasy-less dates in Tahiti.

    I have always wanted to visit Tahiti, so I am looking forward to the travelogue aspect of tonight’s show.

  8. Oops. I meant Thailand, but I have also wanted to visit Tahiti. Brother, it has been a long Monday!

  9. Your parents are adorable! I love your mom’s “Yes!!!” when you introduce them. I think I’ve got my parents hooked on the show too (dad included). I like your dad’s perspective on TV. He almost makes it sound like the Bachelor is on par with the great Hollywood romances of the ’30s. Love you guys!

  10. Your parents are hilarious! I can see why your Dad likes Lesley and Jillian–I think of them as more like you than most of the contestants. BTW, Did you read that Jillian thought Sean’s born again virginity plan was idiotic?)

    But I sort of agree with Wally–I know it’s Bachelor heresy, but I think Sean could be gay. Or maybe confused. There’s just something off about the way he approaches the women, and too much talk about “best friends,” family life as a structure, and then the virginity thing. Is anybody else getting this?

  11. Your dad said the Bacelor is his ALL TIME FAVORITE SHOW with a straight face. Is he an actor? Your parents are wonderful. I can see where you get it from. :)

  12. Oops that’s Bachelor.

  13. Staci, just seeing this now. Your parents are adorable and it sounds like you have a great relationship with them because you got them interested in watching “The Bachelor”. What a great podcast!

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