Deep Comparisons, Round 3

It’s one of my favorite times of the week.  The day when we think back to all that’s happened to Emily and her men, wonder if Arie is really as good as he seems, consider whether a 25 year old in 2012 is sufficiently able to commit to being an insta-dad and whether Doug’s unusual past of an epileptic father and being raised in foster homes means he has too much baggage to overcome.  The debates on this blog are really fun – and I thank you sincerely for your participation! That said, today’s comparisons are brought to you…by YOU.  Well most of them. Some I just had to put in.  Let’s hear what you think.

(1) Kalon vs. JT (with glasses)
(2) Kalon vs. Cillian Murphy (courtesy suggestion by blog reader Sarah):
Kalon McMahon looking sinister


Cillian has some beautiful facial features – check out those eyes and lips…evil and dreamy
(3) Arie vs. Justin Russo (Wizards of Waverly Place, courtesy suggeston by an Anon blogger)?
Justin Russo – maybe a little Screech from Saved by the Bell in him?
(4) ?Emily Maynard vs. Barbie


  1. Anonymous says:

    I have no comment about the comparisons, just about your sentence about Doug. Every description you've made of him so far has made me cringe. You've got to know that your reaction has to be the very one he always dreads and is just waiting for every time he meets someone new—and it must have been a very big deal for him to tell Emily all of that on national tv. I thought it was pretty amazing that he was so open about his background and was ready to claim it early on in his relationship with her. Just think about how many people on past seasons have held back from sharing the one thing most on their minds until much later in the season.

    Plus, the big deal about his story is not that his father had epilepsy – lots of people's parents do – but that his single parent father passed away.

    It's not that I don't think his story is important to their relationship, but I just don't look at it as “baggage” as you describe it. I'm looking forward to possibly hearing him describe what gave him strength during all of those hard times and how having a kid at a young age – like Emily – made him who he is today.

  2. Kalon and JT? Not a chance. Ick. JT is one sexy dude. Kalon- not so much.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Stacey… I'm still LOLing about the Barbie pix! They have just captured her poses and fashion sense. Where did you find them? So funny! Luckily we are seeing that there is more to Ms Emily, but it's fun to step back and laugh a little! Look forward to your blogging!

  4. Isabelle says:

    To Anon 8:42pm
    I cannot speak for Stacey, but in my own mind, life is tough enough, if you are lucky enough to grow up under “normal” conditions.
    But, to grow up under the conditions that Doug described, makes his life much more challenging.
    Of course, there are kids growing up that have everything that life has to offer, and they too are not immune from having a challenging adulthood.
    I am much older than Doug, and i am still crazed [carrying baggage around] from my childhood.
    Life can be tough. You have to be somewhat lucky to survive your upbringing.
    This has gotten way too serious.
    Love your blog, your podcast, anything you write!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    omg haha justin russo and arie sure looks alike in that picture! but during the show, somehow arie always reminds me of ross from friends…..

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Arie and Kalon vs.Cillian are pretty dang close! I am wondering now if the only way to get on the Bach is to look like a celeb. lol

  7. Anonymous says:

    stacey i enjoy reading your blog each week! Kalon, for some reason always reminds me of a creepier version of ryan phillipe in cruel intentions. maybe its the pompous attitude? haha. anyway i wondered if youd seen david spades little sketch ” the honest bachelor” on youtube? hilarious!

  8. Kayla's Mom says:

    Stacey B's descriptions about Doug are spot on. What we have to remember is that at the end of the day the chosen contestant will be more than a possible mate for Emily – he will be the father of a 6 year old and will help in raising her. Why shouldn't we kick the tires a bit and call his past “baggage.” We all have it. And as Stacey so eloquently put, “It's whether you decide to check the baggage or carry it with you” that makes all the difference. Think we're all being cautiously optimistic with this one. She still has Doug in her Top 5 picks for Emily, so we just need to wait and vet him properly before we can fully endorse him. There's nothing wrong with that. No different than if you went on a real date with a real guy in the real world and he revealed to you that he was a drug abuser or was abused a child or something else. It's something to make note of because it is baggage – and it definitely impacts who that person has become. We have to learn more.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Kayla's Mom post. Stacey is being unkind and judgmental. Someone with a so-called “normal” background could wind up being a worse human being than Doug. I hope he meets a kind and understanding person who will see him for the person he is, accept his past, while Barbie goes off with Ken. ugh

  10. Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness anon 6:53 I totally agree w/ that comparison! Too funny.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Kalon = Ryan Phillippe in Cruel Intentions… Check it out->

    (scroll down three images)

  12. Deep Comparisons=Great Title! Sorry, though, NOTHING, absolutely no comparison will change Kalon into anything positive for me! Well…maybe if he completely breaks open his facade & there's a REAL guy in there?! And the Barbie pix are so wonderful…Thanks, Stacey! I'm spending the week basking in the glow of Sean…Ahhh…

  13. Anonymous says:

    I love all of this and your blog. I was just catching up on all things Bachelor/Bachelorette and read that Chantal O'Brien, Peyton Wright and Chris Lambton, and Holly Durst all got married recently!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hey Stacey, how about Chris Harrison vs Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey from Full House)? They look alike to me.

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