Look Who’s Applying to Compete on the Next Bachelorette…

I’m looking for some sweet bitches

With all these rumors of Bachelor related break-ups, we need our faith restored.  Are there really people out there who can make a relationship last from this process?  There have to be!  Without further ado, I give you the latest applicant for the next season of The Bachelorette… 

 I can’t contain this guy much longer.  After just one season of watching Bachelor Pad, he’s hooked on the show.  Not only hooked, but he’s now thinking he could blow away the competition as a contestant on the next Bachelorette series.  I told him that the show has never accepted a dog before and that The Bachelorette is probably looking for a human life partner, not the canine type.  But he won’t take “no” for an answer.  He says the guys that compete on this show are rarely looking for love.  The couples rarely last.   Wally claims that he solely exists to love and be loved.  He’s handsome.  Truly single.  And he wants to act fast before he’s neutered and loses his nerve. 

After meeting some of the female contestants from the show at the Central Park fundraiser last weekend, he’s got more motivation than ever. He is particularly crushing on Michelle Money and Ashley Spivey.  He claims that Ashley Hebert declared she was taking him home with her – and right in front of JP! How shocking!  Wally begged me not to reveal it, but he says that he French kissed Michelle Money.  He also thought Rachel Truehart was very pretty and hopes she may be the next Bachelorette. 

I couldn’t say “No” to him any longer, so I’ve mailed off his application.  If you think Wally will make a great contestant on The Bachelorette, be sure to let @BachelorCasting @Fleissmeister @ChrisBHarrison and @CassieLambert know on Twitter. 

Page 1 of Wally’s Bachelor Application

Oh – and in case you want to see what a puppy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel says on his Bachelor application, I’m posting it here.  The application calls for pictures too, so I’ve posted the ones he sent in with commentary.  You can click on the images to get a larger view.  Wish him luck:

Page 2 of Wally’s Bachelor Application

Mom loves Bob the Bachelor, so we had to say “hi” at a Central Park fundraiser recently. Not sure who his pretty friend is, but she loved me! Mom was embarrassed to be dressed in running clothes amongst the glamarous crowd, but I whispered in her ear that The Bachelor is all about inner beauty – NOT!

Ashley Spivey said she would certainly compete to be able to have a shot at my heart. Lisa has a crush on me and probably William does too.


Kirk is my brother from another mother. We’re both redheads.


Michelle Money. Oh boy! I hung this picture at the top of my crate and stare at it every night before bed. We shared a beautiful kiss. I will never forget her.


Ashley’s said she wanted to take me home with her. Don’t tell JP!

I’m great with kids. A future family man. Here I am with mom’s sister, Aunt Wendy, and my cousin Michael

Women can take me anywhere and I will listen to them with yearning and interest despite any distraction. Here I am brunching outside with my cousin Alex.

I love long walks on the beach and traveling. I’d sit on this train for hours and just cuddle with my love.




  1. I LOVE your blog and now I love it even more… I must have been sleeping and missed that you got a DOG! LOVE DOGS!!!

    What kind is he? Love the name! How big will he get?

  2. GO WALLY!
    Stacey, wouldn’t it be fun if they accepted him and you got to carry him out of the limo?!!! Wow, good luck (wink,wink).

  3. Love your cute doggie. BTW Jef’s facebook status went from “engaged” to “single” today.

  4. They finally released their official statement. Jef and Emily are over. The rumors were true.

  5. Cutest dog ever….

  6. So really? No The Bachelor Canada? But it’s good!

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