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Coming soon:

In addition to pretending to be a full time corporate lawyer and being completely obsessed with The Bachelor / Bachelorette, it will soon be time to launch the next phase of my writing ventures.  In the very near future, this blog will seamlessly (with any luck) roll over to my new writing blog, “Office Stace” where all of my Bach posts will continue with room to allow for all of my other writing.

Since as long as I could remember, I have wanted to be a professional writer, but the risk adverse part of me could not figure out how.  Who knew going to law school and becoming a corporate lawyer could be just as risky?  Getting laid off after the Lehman bankruptcy was a terrifying time period of my life – but it also turned out to be one of my most creative.  That’s when this blog really kicked off, I started working on a book and submitted out for some freelance writing work, etc.  Turns out my book might actually have a chance of getting published and a few of my essays will be published in magazines.
Office Stace is a jump into my creative writing professional endeavors.  We’ll talk Bachelor.  We’ll talk relationships.  We’ll talk crazy family members.  We’ll talk Bachelorette.  We’ll talk annoying people on the train on the way to work.  Funny things that happen at before, during and after work.  Strange people encountered at the grocery store, at parties, in shopping malls and wherever else you go.  We’ll analyze friendships.  And of course, continue to be obsessed with all things Bachelor.

Office Stace will also feature my published writing (believe it or not, some of it is not Bachelor related!), links to my Social Media pages (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In and You Tube videos of our Bachelor chats).  It will also provide updates on the progress of my book, which is memoir style and describes the whole story of how I ended up with The Husband.  A quick summary: in a one year time period, I got dumped by my fiance, found out I had a slow growing cancer in my small intestine and ran into The Husband at a fundraiser.  It was an interesting year.

If you like what you’ve read on this blog, please be sure to bookmark “” and tell your friends, family, teachers, neighbors, work peeps and anyone else you want about it.  In the next few days, I’ll be working on finalizing the new site and let you know when it’s officially launched.

NOTE: is still under construction while I make sure that your awesome, thoughtful and funny comments get transferred over there…I’ll give you a head’s up when we’re about to switch.

Thank you so much for continuing to read my blog.  Your comments and enthusiasm are, without question, the highlight of my day.  Well that, and talking about your comments with The Husband.  I couldn’t be more excited to bring you over to the next chapter of my life.  Please stay tuned!

– Stacey B



  1. My life is now almost complete.
    Since I have followed your blog, I have craved more of your writing.
    You make me laugh, and you write things that everyone “thinks” but will never say.
    It sounds from the summary of that year, it must have been tumultuous.
    I am looking forward to your story.
    I now have something to live for. LOL

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