Emily Maynard Paying Jef Holm to Stay Engaged? NOT TRUE

When I wake up to an email from my Aunt Harriet in France questioning whether Emily Maynard is paying Jef Holm to remain her fiance, I knew the rumor mill was hard at work again.  Jef Holm’s ex, Kaylee Sheperd, reported to Us Weekly that Emily and Jef’s relationship is just for television.  Sheperd alleges that Jef discovered text messages evidencing that Emily was cheating and confronted Emily with two options: (1) he’ll go out to the press and tell everyone her true colors or (2) he’ll deny the rumors if she splits her salary from The Bachelorette with him.  Of course Sheperd says she got this information from Jef when they met up in a hotel room.

The problem with this information?  Jef was tweeting pictures and updates about his time with Emily and Ricki during the alleged time he was off in a hotel with his ex.  Not to mention, the guy is a millionaire (did you see his family’s Utah estate?) so why on earth would he fake being engaged to Emily for a mere $150K?  That’s pocket change for him.  He’s got his own business and  just moved to Charlotte for Emily – kind of a lot of effort to fake being a dad and moving cities just for some cash.  He’s coaching soccer games for Ricki and driving car pools.  This is not made up – he’s tweeting pictures of all of these things as they happen.

Perhaps the best evidence that Emily & Jef are doing just fine is this video posted a few hours ago by CNN iReport.  Emily, Jef and Ricki are in San Diego at the moment promoting Jef’s company and having a blast together.  They were specifically asked about the rumors and laughed it off.  Regarding upcoming wedding plans – sounds like Step 1 was getting Jef to move to Charlotte. This just happened, so best to let him adjust without crazy wedding plans taking over.  I’m still rooting for these guys. Sounds like all is well.



  1. That rumor is just unbelievable. He wouldn’t have a need for the money. No one can deny the track record of this show though. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t stay together just because of the format of the show. It doesn’t really encourage a healthy relationship. On a typical bachelorette show you date 25 guys, pick 3 to possibly sleep with and then pick one to marry. Granted she didn’t sleep with any of the others (so we hear) she still had some steamy dates and makeouts that would make me feel weird if I were Jef. No one can really blame her though. I would imagine life is hard when you have several boyfriends.

  2. Why, oh why can’t anyone just let them be happy. They clearly are happy together, and if they’re not it is THERE right to split up if they see that as the only option. He posts pics of them together all the time. Is that all that people have time for in their lives? Rumors?!
    Thanks for posting this, and clarifying that they are happy together. (as anyone who reads twitter or view instagram would know.)


  3. Meagan Alder says:

    They are so stinkin cute! It is obvious that the rumors are false, unless they are really good actors. I just love them and want them to make beautiful babies already.

  4. They are such a cute couple. Althought I had been rooting for Arie it looks like these two really do go well together. Hope they last.

  5. I’m with you, Stacey…After watching the San Diego interview; all sounds (much more) normal and connected! Yay! Emily did a good job choosing from amongst a strong set of men & I hope the attention on them as a couple will diminish to quiet enough that they will have lives with only the fanfare they want to bring on themselves! *sigh of relief*

  6. I only wonder why they have been posting so much of their lives for everyone to see, seems odd..Especially when she has been pretty private prior to this relationship..It’s almost like they are trying too hard to prove to people that they are in love..I predict they will not get married, something just seems a bit fishy..I don’t believe the paying him to stay together stuff, but it helps them both publicly by “staying together” for the time being, helps his water business he is constantly promoting, and helps her keep her “sweet innocent” image.

  7. Hey Stacey,

    The first ever season of The Bachelor Canada started last week. Any interest on following that show here? The second show airs tonight but you can catch up on the first episode at CityTV.com.

    Not sure how many of you Americans are interested in watching a handsome Canadian football star look for love but the previews promise what looks to be a lot of drama. I feel like I’m trying to sell the show but really I just love reading your blog and your readers’ comments.

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