Stacey B & The Husband Discuss…

The eagle has landed.  We are back in our apartment in New York City after a long day of travel yesterday.  I am not sure what jet lag feels like, but I’m pretty sure we have it.  That is, if it’s possible to have it when we were only 3 hours earlier than the east coast.

In the airport yesterday, I saw the Us Magazine cover of Courtney and managed to browse what they had to say about her.  Apparently she had little nicknames for the 3 remaining ladies like “Horsey” – Lindzi, “Fatty” – Nicki and something about “The Kid” for Kacie, or “The Child” – can’t remember exactly.  Either way, I’m sure these ladies will not be too happy.

San Diego was a ton of fun.  Lots of exploring of all of the cute little beach towns, La Jolla, Encinitas, etc. Time to unpack, unwind and catch up on our DVR.  We finally figured out how to upload our podcast, so here it is.



  1. Could not view this because the video was blocked due to WMG copyright grounds. Waiting for a “fix” so maybe I can see soon.

  2. Darn, can't see it either.

  3. Me neither :(

  4. Boooo! Will try to fix. Sorry!

  5. Ok, hopefully it will work now…

  6. With my life in a current turmoil, you guys were able to make me laugh, and for a few moments forget what I am going through.
    Thank you Stacey B & The Husband

  7. Ben is a child. Courtney deserves him.

  8. What the heck! Was that a joke?

  9. Oh my gosh– when I watched that one I saw this one as well. Kacie is making fun of her hair and is wearing granny panties. Too funny!

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