The Bachelor Premiere Preview Video Podcast – Stacey B & The Husband

Back by popular demand, we couldn’t resist saying a few words about the upcoming season of The Bachelor.  Once you’ve viewed this, check out the last blog post from earlier tonight as we had a pretty ridiculous incident occur in our apartment after the Redskins game.  Tomorrow will be one of the happier Mondays I’ve had in a while.  Bachelor season is BACK, Baby!!



  1. More podcasts.
    You guys & Wally are so much fun.

  2. YEAH! Just love your videocasts. Keep ’em comin’ 😉

  3. I’m psyched to be going to a Bachelor viewing party tonight! I’m bringing locally made chocolate truffles–they seemed appropriate! Last time I hosted a viewing party (Ben’s finale), I made cheese fondue in honor of the location (Switzerland), and one of my guests arrived with a bottle of wine and said, “will you accept this Rose’?”

  4. Wow, Wally has sure grown since I last checked in with your blog. He really is a pretty dog…or, uh, handsome!

    I don’t think I ever shared, but this summer my husband and I were in Northern California to attend a wedding and visit friends. We did a lot of driving between the Sacramento and San Francisco areas, and I convinced my husband that we needed to check out wine country. That led to a fantastic morning spent in the town of Sonoma. I totally picked Sonoma over Napa because I remembered the fun dates Kacie and Courtney had with Ben in Somona. It was a charming town, and the trip wasn’t complete without a stop to Envolve winery….the winery that Ben F. owns with 2 friends. Ben wasn’t there (bummer) but we did taste some wine and bought a bottle to take to our friend’s house that evening. My husband groaned a bit when I told him why, out of at least 15 wineries with storefronts in town, we had to find this particular one, but he was a good sport about it. That’s just one of the reasons we celebrated 25 years of marriage this last year. He is a kind man, willing to put up with my crazy whims.

    Here’s to a great Winter season of the Bachelor with Sean. May he show us a winning personality and a kind heart to go along with those good looks and hard abs!

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