I Turned Down The Chance To Interview…

Jaclyn Swartz.   This is big news.  And no, her last name is not “Schwartz,” it’s Swartz, which makes sense if we’re leaving out the “c” for charming. There are very few Bachelor / Bachelorette / Bachelor Pad contestants who I would decline the opportunity to interview, but at the risk of sounding smug – it sure felt good to say “No” to interviewing Jaclyn!  Maybe we’re not seeing the full picture of her other than the horribly mean things she’s been saying about everyone, but I’m still wondering how she got on this show.  And whether anything nice will ever come out of her mouth.  She flew to Chicago recently for her birthday to celebrate with Ed Swiderski, Rachel Truehart and Chris Bukowski.  Could she really be romantically linked to Ed?  It may just be a best buddy thing.  I’m also worried about the Michael Stags/ Rachel sitch since Stags did not accompany them on this trip which may indicate that this romance was short lived.

In terms of the interview: As The Bachelor / Bachelorette series Couch Critic for Radio Business Report.com (www.rbr.com), I occasionally get access to Bachelor related media conference calls where 1-2 contestants (and occassionally Chris Harrison) will get on the phone with reporters for an hour or so.  We get to ask questions like, “Who do you think Emily Maynard is going to choose?” or “Blakeley, did your opinion of Ben Flajnik change when you saw on TV that he went skinny-dipping with Courtney Robertson?”  I love these calls.  It lets me live out my fantasies of interacting with these people like they’re my buds.  [Side note: will they ever allow married SuperFans of the show to come on??  Not to worry, I’ve already reached out to Mike Fleiss and Chris Harrison with my idea for Bachelor Pad 4: Couples Edition.  Bring back former couples who either won the show or were secondary formations of the show.  This could include couples like Trista & Ryan, Emily &  Jef but also couples like Chris Lambton & Peyton Wright, Tenley & Kiptyn and Ben & Courtney.  They could throw in some couples who won and broke up like Ali & Roberto and Jillian & Ed, particularly if they are still single.  Then throw in some Super Fan couples like US!  I can just see The Husband rolling his eyes at this idea, but oh boy, would it be fun!]

Anyhow here is my back and forth with Jim C, who is the founder, owner, creator of RBR.com.  Jim is the one who sends me the conference calls to see if I’m available.  I always say “Yes,” except for this one.  Read from bottom up:

From: Jim C
Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2012 12:06 PM
To: Becker, Stacey
Subject: Re: Bachelor Pad Press call


—– Original Message —–

To: Jim C
Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2012 11:46 AM
Subject: RE: Bachelor Pad Press call

Ahhh, thanks so much for sending this.  Normally I would not turn down an offer like this but out of every cast member ever to be on this show I simply can not stand Jaclyn.  She is ugly – particularly on the inside. Don’t want to feed her ego any more by interviewing her :)

From: Jim C
Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2012 7:51 AM
To: Becker, Stacey,
Subject: Bachelor Pad Press call

August 7, 2012



WHO:Former “Bachelor” contestant Jaclyn Swartz will offer her take on this season of “Bachelor Pad,” featuring “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” alumni and Super Fans, all competing for love and money on the ABC hit reality series.

WHAT:An opportunity to interview Jaclyn Swartz in support of “Bachelor Pad”, airing MONDAY, AUGUST 13 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET). Jaclyn will talk about huge changes in the “Bachelor Pad” game moving forward, including unexpected partnership changes and relationships that will form and fall apart.

WHEN: THURSDAY, AUGUST 9,  9 p.m., ET/ 8 p.m., CT/7 pm., MT/6 p.m., PT




  1. I’m so glad you turned down that offer. I wouldn’t have been able to bring myself to read it. You nailed it — she is so ugly on the inside.

  2. Well Stacey this is a heads up for your stand. It’s sad to say that although she has been a very vindictive soul, it makes for drama. How anyone can be so unbecoming is a sheer marvel.
    BTW, I have a good friend who is part Belgian and her name is De Swartz—without the c. It isn’t an uncommon last name. My friend, however, is quiet gracious.

  3. Meagan Alder says:

    I just read your twitter and saw that she commented at you about this article. Funny that she would say there is “more to her” when we have been watching her for 2 seasons now and have not seen anything more then MEAN, MEAN and more MEAN! I actually lost respect for her once she made that comment, if you are going to be catty and mean then at least own up to it. I cant stand ppl that deny what they are doing, especially when she was flat out talking crap about Blakley on night one on BP#3. Good for you for standing your ground!

  4. Bachelor Pad 4 definitely needs some awkward broken-up couples to compete together. Maybe a Jake/Vienna and Kasey/Vienna.

  5. So glad to stumble on this. I am not one for judging someone’s appearance but since this “lady” criticizes everyone else, I say fair game. I usually mute the tv when she is on (as a result of the banality of her convo’s)……mean, mean and mean. How did she even get on the show? \I thought that you had to be cute?? The extensions are completely redic and unnatural looking. Ed wouldn’t look in her direction if this were even real-ish life.

  6. I would love to have someone like Jacklyn put the blogger in her place in real life for being such a judgmental bitch! It takes someone like Jacklyn!

    And oh, your Emily clearly have really bad taste in men. LOLz

  7. Sarah at 2:13 AM – Don’t hate on here. It’s a blog voicing opinions. I thought Stacey was actually quite fair in her opinion of Jaclyn, despite Jaclyn’s completely insulting, nasty remarks about the other people in the house. You sound really bitter too about Emily. Time for you meds, my dear.

  8. @marni: Are you Stacy in disguise? if not you keep smoking what you’re smoking to read this blog.

    jacklyn is an upfront and straightforward girl. She does not say something behind your back that she would not say to your face. If You are embarrassing urself, she would remind you so. But she is loyal to her partner and friend. And she does not lie. Unlike Emily, who told the cameras one thing and told her suitors’ family members other things. No wonder the guys are so over her watching the season. Sean and his sister cannot even hide her disdain. Ugh.

    What you see on TV is not how that person is in real life. Jacklyn is not that bad, and Emily is no angel.

  9. @Sarah, I can’t imagine “the blogger,” whose name is Stacey by the way, would need to use a pseudonym to answer to someone who is calling her what you did. If you are unhappy with her opinions, don’t read the blog. Do you know Jaclyn in person? How do you know she is upfront, straightforward, and loyal beyond what you’ve seen on this show? Also, do you know Emily in person? Do you know her suitor’s families? Sean and his sister? No one is claiming anyone is an angel or not, Stacey is just blogging about someone whom she doesn’t find interesting enough to interview. Get over yourself.

  10. @sara: you get over yourself. You ask too many questions. Oh Sean and his sister talked to a radio station. Look it up.

    Hope the blogger will not try to beg jacklyn to be her friend, like the blogger used to try to with other contestants of the show, of course after thrashing their TV character. :))

    • @ Sarah, Stacey would not want to be friends with someone like Jaclyn. Jaclyn is so fake and full of herself.

      I am thrilled that you declined to take part in the conference call! I support you all the way! I love your blog posts! (:

      • Wow Sarah! For a blogger you seem to hate so much, you sure do know a lot about Stacey and her blog. Don’t you have anything better to do than troll a gossip website?! If you’re so opinionated, you could start your own blog, then maybe you could try to interview Jackie yourself.

  11. PS
    Have you seen Ashley Spivey’s blog? She really likes Jaclyn. She says that she’ll tell you to your face what she says behind your back.
    What do you think???

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