Stacey B & The Husband Podcast on The Bachelorette

We couldn’t resist kicking off the season with a good ole fashion podcast. ¬†If you’ve got a few minutes to kill – give it a try.




  1. Anonymous says:

    Great as usual. I enjoy the banter between you two & I love that the Husband is unashamedly on board with this whole process.
    No video though, audio only. Perhaps that was the intent?

  2. Grandpa Ryan Max says:

    Grandpa Ryan Max,

    Glad you guys are back, but would double ly enjoy it if you also did the video.
    Emily is going to be much better than I imagined.
    Thought I wouldn't like the race car driver, but he is my favorite.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Glad you guys are back. Ditto on the video, makes the commentary much better to see facial expressions.

    Also, your side bar says something about Ben not being the bach or engaged to Courtney any longer? As far as I can tell they are still together…any info on that?

  4. OK…first impression is WHAT? was Emily thinking to include BOTH Allejandro & Allejandro?? Didn't separate their names…the latino guys who I thought were gay?! Could she be possibly calculating to have them to eliminate the first two weeks & allow time for getting to know the others?

    I didn't like the green shirt guy until he squarely commented to Falon about how rude he was being so early on…Go get that guy, Green Shirt Guy!! (He just got a rose by the skin of his teeth)

    Even with heavy production, I got that Emily was NOT impressed by Falon's helo entrance. Whew!

    And I may be just imagining this…You two have waaay too much fun podcasting w/o the filming! (Getting all distracted by taking off a sweater – Husband!) LOL

    BTW…watching the first episode with parents, instead of sis is a HUGE difference of perception! It'll take another episode or two to 'get back to myself' ūüėČ

  5. Anonymous says:

    Loved the podcast!! You two are great. Random question–why do I get the “you're not authorized to view this page” message when I visit your knottheone website? Is that a private one? I'm not about to break up with anybody, but am just interested in your other writings since I find you so entertaining. How do we get to view it? Thanks Stacey!

  6. Hi Anon – it's a long story, but basically, about two years ago, I was working on a book proposal / website called “Knot the One” which was a practical resource guide for calling off a wedding. The content for the site was made private pending a book deal. The good news is that I will be relaunching a new site ( in the near future which will contain all of my writing (non-Bachelor and Bachelor related). While I love the Bachelor, I have also done some freelance writing on the side and spent the last 9 months working on a non-fiction manuscript which with some luck and getting more followers – can have a chance at being published. Appreciate you being interested in my other writing and hope to deliver in the very near future. Stay tuned!

  7. Hi Joy and all video seekers – we will hopefully be switching to video reviews shortly. Just have to remember to charge our flip camera and shower after a workout. Thanks for listening to our podcast in the meantime!

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