ABC’s Nashville Proves There’s Drama in Country Music

You don’t have to be a country music fan to love the drama on “Nashville.”  Last night’s premiere was full of everything we need in a fall TV show – gorgeous people, affairs, politics, music, cute kids and serious talent.  Check out my full recap at the Have U Heard site:

BTW, in case you have been living in a vacuum these past couple of days, Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik have officially called off their engagement.  While this may not be surprising, it’s still pretty amazing that they lasted almost 11 months.  Even up until a couple days before the announcement, the ex lovebirds were Tweeting photos of their time together, including a romantic home cooked meal that Ben made for Courtney.  Ah well, perhaps Ben can go and get Lindzi Cox back before she ends up with Kalon permanently, though I doubt that was a lasting relationship either.

Also, I hate to even think this – but there are serious rumors that Emily Maynard and Jef Holm have REALLY broken up.  Not fake break up like last week’s rumors that Emily was paying him to stay engaged (which was disproved).  They have been radio silent about the matter, so I’m really hoping that is not the case.



  1. Meagan Alder says:

    I was visiting family in Ohio and have been really busy so I didnt know about Ben and Courtney. I am actually really kind of sad! I followed them on twitter and I really thought that they were a cute couple and seemed to be going strong. Any idea what happened?

    I really hope the rumors for Emily and Jef are false. I dont think I could take it if they broke up!

    I tried to watch Nashville and got about half way though and started falling asleep. I think it had a lot to do with my recent trip and not the show itself. but thank you for the recap, it was wonderful as usual, and I will try again next week.

  2. I watched the show because you recommended it, and I wasn’t disappointed.
    I did miss a couple of things that went on, but your recap straightened that out.

    I never thought Emily & Jef would make it.
    He isn’t going to be comfortable in Charlotte, and Emily surely isn’t going to leave her home, and comfort zone, and her in-laws’ money.
    It is great television, but it is as real as “Nashville”.

    Stacey B, thanks for sharing your wonderful gift of writing with us.

  3. All rumors are true. Maybe paying off Jef to stay is a bit extreme but it just states the status of their relationship- which is shaky. Both Emily and Jef are shady. Ricki is the victim. Wake up Stace. You have to wonder why they have been so quiet on twitter. karma is a bitch Emily. Goes to show you only know the TV characters that are shown.

  4. But there is happy news. People is saying that Jason and Molly are expecting a baby.

  5. Meagan Alder says:

    I am so sad! Both Emily and Jef have changed their twitter photos to pictures that do not include each other. I feel like this is the first sign that they really may be broken up. I dont know why but I am really really sad about this. More sad then I have ever been regarding a Bach break up.

  6. i just read that courtney has been seen with Arie from Emily’s season. not sure what to think about that.

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