Wally’s Back!

Sleeping Wally, back from the vet

Our tired little puppy is snoring away on the couch right now – ball free and all stitched up.  We spent $12 for an “Elizabethan cone,” a plastic device that goes around his head to prevent scar licking.  What a sorry looking thing that is – we hope it doesn’t need to be used other than on a boring winter day when we decide to put on some Shakespearean theater in our living room (it will be a great prop for my thespian husband).

As expected, I was up all night before the surgery.  When the alarm went off at 5:45, I was ready to go.  We did a morning bathroom walk and instead of preparing his breakfast, I sent him straight in to wake up his daddy.  The Husband must have known who he was dealing with because he left a sign on Wally’s bowl that read “DO NOT FEED WALLY” as a reminder of no meals before surgery.  Such little faith.

I went off to work, lump in throat, and went about my day.  At 2 PM, The Husband called with an update: the surgery was done, Wally was recovering. There were no additional details available so I called the vet after work and grilled them, lawyer style.  There was some concern about the amount of time it took Wally to come off the anesthesia.  He’s now at 13 lbs and could stand to gain some weight.  They pulled a baby tooth.  They microchipped him.  They really discouraged us from visiting.

So we went for Mexican food to console ourselves last night.  Homemade guacamole and a large glass of sangria can better almost any situation. After, The Husband made me watch Die Hard for the first time by telling me it was “Christmas-y.”  I put on my Old Navy flannel pajamas, momentarily happy that there was no need for a midnight bathroom walk outside.  Then it hit me that something was very much missing.  I wanted my dog back.

I headed to the gym early today, fighting the New Year’s resolution crowd to the treadmill.  20 minutes into the run, I got a text from The Husband – the vet called and Wally was ready. I jumped off the treadmill, ran home, forced The Husband to stop watching some international hockey game so we could head to the vet.

The waiting area held about 5 dogs and their owners.  Saturdays are a popular time to go to the vet. We asked for Wally Wanicur and were told to wait with the others.  A kind couple offered to move down to make room for us to sit, but we were too anxious. A few minutes later the door opened and a vet tech came out, holding a leash with Wally tentatively taking steps forward, his head pointed down like he was shamed.  I got right down on the floor and moved to him on my knees.  Wally came darting at us, slightly whimpering, jumped into my arms and licked my face like he’d just gotten back from war.  I barely heard a word of the discharge instructions, I was too busy French kissing the dog.  Then the tears came and I knew it was time to leave.  Not sure I can set foot in that office again – I have officially lost it.

Wally has a 2 inch incision where his balls were yesterday morning.  He’s been sleeping on and off since we brought him back.  About an hour ago, he shifted positions and let out the loudest and longest whimpering cry I have ever heard him too.  This immediately sent me into tears.  I put my arms out and told him to come to me, which he did.  He’s been snuggled up in my lap ever since, so I’m typing now with the computer on my side.

I am sure Wally will be fine in a couple days with some rest, love and food.  I, on the other hand, am going to need electric shock therapy to recover from the past 48 hours.  :)

Thanks for all the love and support,

Stacey B

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  1. So glad he came through the surgery so well. You’ll be surprised how well he will bounce back especially with your love! Enjoy your weekend with your little guy (and your big guy too.)…LOL

  2. Lotsa hugs and cuddles for the 3 of you!

  3. Thanks Amy and bbbeaver! We’re relieved he’s on the mend :) Still kind of sleepy, but a definite improvement from yesterday.

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